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Where can I meet people willing to roleplay a chubby Yukari that isn't full of children?

I just want to take her for walks and carry her home /jp/, please help me out.

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Is the person not full of children supposed to be the roleplayer or Yukari?

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Sorry, but there are no exceptions.
Roleplayer are attentionhungry and terrible people

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Is where the fatties live.

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I write for a living and one of my hobbies, in my off-time, is to find these people. I seek them out, usually selecting someone from their Steam group, and do the best possible job I can in fulfilling their wish. I take extra care, paying close attention to the character's traits and quirks. I construct flow-charts and themes on which to model my responses. Then, when the other person has grown completely comfortable in my presence and attached to my writing, I add something.

It starts small, with something just big enough to raise alarms: "She pinwheels over laterally, coming to a rest with her hips splayed butterfly over his chest. Her bulge rests comfortably over his solar plexus, and..."

And they say nothing. Maybe it's not a penis, they reason with themselves. The character might just have a case of puffy vulva. And it continues like this: me taking certain deviant liberties, and the creepy fuck on the other end being too complacent and attached to my quality of writing to say anything. By the end-ramp of things, I've forced them into the complete opposite of their desires: there is forceful and constant mention of my character's penis, and I'm taking the story in directions they most obviously don't want, but tolerate because they don't want to go back to shitty role play partners.

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What is your name on steam, I will add you.

I like adventure, please be my Yukari.

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I'd RP Yukari for you, but that's against the rules, sorry.

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I'd love to rp but I'm just too shy to do it. I feel really strange when I try it and I feel my writing can't be arousing because I have this opinion that I can't write properly about things I've never done.

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same. I would fuck up roleplaying too easily, even though I am willing

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Couldn't Yukari gap a dick in or something though like in my doujinshis?
You also act like it's a bad thing.

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For me, I'm good at it, but I hate the meta aspect. I try to escape into my role, and then I remember that I'm just some guy writing fiction with another person via chat client, and I'm sent crashing back to Earth.

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You should post some chat logs or something. That's exactly what I would love to do too, but I have no interest in RP or care to put forth that much effort.

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Rolepayers please go.This is not the place for it

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Are you sure they really mind it? I think people who are that deep into the pit don't care if you add a dick to their roleplay session.

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>chubby Yukari that isn't full of children

"Oh my, but is being full of child so bad Anonymous? For I have a confession to make. Perhaps my extra weight wasn't fat at all. We really should have been more careful that one time and worn protection. I hope it doesn't come to alarm a gentleman such as yourself. I c-certainly hope you will take responsibility, my dear Anonymous."

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For you my love, anything.

But by "isn't full of children" I actually meant people telling me to go to gaia/moonguard.

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You could always go to that 'Touhou Whorehouse' steam group

Does anyone have the logs from that one Patchouli? That was pretty grave shit.

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you told me you would use a contraception gap. Lying cunt get the fuck out

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you mean this?


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I'm still part of terrorist town warehouse on steam, now that I think of it.

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And this is why roleplaying is bad.You are a disgrace to that character

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I'm not any of the parties involved, I just saved this a long time ago.

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"Oh thank heavens, that is quite the relief!
Role-playing is quite peculiar, isn't it Anonymous? It is neither complete reality nor complete fantasy. The feelings, the conversation, they are all quite real. It manages to be a part of both worlds at the same time. Breaking beyond the boundaries of fact and fiction, it shall never truly rest on either side. Rather idiosyncratic, no?"

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"Now be a dear and help me out of this gap. I.. I got stuck again."

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I didn't understand a thing you just said but I like your voice. Let's keep talking over dinner. My treat. Remember you're eating for two people, now!

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OP if you are serious I would legit do it with you to improve my writing skills. get in touch

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Do you have steam or skype? I am legitimately looking for people to RP Yukari for me.

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"Of course, Anonymous. Of course..."

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Uh. I smell trouble.

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You, do you have a spare email I can use to talk to you?

Were you that other person rolepaying Yukari for me the other day? We were going to take a stroll because gaps kept getting you stuck.

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email is attached. made a steam account for it too

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Alright, sweetheart. Where would you like to eat today? My cooking at my house? Dinner out? Or should we order in?

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I haven't role played anything in many, many years. It'd be interesting to take it up again, though I was never a fan of role playing as characters from fiction. I always just liked making up a person.

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i dunno why but i just feel like you are a gigantic pretentious shit

like you literally give me the same vibe as Shii does

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Have I wronged you in some way?

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"i dunno why"

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Alright, well, I've sent you an email from an unused alias, I hope we can keep in touch,.

As for the steam thing, Send me a link or something to your page in an email if you receive it.

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sent you more information

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Received and responded.

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That's impossible.
Yukari is a lady with, well, overrated curves.

Each time you'll find a woman roleplaying her, it's pretty safe to say that she will inevitably be full or herself, because after all she thinks that she can both be a good roleplayer and a lady with overrated curves.

Ah yes, btw each time i'm seeing Yukari's body I just want to rape her if you didn't notice.

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"I, as a male teen, know what women think."

- you

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>She pinwheels over laterally, coming to a rest with her hips splayed butterfly over his chest. Her bulge rests comfortably over his solar plexus
>splayed butterfly
>solar plexus

I hate people who type like this when they roleplay. Use regular words, it's like I'm reading a fucking erotic anatomy book.