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Old ladies need love too

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gross she's like 1,000

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The first step would be not calling them "old ladies"

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Shut up.

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You want us to call them old men?..
I mean what else could you be hinting at when she shows us such a large raging cock

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I swear the cock was not there when I got the image.

I don't know what happened, be right back, requesting /x/ assistance.

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Old ladies sounds derrogative. Mature women is much more fitting for such beautiful girls.

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yes they do. i loved my great grandmum lots.

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See, this is why you shouldn't call Yukari and Eirin and Co. old hags. Do they look like that old woman there? Of course not.

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Older touhous are the best.

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yugi is still in her 300s..she is not old

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>yukari's waist seems off.jpg
Clearly you've never seen Victorian fashion.

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What I love the most about this picture is the exchange between Ran and Yuyuko.

I have seen corsets, but the waist curvature is too accentuated, in my opinion.

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then you haven't seen anything

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Dearest me, that is fetish territory, not authentic victorian fashion!

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>Aww, are you feeling shy? How adorable.♡

>This...this is so embarrassing...

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What's with the spoilers?

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what are you talking about?

Back then, they were WAY more extreme about it than that

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The spoilered text is from the thought bubble. You're not supposed to see that text immediately, or it would ruin the joke.

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I want to love every member of the Old Maid Alliance and make them feel special, because they are.

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You wouldn't see it normally anyway, picture or post. In the picture the text is up and down right to left, while English reads left to right up to down.

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Eirin, I'm sick! And the only c-cure is for me to stick my penis in your vagina and cum!

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I can't focus to much on that because of Yuuka being cute.

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I'm not gonna get into this discussion, sorry~

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Then I really haven't seen much. I'll stick with the filename because I'm lazy, though.

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I got a shrunk hag for sale. Want her?

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I love this doujin because in the end the male characters learn how to love sophisticated ladies and beat their insecurities.

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Why Nue and Suwako?

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Because Shou and Sanae are not loli.

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Posting samples is bad, even if the full size version is too big to post.


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But Nue isn't loli.

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"Grow Your Own Elegant and Dignified Mature Lady Kit"
Contents: One (1) Loli Yukari
Instructions: Just add love and good parenting skills and watch her grow right before your eyes!

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Nue is loli and don't contradict me, I have a PhD in loli.

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Why would Eirin care about Sanae becoming playable?

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Is there a way to do all that without her growing?

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No, Nue is DEFINITELY not a loli. She's just flat.

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Add neglectful parenting skills and avoid feeding her too much.
But that would be wrong and not very nice. You shouldn't stunt the growth of a beautiful lady.

Try contacting the manufacturers and see if you can purchase a loli model.

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granny panties are the best

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i hate this artist. his hags all look like the mom from calvin and hobbes.

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That's hot if you ask me

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These are my fetish.

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Could have entirely been avoided if you had simply thought first and fucked off with the spoilers.

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Do you think Yukari likes young men? I hope so.

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I've always used them like that and nobody ever had a problem with it. I'm not stopping now just because of you.

I'm not convinced. But let's not argue about this; this is a thread about the older side of Touhou, and I think we can both agree that Nue isn't part of that.

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I like it, gives a reasonable paizuri without being too lewd.

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What is this warm feeling in my chest?

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she likes youbg girls

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She must. She'd have trouble finding someone older than her.

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"Hey you there.... young man.... would you like to go to the public baths and keep us older women company? We could wash each others backs. Don't worry, we won't bite.... much."

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I love that picture. I like all the different reactions.

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can a ghost get pregnant ?

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This is every single one of my boners.

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Sure, why not? They can eat and such.
Gensokyo is a fantasy land after all. Anything is possible.

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Name of doujin please.

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Kyah Ijiwaru na Kazesan doujin. 4chanx's google search got it for me.

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that is freaking adorable

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Those pictures are so sweet.

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Thanks. Have some more Yukari for your trouble.

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I don't think so....

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>I... I see... So it's like that... Well... I-it's not surprising, I suppose... I-I'll give it some thought then...

>(What should I do... I don't have any experience with this kind of thing even though I said otherwise... And who can I consult about this... Reimu... no, no way. She'd tease me so much...Marisa... she'd open her big mouth and laugh at me...Yuyuko... won't work either. She's not interested in this kind of thing...)
>(Then all that's left is Ran... ahh, I can't tell her! I must maintain my dignity as her master... And Chen's still too young to hear about this sort of thing... ...So I'm in a huge pinch now...? W... W-w-w-w-w-what should I do!?)

Emotionally dishonest Yukari is the best.

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I want them all.

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Hag feet are the best feet

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Thanks for the translation, Anonymous.
Here, have some nice older lady from next door.
She just came by for some "sugar."

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Why does Yukari get raped so much?
No, really, why?

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She secretly likes it.

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She's the kind of powerful character who people like to sodomize to get a "overpowering" feeling.

Usually portrayed as raped or rapist, our old sweet and lovely Yukari.

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I don't think I can believe that.

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But then why do the other mature, powerful Touhous never get raped?

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>get raped
Most of the doujins I see of her, SHE's the one who rapes men.

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We have to profundice a little, think about powerlevel threads, characters like Kanako, Eirin, Byakuren or Yuyuko rarely appear on those, luckily, but Yukari and Eiki are the canon powerful characters as some anons believe and if you check both appear raped or overpowered lots of times.

Yukari is the referent so it's natural that people exploit her for that a lot more.

Also, where's my mature, flat Tenshi?

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Happens all the time, man.

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Byakuren best old hag

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oh boy

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No sir, I do not like it.

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best hag

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Huh?Littleshrimp made a doujin?

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I suppose...
Eiki doesn't get raped a lot, though.

Oh no...

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>making a doujin


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>“Mature Tenshi”
This sounds amazing.

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She must be seeing a surprise party or something!

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Yay! I think that, without Iku being the older one of the couple with an age difference gimmick, people would treat her as a much older character who just happen to have a washboard chest.

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I doubt that. Being really immature and spoiled is sort of her thing, and it comes right out of canon and everything.

>> No.9354359

>“Being really immature and spoiled is sort of her thing”
Which is exactly why I would enjoy so much to see her grow out of it, and become a well adjusted adult.

The flat chest is big plus though.

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Perhaps but that doesn't imply anything, look at Yuyuko, she's old but acts like an air headed glutton but that doesn't say anything about her age.

I'd like my Tenshi to be around 27 years old.

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Oh hi I upgraded your Chiko.

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Damn, that >>9354373 was meant to be for>>9354359

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Ugh. Suits her like a hole in the head.

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Shit, I didn't know there was a translation of this yet. I hope his other stuff gets translated, too.

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“Ojou-Sama” type adult Tenshi could be interesting, hold the retarded fanon tsundere/masochist though.

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Personally, I think she has the looks to pull it off. (The hair helps.)

Tenshi is one of those that can do just about any body type. I'll admit the flat chest looks more natural and appropriate for her, but I still prefer Chikoppai because, well, I don't think there's a single character where I prefer flat to fat.

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Don't group tsundere with masochist, please.

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Different strokes for different folks, I guess.
This is as big as I can go.

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I love this depiction of Yukari, so meaty~.

I am grateful to have been blessed with being capable of appreciating both sides of the coin.

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Got no problem with that.

Really, as long as she's smaller than Iku it doesn't matter anyway.

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Oh shit, mature thread

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File: 2.84 MB, 4000x4092, 18354561.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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I feel sorry for the people who can't.

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moar hags

>decrepitár ommicus

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I wish I could produce Hijirin fanart since nobody likes her ;_;

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Kanako-sama is the purest. Enjoy your used goods.

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Don't sage this amazing topic, please.

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They may be old but hags?

NO just no.

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translate it you weeabos

>> No.9356862

Syphon on my genitalia liege.

>> No.9356871

Knowing that artist it's probably something like Mystia saying "chinchin".

>> No.9356909

Delicous BBA butts and anuses

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That cougar pose.

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Come back to the frontpage

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I have an uncontrollable urge to untie Yukari's shows in this picture.

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Older ladies are better than boring lolishit because I love big boobs, wide hips, curves and a little bit pubic hair.
Picture very related, I love it! Beautiful ladies with perfect bodies.

>> No.9360334

I bet you'd like to dump your load in your mother's cunt, too.

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Is it not normal to love mature ladies? You are just a sick pedo! Real womens (I mean not 3D) are soooooo good! Better than lolis!

>> No.9360566

pls go
i dont like what u like

>> No.9360573

>Is it not normal to love mature ladies?
Extremely unhealthy and abnormal.

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If my mom was Kanako, I totally would.

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If my mom was Kanako, I totally would.

>> No.9360576

Good thing we aren't normal here then.

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second, 2hous hags are the best 2hous

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Me too! Me too!
She is such a beautiful lady!
I fucking love this picture!

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Brofist! We are real men they love real womens!

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I love Yukari-sama so much!

>> No.9360776

I love the youthful energy that emanates from young girls, but sometimes it's great to feel the serenity that comes from the gentle eyes of a mature woman.

This is all I have to say about this subject.

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yukari culture

>> No.9360796

Some fucking asshole just downvoted you. Fuck you motherfucker.

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I want to force myself inside that sweater and feel my body cramed with Yukarin's

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Yukkuri Shiteitte ne!

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most beautiful hag

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Excellent thread.

>> No.9363513

That pose, those thigh highs, that sweater. Perfection.

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i want yukari to make fun of my small penis

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And the older ones need love too.

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Get out, you're not a hag.

>> No.9365373

Mostly its RAGE at the idea of a POWERFUL FEMALE CHARACTER. So Rape fantasies about 'putting them in their place'.

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yuka is a hag, dude

>> No.9366312 [SPOILER] 
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Hags for sale! Take your pick!

>> No.9366318

Why are there two wriggles and why does one have boy parts?

>> No.9366341
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Byakuren is not an old hag. She is an eternally pure and young maiden.

>> No.9366354

It's Wriggle's little brother.

>> No.9366364

Newhag detected.

>> No.9366371


i love this artist ! it's like old manga

>> No.9368524

I think she fits in nicely, even if she isn't ancient like the others.