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My, my, Yukarin, you sure let yourself go~

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she could create a portal in her stomach to transport all that fat into some impoverished family

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She still looks cute. I'll help her with her diet and I'll make sure we exercise a lot together!

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Would you tickle a chubby Yukari?

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with a salad maybe

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It looks more like she's beeing creating portals on her mouth from every kitchen in gensokyo

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Soon she'll be getting stuck in narrow places

Will you help her out?

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I'd rather help myself to some plump Yukari

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So plump and soft

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brchan get out

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what does sakuya puts in those cookies

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I think I'd just keep feeding her treats

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Who is this slut

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racist caricature of a native american woman

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Lies. It's a representation of the indigenous population of Brazil.

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What's her name?

I like her because she's naked eheheheheh ;_;

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what hentai is this?
I like them brown girls

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>south america
see no problem here

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>hurrdurr how do I google image search

i'm quoting ur mum after she fukd me, nerds.

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you mean "hue hue hue hue hue"

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Letty's the only chubby girl I like

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She doesn't put anything special, you just keep eating them and sitting on that oversized battleship you call an ass all day

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I wonder if Ran secretly feeds her extra food just to see her grow plumper

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the strongest onii is also the biggest

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So what is the fatness powerlevel chart anyway

I know Patchy is somewhere near the top

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She exists both near the top, AND at the bottom
there's plenty showing her ribs

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I'd let her go, IYKWIM!

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I dunno but Yuyuko is probably at the top

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Her name is Kuruminha, She is the mascot of Brchan

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I guess her mouth wasn't the only place where Yukari was funneling food into

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Delicious meat

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That's demeaning to women!

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>>hair color is pubic hair color
#wow #whoa #supererection

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Maybe they should stop being so sexy.

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Nodotits it's only fat on her chest dude

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Are you kidding me? She's fucking obese! Oink! Oink!

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I require further graphical evidence of those claims

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Why is there so much fat touhou art

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Lots of people love chubby toohoos?

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I only like a healthier Yuugi in Gensou ass festival.

Otherwise, it has to be muscles.

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"Oh Anonymous, I seem to have gotten stuck. Would you be a dear and help me get out?"

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is delicious

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Sure thing Milady, would you need help with anything else? I have all day.

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Would you save this poor rabbit?

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Not that one, no.

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How cruel!

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Any doujins with fat touhous doing fat things?

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How come I didn't noticed this artist before, it's pretty good. Thanks anon.

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What's the best tag to search If I'm looking for chubby touhou on ex?

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look at those cannons, she is going to explode that shirt with those arm muscles.

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5 results with plump/chubby/BBW in doujinshi.
34 with fat.

Guess I'll have to do some sorting to find the ones I like.

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Oh god what

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Too whoever likes Ass Festival, have this.

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"Oh my, it happened again. Perhaps my bad eating habits have finally caught up with me. Do you think I have gained weight, my dear, sweet Anonymous?"

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Do you think Sakuya caused this?

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I don't think someone as beautiful as yourself could ever gain weight milady, and even if you did, you're still as beautiful as you ever were. Perhaps the gap system isn't being friendly for you today, either way let's get you home, It's nice to have a stroll with someone so we can have a stroll, I'd carry you if you so desire, just say the word!

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Do you think Yukari is a bottom gainer?

I can totally see her packing pounds from waist below

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It's so she can't run away.

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I'd say Yukari is definitely a bottom gainer.

Whatdo you think Reisen is?

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Breasts, With butt/legs evenly distributed.

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Possible hourglass rabbit.

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My wording is messed up, I'm just so nervous milady...

(Why am I doing this? Why are you doing this?)

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>(Why am I doing this? Why are you doing this?)

You want to take care of a chubby Yukari.

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I love you /jp/.

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"Oh but Anonymous, I don't wish to go home just yet. I would love to spend more time with a gentleman such as you. Now let us go for a walk. I hear they are a pleasant way to burn calories."

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Would your favourite 2hu let go /jp/?

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fat slut 0/10 wud not touch

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Yes Milady, as you wish. Do you have anywhere in particular you'd like to visit during our walk then?

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How can she be fat without her exoskeleton breaking?

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Patchy is so lazy!

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This is horribly conflicting. It's my favorite touhou but much larger than I can be comfortable with. Damn you for posting this.

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take your RP shit to gaia or something.
it's been against the rules since 2008

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Hows this then?

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Still far too large. Please stop.

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Do you not wish that you had your own chubby Yukari to take care of and constantly assure her that she still looks thin and her dress doesn't make her look fat while simultaneously helping her with dieting and exercise?
Because that would truly be marvelous to have.

Perhaps you just had it, if only for a short amount of time. Because sometimes, if only for the littlest moment, the gap between fantasy and reality might disappear....

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It's not RP, I'm really talking to Milady Yukari, really.

She can manipulate borders you know, she must have entered reality just to talk to me, surely. I was never that keen on her, but after this, I can't believe it, I think I'm in love. Don't tell her that though, all in due time.

Yes, see. This proves it, Yukari really did visit me, really.

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Of all the Fathou pictures I've seen, this is still the only one that depresses me. Most Fathous are comedic, but there's something about watching a depressed Sanae gain weight at approximately tyhe same rate that she's trying to lose it that makes me feel sad.

Picture related to cto reversing this feeling. Nagball never fails to make me laugh.

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She drank far too much.

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>Please do not roleplay on this board, that is not what it is for. In addition, please refrain from blogging about your personal life or about how your sister caught you masturbating.

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No longer pads.

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Delicious chicken breast

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I love that look on their face when they are embarrassed about of fat they are, it just makes me want to make them even fatter.

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Yukari is an hourglass gainer

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Their embarrassed looks are too cute.

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Dat hitbox

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''Please, no more, I've eaten enought already...


Well, alright, just a few more bites...''

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Can fat Touhous fly /jp/?

Would you take care of your favourite chubby Touhou?

Would you offer her your jacket so she can cover herself instead of her ill-fitting outfit?

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Fat Reimu is secondary trash.

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I thought that only applied to sweets?

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''Come on Sanae...you know you want to...just eat...and eat...and eat''

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Its for everything. Being able to not get fat is one of her ability's

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I wonder if there are any fat-manipulation youkais

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I would love to see the next touhou game have one of those.

Fat 2hu's everywhere.

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Then why are you still here? Get out kindly.

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Fat toehoe art is too rare.

Yukari with her huge posterior stuck in a gap is my fetish.

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I prefer the healthy+muscular version, which might just be the most healthy bodytype to be.

Yuugi doesn't care about looking ripped, she just wants to bulk. Nothing is sexier than hard muscles giving a faint definition through a healthy layer of fat.

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That's usually called bearmode

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There is currently no such rule in any official rules page, and the sticky is no longer up so unless the rule is added into the /jp/ section on the official rules page, or a new sticky designating this specifically, RPing is not against the rules. If you hate it, ignore it and sage the topic as you always do anyway.

tl;dr - it isn't against the rules, stop being raging autistic homolords, you fucking faggots.

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How fitting

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>tl;dr - it isn't against the rules, stop being raging autistic homolords, you fucking faggots.
Only if you don't take RP shit to extraordinary levels of faggotry and attract more faggots.

You see anon, this is a danger to /jp/.
First people slowly start to tolerate RPing, then we accept stuff like shipping threads and next we are gonna have lots of fanfictions written by 14 year old boys

>> No.9337838

Then moot will just make a Fanfiction and RPing board and they will go away.

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Look at these fat hags

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So much meat