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I'd her gap, if you know what I mean.

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Idunno, I prefer her somethingelse, if you know what I mean

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mind the gap lol us brits amirite btw im a girl

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I'd invade her borders.

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She's pretty there.
I looked a doujin where she kidnapped a guy and had sex with him
Later she said he couldn't please her she would do something to him
Was the guy trapped in another dimension or something?
She usually isn't evil I thought.
I didn't think any of the Touhou were evil

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Suck her cock dude

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Yukari is female, retard.

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I'd send her a nuclear strike if you catch my drift

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she could easily alter the border between male and female

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What does that have to do with penises?

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hella repeating digits up in this ITT threat

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Not canon.

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Look at this secondary.

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If Yukari is so powerful, why she fears the Yama?
If Yukari is so powerful, why Yuka is stronger than her?

Checkmate, Yukari fags.

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Those things have nothing to do with her growing a horse shlong.

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Yukari is so loose as to use their real power, she prefers to accept defeat only to avoid the effort of fighting.

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some good touhou doujins?
I use moe-us and the sad panda bear site

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so rude

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but Yukari can't even keep a man, other Touhous will steal you away

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Yasei no Chijo ga Arawareta! 2

Feel nice tonight

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Ah I should have known

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Ah, five minutes late. So slow...

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>implying Yukari couldn't just rip their hearts out with her gap power.

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She couldn't, deal with it. Also who are quoting?

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Pan down, I want bush.

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Of course she could, when she's not busy trolling the second most powerful 2hu that is.

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Oh god, Yukari-sama's gappussy is sucking on my dick!

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>Jew Power
>2nd most powerful

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Give me a break, even I've got more money than her.

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epic hot pic OP :))))))))))))))))))))) "i'd" is 1 of my fav memes ^__~ i wud suk her cock XD fappin rite now

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Isn't it a known fact that Yukari has a bush down there?

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I don't know but I like it when she has bushy eyebrows.