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would u suck?


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>pic 1
Does this mean you have more than one
For now the answer is Y, would sugg

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wouldn't fit into my tiny little girl mouth.

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I prefer this one.. But your one was also nice..

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Yes I would

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I'd suck the HELL out of that cock~

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Stay mad, marimite guy.

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Fucking queer

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Delicious trap cock, would suck all day and night.

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post more pics so i can get a better view, but yes I probably would suck that and let the cum flow all over my face.

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yuck ewwww :(

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if ur so gay why u dont post your cock, maybe cause ur a fucking hetero?

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He is a awful cock lover, he never posts cocks.
He probably does not even have any delicious penises saved

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Would you suck it?

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I wish my dick were that big.

Does jelqing work?

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My first thought is yes, but i would like to see a close up.

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Sure why not

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i saw that picture on japans craigslist for casual encounters lol

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I would

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forgot ur trip white ren

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>tfw u post ur cock on /soc/ yet none rates, no replies

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Post it here and i will rate it and reply.

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N with a capital N

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Stop giving me boners. My penis hurts.

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There is nothing attractive about genitals, male or female.

I can't understand why people exchange images including only their genitals, even if they do so happen to be complete normals.

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Why isn't >>>/soc/12054050 showing its face? It's supposed to be a hookup thread, isn't it? Wouldn't its face get seen anyways?

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90% of the time the face is a turn off and would scare people off.
If he hides the face untill the meetup its less likely they will run away from him, and in turn he gets more cock in his asspussy

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/jp/ - /b/

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2D/Random, repost this, et cetera.