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Which touhou has the biggest breasts?

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Ran's sister Yukkikaze

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Yuugi or komachi Or that fat neet who found a portal to gensokyo

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The Rumored Unnatural Phenomena

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Nice hooters nigga.

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Going by that picture shouldn't Youmu be in the fourth tier?

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NEET causing breast envy in Gensokyo, fanart now.

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There is only one true answer

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don't be jealous

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Okuu maybe.

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I consider Okuu to be definately above average, but not HUGE or the biggest. Definitely among the most shapely and best though.

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Okuu does not have breasts she is DFC, the things you see there are radiation cancer tumors.
Poor thing.

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Def Yuugi

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I'm more interested in those delicious muscles though.

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Any of the hags.

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Good god, YES!

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My vote is for Yuugi or Komachi. Both of them get drawn with torpedo tits waaaay too frequently for my tastes. I mean, big tits are fine, but holy fuck, it's like the artists have never seen real tits.

Now, which Touhou is the tallest is a way better discussion. Komachi, again, gets my vote.

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is it weird for me to want yuugi to just kick the shit out of me and have her way with me?

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>The Anemic
Are you joking? My DSi XL probably weighs more than her.

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It's magic

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>Implying she isn't anemic because of magic
Again. Chen probably weighs more than her.

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>Owning a game system means you belong on /v/.

I guess I should go to /g/, then. I should also go to /mu/ because I don't play Touhou muted.

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I said nothing about owning consoles in my post. Implying bullshit goes in /v/.

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You're still implying that the cat girl weighs less than the anemic.

>Implying you aren't trying to save face

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Mamizou, the rest is just fanon

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Man get a load of these canon tits. Her tits are fanon to ass wipe.

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Technically not even Zun's art is fanon considering that many canon designs didn't originate from Zun, such as Yuugi

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>Implying you aren't a faggot

( ^ω^) Support Mystery Man "Z" Put this in your signature if you want to rename /jp/ to "2D/Random" (^ω^ )

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I have made no posts in this thread other than the ones telling you to go back to /v/.

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That was my point.

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Zun's art is canon I meant, you get the idea.

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How do you think I'm implying anything when I've only told you to go away?

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>I love derailing threads and redirecting people to other boards even though I browse the board myself.

You need to get laid dude.

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Don't worry man he used sage so it's not shitposting.

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Nobody here has said that. Who are you quoting?

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I am quoting the dude who browses /v/ yet redirects other to /v/ and plays board police on this board.

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Leave him alone. Keep it up and you'll be dealing with me.

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Who are the huge tits next to Yuyuko?

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If it's not drawn by ZUN, it ain't canon.

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SYAMEIMARU!!! you newb.

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Sorry I meant Komachi, who are the tits next to Komachi?

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アヤ━━━━ヽ(・◇・ )ノ━━━━!!!!

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Yuugi. Alphes art.


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Yuugi if you use the official art only

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Alphes is canon

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Lewd shinigami

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Lewdness is disgraceful, Komachi should be more elegant

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Where's you're proofs, nerd?

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IaMP, SWR, and Hisoutensoku are canon.

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ZUN never said the art was explicitly canon.

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Komachi is elegantly lewd

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This is also true of Kasen and Meiling.

Must be the red-toned hair.

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Look at these canons.

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are this canons canon ? haha!

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That doesn't looks like ZUN art, so no.

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The proper plural of `cannon' is `cannon' (I have one cannon, you have two cannon).

Not really related to the word `canon', but it's a fun fact I thought I'd share.

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I want to suckle, no matter what

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