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SA bans thread.

Post your SA bans.

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baka gaijins etc etc

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>Implying I'd visit pos forums like SA.

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Here's a forum you might like:

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the real bad decision is posting on post 2006 ADTRW

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that's interestings :o)

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you sound awesome OP

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And Rance isn't even a lolicon!

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It's like it's really 2004!

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it's like you are really sucking the ops cock


- You

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I was probated for "absurd use of umlaut" during the Groverhouse incident.

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SA isn't good anymore they took away YCS. At least we have FYAD.

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i have no idea what is sounds like for a guy to suck a cock but this is probably pretty damn accurate

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More like I'm actually not sucking anyone's cock, fucking liar.
You don't know me.

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the glistening jizz on your mouth gave it away. fuck why did you have to do it now i can't give you shit because you are a faggot and that would be a hatecrime

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I'm telling on you to moot.

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how can you even talk when you have a cock in your mouth?

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Know you are, you said you are, so what am I?

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ahhhhhhhhhhh go suck a cock faggy. I hope nobody was clever enough to come up with the word faggy becsuse i spent a minute thinking it up.

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>this thread

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/jp/ has the most awesome shitposting early in the morning. I should stop drinking and get up early more often.

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I know karate so my hands are lethal weapons.
You're lucky I don't launch them in you're general direction buddy boy.

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I never trust ban screenshots anyway, it's not like a screenshot is proof of anything...

But isn't the guy in charge of that whole site, incl. the forums, married with children? Different people in different life situations have different value systems. You're lucky he doesn't call the cops in rage and panic at the mere thought of that stupidshit KnJ manga.

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you should put those skilled hands to use and jack me off. fag boy

>> No.9370993


Didn't he review Snatcher?

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>married with children

duh dadda dadda duh duh dadda
love and mariage

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More like jack you're mom off kid.
You're moms got balls and their bigger than yours sonny.
Sorry u had to find out this way ;(.

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Not only does he have multiple spouses but they're all children? Where is this legal?

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Eww, is that slowbeef from restupurae?

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that is impossible. my dad used to tell me stories about fucking my mom. they were like war stories. intense and vivid but about fucking.

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What's SA?

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yeah well her peehole is so big I could fit my fist in it, truly a freak of nature.

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In your mom.

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i could do the same with your mom but i would rather pleasure her with my dick. i am a gentlemen that offers kind dick pleasure

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lol slowbeef

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shit i am at a loss here. fuck op's mom or go to sleep.

solution: going to sleep and dreaming about fucking her

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Why God, why?

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She can bearly feel you're one-incher, she just keeps you around to raise her self esteam.
Guess you get if from you're dad, you're mum said he was like a fucking floppy toothpick

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It's spelt "raze" you fucking idiot.

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relax when it comes to /jp/ all our moms get fucked. just a large percentage of them by me.

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just remembering that song makes me feel old.

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No it's not

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Oh look out weve got a nerd on our hands.
maybe if you d studied more youd have sprouted a dick. :( oh well sux 2 b u.

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Do girls actually fall for the "just the tip" dick trick.

heh dick trick.

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SA begging ``/jp/'' for money. Fucking /jp/. That's lower than low.

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Please review the global rules before posting

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if you are going to talk to me please don't be british about. what the fuck is wrong with you people?

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Please review my cock before sucking it.

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God forbid a 14-year-old girl would work as a model. There are no ``non-creepy'' instances where that's possible, nosir!

And yes, she was coquettish, but the same archetype of a perky, tomboyish girl exists in just about every Disney film. It's not like Gillian fucks her.

I know this is overused as an excuse, but I seriously think you're the closet pedophile (or at least very insecure) if you find things like this ``creepy''. Do these faggots think beaches and infant photography should be illegal too?

Fucking slowbeef. Fuck you.

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Your mummy doesnt seem to mind.
sometimes I fuck her with a tophat and monocle, brings a spark of joy to the sad old bitche's life.
Guess id be sad too if I lived with a dickless wonder like u.

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>white knights videogame girls
>bullies real people

Why do so many normalfags do this?

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It feels fucking great to be able to post your mind with no qualms.
I hate when you post at forums and you must watch your words or get banned. Also I hate how forums turn into circlejerks about oldfags and your posts get ignored.
Seriously, I fucking love 4chan. I have a blast being myself here, and not some shitty e-persona.

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>>white knights videogame girls

Only if they're of age!

That's probably what pisses me off most about that Snatcher LP. The second it's revealed she's 18, HURR DURR SEXUAL INNUENDO I'D SNATCH 'ER IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.
But if she's so much as a day below that arbitrary, societal limit, O NOES TIHS IS PEDO I'M PROBATING HIDEO KOJIMA 4 LYF.

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Well I am going to sleep. I am going to dream about your moms pussy juice flowing into my mouth like a river of passionate love.

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Yeah, you go to sleep, widdle baby.
Dreams are as close as you get to chicks, meanwhile I'm swimming in pussy.
Enjoy you're pathetic life.

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Between SA, Reddit, and Gaia, which is the least pleasant community?

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... and I want to add, there's nothing that infuriates me more than getting banned for having an opinion or being an asshole or not adhering to someone else's posting standards.
Seems SA is one of those "epic bans" shitholes. Like HELL I'd pay for that shit. Enjoy your hivemind.

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This. If I was pseudonymous, I'd have to watch what I say constantly. People can look up my very first post and see what a moron I was. I can't change my opinion without people calling me out on it. There's basically a 100% complete track record of everything I've ever said. I know the easy out is, "I don't care," but what if you care later? One off-color comment, and it can destroy your entire e-persona, or even your real life career.
Not to mention, it's like acting. I've spoken to a lot of people who are completely different in real life or in IRC than they are on some forum. They ham things up or tone things down. This isn't new--nobody writes a letter how they would "really" put it. And it's just dumb and fake, everyone is a character instead of a human being sharing their honest thoughts and opinions.

I have no clue how I, or anyone else, ever put up with such bullshit.

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They all overlap with /jp/, but I hate SA the most

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The longer you've been a member, the more you're allowed to divert from accepted opinion. But overall, it really is an "agree with us or say nothing at all" kind of forum. Even Fuwanovel doesn't often _ban_ people.

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>The longer you've been a member, the more you're allowed to divert from accepted opinion.
Fucking double standards.

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I don't like the fact that there is a LP forum.

I don't like the fact that LP's exist.

Life is shitty after all.

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Also you haven't had your SA cherry popped until you have had to rereg.

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Imagine you are a little girl.

Something Awful: You are adopted by a snobby, upper class family. They clothe and feed you, but in return you have to put up with their false elitism and watch your tongue about trivial matters so that you don't get punished. If you can put up with it, the food is good and the clothes are pretty.
Reddit: You are adopted by trendy students who don't know how to care for a little girl. They don't look after you properly, and parade you around like a trophy. Their taste in everything is awful, and you're forced to endure alternative rock and shoegaze decades after they're relevant. They steal all your clothes and parade them around too. They don't feed you, but they give you lots of attention.
Gaia: You are adopted by a nursery. Everyone else in the room is also a little girl and they won't stop crying.

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/jp/: You are raped to death.

>> No.9371164

>we r legion xD

Really now.

>> No.9371166

>Gaia: You are adopted by a nursery. Everyone else in the room is also a little girl and they won't stop crying.
Sounds like /jp/

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>> No.9371177

Nope, more like >>9371158
Though as an addendum:
You enjoy it.

>> No.9371179

if i was a girl i would rub my pussy all night

>> No.9371181


Get him, boys.

>> No.9371193

not le personal armym lel

id suck you off tho no hgomo

>> No.9371199

why do girls shave their pubic hair off anyway? i am sure it smells really nice on them and it just looks nice

>> No.9371208

/jp/: Nobody adopts you, you live on the streets with other orphans and have gay sex

>> No.9371209

I'd help you with my loli mouth.

>> No.9371214

/jp/: You're not a little girl at all, and in fact discover you are a fat neckbeard who has been deluding himself for years. Nobody adopts you because you're ugly and smell bad.

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Lots of love to you too.

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>> No.9371335

Now if only our censorsperging janitard could feel the same way.

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I dont understand the point of somethingawful. They dont talk about anything in particular that can't be discussed elsewhere...on much more established forums.

Their userbase just seems to be a collection of elitists who feel they are better than everyone else becaue they paid money to be on SA.

Then they take this attitude into games and act incredibly rude to everyone and do stupid shit like try to crash EVE servers. And what for? It's not like they are getting paid to do that.

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Please pass away from here.

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