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Do you have a cellphone? I feel really out of the loop never really having had one. It's all so confusing.

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I got one that is held together with duct tape. It is fairly modern though. But piece of shit.

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Yes. It costs me 70 dollars a month. I use it to check the time when I'm out.

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Yeah. I use it for internet and music. And whenever people ask for my phone number, I can actually give them one, instead of stuttering and desperately trying to change the topic.

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No. I can't think of a single reason for why I would need one.

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Your other half need to somehow communicate with you, dear anon.

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Yes but I don't know why.
And I don't know how to use modern phones properly, its confusing and inconvenient.

Is that how elder people feel when they have to use computers?

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I have one. It's pretty much a web browser and a clock since I don't have any friends.

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Yes. I need to listen to my 2hu music on something when I'm outside

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It's OK OP no one has a cell phone anymore. They all have those little touch screen things.

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Do you pay for service too? Wouldn't it be cheaper just to buy an ipod or something?

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There's this thing called Prepaid. And in our country most public locations have WiFi, so I spend max 10 to 20 euros every couple of months.

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I post on /jp/ with it.
Hi /jp/! I'm on my phone!

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whts ur phone #
ill send u a text

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I have one, but I haven't used it since high school.

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My phone doesn't support such things. I'm not sure if it even knows what internet is.

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ur a fkkn FAGEYT

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Mine is one of those 'smart'phones that I don't really care for but it has a browser that lets me post on /jp/ so that's why I kept it.

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maybe u should get a dUMB PHONE lmao

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I got myself one recently because I kept standing people up. At least with the cell phone there is the theoretical chance I'll call them to explain that I won't be coming.

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So long as you don't use it to upload images...

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A circa 2006 walmart tier phone. The grandiose features you people have described are completely unnecessary and serve only to inflate maintenance costs. Would someone care to explain the worth of a partially mobile (I assume deadzones or whatever still exist), thoroughly mediocre internet connection with negligible download faculties? How does your home bound ass see the value in this?

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How do you contact your parents when they are at work (I'm assuming you don't live on your own)?

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You don't

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I don't. I have used them before on occasion, borrowing other people's to make a quick phone call. I always get confused on how to use them.

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Modern people are strange. I recently talked to somebody who was really proud of their cell phone that was capable of downloading "200MB".
I asked her if she meant 200MBit, which is still quite a lot, but they insisted that it was 200MB.
I wondered what I had missed, that even cell phones were now capable of 1GBit/s, but they corrected me. It was 200MB per month.
Apparently that was enough for excessive internet use including youtube and everything.
I was flabbergasted.

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>I always get confused on how to use them

This sentiment always seems to be directed at any and every piece of marketed technology. These are consumer electronics; things specifically designed for ease of use by the common plebeian. Your outlook is worthless.

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windows live messenger

(my mom is my only contact)

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I've never owned a working cell phone. I had, once, but only used it for pictures.

I have no one to call, anyway.

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I have a iphone 4s and when people see it they think, "Wow, that guy must be really cool."

But seriously, there's so much you can do with smartphones nowadays, even play VNs. I found out how handy they can be this year when I took a trip across state to see a dying relative. I don't have a laptop so I ended up using my phone for everything and it made my time there a lot less boring.

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>when people see it they think, "Wow, that guy must be really cool."

You frequent elementary schools? Which apps are the lolis most interested in?

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I have a cellphone that i use as a camera most of the time, other than that it does not get very much use.

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>But seriously, there's so much you can do with smartphones nowadays
It's like clothing fashion: sacrificing comfort to look trendy.

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These things aren't as mutually exclusive as you seem to desperately believe.

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You should probably kill yourself to be perfectly honest.

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Yes, I know that fitting in as well as possible is a prerequisite for some people to feel comfortable.

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I do not have one. I think I will get one when I get a job. never

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Way to interpret posts literally and as centric as possible.

Selecting reasonable clothing is not difficult. Chances are if it's uncomfortable it's also grossly inappropriate. Entrenching yourself within this strange view that if you don't look like a literal asperger you've become some flamboyant queer is an unfortunate perspective many young autistic adults refuse to cede.

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Speaking of cellphones, I keep getting a call from a number I don't know. Same area code too.

It called me 4 times yesterday and on the 4th call I picked up and said hello but nobody answered. I just got a call from the number again a few minutes ago but I didn't answer it. I've gotten random calls before from people who have the wrong number before, but never someone who's called this many times. Should I be worried?

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I have a Galaxy Nexus because I'm not a poorfag and I know what is good.

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I have an iPhone 4S, and I browse /jp/ with it. I used to use it to download doujin from bcloli because I had to travel a lot.

While some would say it's convenient, I rather have my laptop and fibre Internet instead of this small screen with shitty 3G connection.

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Honestly, I would be. It just seems way too strange.

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Probably some telemarketing/bank/utility agency etc. calling during their office hours.

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iPhone 4
Lumia 900
HP TouchPad

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lolis think Apple products are pig disgusting.
Real men have android phones.

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Google the number.
If it is a marketing, report them to the FTC.

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IPhone 4s
I use it to browse /jp/ and other sites when walking to a convienence store to pick up food. I also have a patched version of Steins;Gate on it I read/play when I'm laying in bed and a few other vns. I don't really have friends so I don't call anyone often.

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That happens to me a lot. That, and calls to pay bills (my dad pays them, why don't they call him?), so I don't answer calls from numbers I don't know

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Sony Ericsson J120i, bought for ~30 euros in 2008. First and only phone I've ever bought. No fancy smartphone features, no internet, no customizable ringtones, no camera.

I use it mainly to check the time (I dislike having a watch around my wrist) and as an alarm clock (one of three) to wake me up in the morning. I also sometimes use it to contact people I can't contact in any other way or if I need to contact them ASAP. I generally use text messages for this, as I hate phone conversations. I also use my phone to sometimes take some quick notes, using the text message 'save in drafts' feature to write some stuff down to look at later.

I use prepaid as I don't spend enough money to warrant a subscription (I generally spend 20-30 euros a year on texts and phone calls). It's the only phone I have, no landline phone or anything like that (I live on my own). For entertainment on the road, I have my laptop which is also my main PC.

I've been considering a smartphone, but data limits are ridiculously restrictive here (though the situation is changing; apparently there's now a provider that has 40 KB/s unlimited prepaid internet for 50 cents a day) and the cheapest smartphones feel too expensive to be worth it (even on DealExtreme you can't get anything significantly below $100).

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I thought it was some telemarketing thing too, but they usually answer right away. I got the calls at 10:51am, 1:29pm, 3:26pm, and at 7:09pm. I answered the last one and didn't get a reply.

They just called again 30minutes ago but I didn't answer. If I get another call I'll make sure to answer this time.

I did google the number but nothing came up.

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What do I need to do to make games for those phones? Like android and stuff? Are thre certain languages or can you just write something in c for them?

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Report them.

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Lisp is the most powerful programming language.

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Thanks to my phone my /jp/ experience is greatly enhanced!
I'm posting this while taking a shit.
A real shitpost

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Are you a girl? If so, what does your poop smell like?

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I'm a touhou.
my shit smells like roses.

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In languages like C++ it should be the same as creating programs for other platforms. Not entirely sure how it works, though, as I'm not much of a C++ guy.

You can also use something like Unity (which uses C#), which conveniently automatically ports the game to the platform of your choice.

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Are you people really saying that you use your phone to take pictures?


Just get out. You're disgusting and you have no shame.

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I'm not sure about Unity, but you could use Qt or gtk.

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I dont really see the problem

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> Do you have a cellphone?
Your point? I wouldn't have anyone to call anyway.

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>Your point
He's not trying to make a point, he's asking a question, you autist.

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You could exchange numbers with another /jp/ anon. Then you would have someone to call or text.

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But /jp/ anons are usually rude ! Just see >>9338858

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I like taking pictures of my pussy with my phone ;_;
Its not like i show the pictures to anyone else so im not a slut

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You have a cat?

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He was helping you with your comprehension skills

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I've thought about getting one for myself, but I know I'd be a shitty owner. I'd probably forget all about her, and she'd die when I accidently lock her in.

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So they finally called again and I answered this time. Someone apparently requested information or something and gave them the wrong number. The guy was very polite and explained it nicely when I said I had been getting calls since yesterday. It wasn't scary at all.

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I pay 10 bux a month for my old feature phone.

Don't really need a smart phone for anything.

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god i hate touchscreens

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That feel when you have a ancient cellphone that you have never bothered to upgrade because you dont call anyone or get calls ever.

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I want a smart phone so I can do the following:

pretend I have friends (even just 1) when outside and on a bus

use it while taking a shit

used to want one to sell shit in the blizzard RMAH but not anymore

google maps if I get lost on transit

play with apps

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I've never had a phone. My dad had offered to buy me one on several occasions in the past, and I would refuse it each time. It actually became a running joke around the house since I'm the only one without it(even my younger siblings have their own).

It just feels like too much a hassle when I've got other stuff to do like shitpost on /jp/.

No seriously, I do feel like it is a hassle, because people are eventually gonna fill up your contacts list, and once they start calling you, you have to and actually answer and engage in a conversation. Like fuck that.

Among the people I have met in my lifetime, around 6 girls have already asked me for my number. I always had to say that 'it broke' and that 'I still need to get a new one'. I then avoid them from there onwards.