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Whta is your opinion about lesbian guys ?

>> No.9328030

they would be gay if they were guys stupid

>> No.9328034

Lesbian guys?

>> No.9328783

OP probably meant
``What is your opinion about lesbians, guys?''

>> No.9328791

I think he was making a joke about futas. Look at the image.

>> No.9328798

oh god her limbs
If the gap hag loses concentration and accidentally closes the holes...

>> No.9328800

i dont even have the capacity to care

i am tired about being confronted by them on the internet whenever they find an opportunity to be offended though. if they were less of a fucking nuisance about validating themselves everyone would be happier and resistance would partially dissolve.

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When it comes to romantic stuff I am fine with anything, though I do prefer straight or futa.

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Dicks make everything better.
Even fakes ones.

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Now that image is one million times hotter.

brb fapping

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