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Easily the most sexual Touhou.

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>sexual Touhou
no such thing

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Sorry, what?

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There are some sick pedos out there, Anon. Some twisted individual would look at this innocent picture with her prepubescent chest and get off to it, possibly masturbating before going back to molesting children in their basement.

What a terrible world we live in.

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Sanae can't get anybody's dick that hard.

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That's not Suwako.

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what the hell dude lol she looks like a grandma

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But that's a good thing.

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That's not Komachi

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Kaguya's little sister is more sexual than her

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her art in Ten desires, with that kind of her remind me genkai from yuyu hakusho

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hope u got tenbux

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>sexual Touhou

Amazing how some people are so perverted in the brain that they can't even handle something as beautiful as Gensokyo without making everything about TEH SEX XD.
You are worse than normalfags.

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Don't sexualize my Mokou, you bastard.

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Kaguya is in that image too
who will look to Moukou?

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lol secondary fans rofl xD

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That does it, I shall challenge you to a duel. We'll meet at midday by the old barn.

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man, that's why I love those kaguya and moukou fans

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Easily the most elegant Touhou.

Well, what do you expect. Puberty hits these kids pretty hard.

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Yes, they are. Pretty straightforward statement, why did you feel the irony to be necessary?

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>Easily the most elegant Touhou.
Sorry, what?

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Those lips. Why is this making my penis so hard?

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You heard him, nerd.

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Why is there so little porn of them? It's always Yukari with Reimu.

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lol guys ive got teh boner XDDDDDD y is touhous gotta be so hawt T_______T btw wut u guys doin b4 school starts agen?fappan? :P

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lol guys ive got teh boner XDDDDDD y is touhous gotta be so hawt T_______T btw wut u guys doin b4 school starts agen?fappan? :P

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Sex is a large part of life so people will naturally sexualize your innocent little fantasy girls. And that is beautiful.

Deal with it.

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the stars are shifting towards the endless lakes of yonder taken aback by the cause of what i am and shall remain and i will kill you and take you life for you are truly the person i have known for long and woken up i have from the dream that took the form of a large bird and i shall attack you all from behind and they shall know i will strike them down like a bunch of monkeys under the spell of our broken heroes for that truly is and shall be the end of our race and all that remains under the radiant trees of the far north and those that pierce the heavens under its spells of old of which the moon has spoken for far too long and wide as the endless steppes of our forefathers and their blind kindred that under the moss lie and bottles of clear endless void shall remain and will remain to see the new beginning and the old endings that have alone waited for someone to take them towards the new night and the sun shall remain voiceless for it is what the rocks wanted it to be and the snakes and frogs gather around the one beautiful flower once more and the wolves will laugh at the falling heroes that from the darkness came and in the light will remain ever since we as a clan were of the funny cats and seas of stars shifting towards what might and might not be the end of our very love in the night

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Careful. Youmu will chop you to pieces if you say such perverted things about Yuyuko.

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Cannot unsee

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>Sex is a large part of life

Sex is a large part of normalfag life.
Otaku culture is a retreat from ``normal'' life.
I don't expect your kind to understand this, so go on and continue with your EPIC FAPPING to Touhous.

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For years I thought Yuyuko isn't very sexy.

Then I realized how wrong I was. She's amazingly hot.

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I've got news for you: your "kind" also masturbate to touhou girls.

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That's great normal-san.

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Amazing comeback, sperglord.

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It's all the effort you're worth, normalfriend-dono.

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There is something incredibly sexual about japanese clothes.

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I really want doujins where she goes around molesting shotas.

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most expensive touhou

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and eating dicks. Literally.

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I can't think of any but it'd be strange if there wasn't at least one.

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Why is Yuyuko so beautiful?

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What are Sanae's 10 desires?

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I really like short hair, and her wavy pink hair is really cute. I also think her personality is great though and that contributes to her overall beauty.

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she is dead