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Why does nobody help her?

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did she die?

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Help THIS *grabs dick*

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Looks like it.

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Whatever happened to megatokyo anyway?

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What's up with the footprints? Did she fall sideways on her face?

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She was walking sideways

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Why does nobody want to be her friend?

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Now that's a frigid cunt

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>Those shoes
3/10 might bang if drunk

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Does she have down's? I'd marry her, her sneakers are kawaii (I'm serious)

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Those shoes are amazing, you tasteless pleb.

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Those shoes ain't shit. I've seem some shoes that are shit. They ain't one of them.

Now THOSE shoes, 9/10, would bang and share a cigarette afterwards.

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I would eat out every one of these girls.

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>short skirt

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>You will never a Japanese schoolgirl

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because we can't communicate each other


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Me too, and I'd also eat you out.

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Are u Chen?

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>He still doesn't moon

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The short answer is because asians have no souls.

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chen pls

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What's the long answer?

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Why did they convert to Islam?

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Islam is superior.

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aaaaasianssss haaaaave noooooo sooooooooullllsssss

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>Those long-ass skirts
i don't
i don't get it

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i don't get this new meme pls xpln

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long ass-skirts are classy and ladylike, fuck slutty short skirts

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how do you ZR with long skirts

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chen is not a new "meme"

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Shin ZR, proper for an educated maiden.

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Why is Japan's economy doing this to people?

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You just need to lurk moar.

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Requesting "No Honk, 350$ penalty image"

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thx, gotta lurk moar
i lurk ur ass with my cock

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>live action k-on: afterparty std

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fesh ghettoblaster

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Some shitty /v/ meme

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Why is dental hygiene such a priority in Japan?

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ey where the bloomers at

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Some radum guy on /b/ started honking, we all did it with him. We later found out we were zebras.

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Because smelling and looking like shit is gross. With that being said I haven't taken a shower since 7/2. Also >>9324123

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More importantly, why does it turn me on so fucking much?

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K-keep brushing...

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Chen pls

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Why is she missing so many teeth?

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She's the same girl as >>9324133, but younger
She eventually got her shit straight and started brushing her teeth twice a day and flossing after every meal

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Japanese schoolgirl struggles to open Western style door.

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Y u do this chen?

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I fapped so hard to that Tumblr. My penis was raw for days.

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Gentlemanly taste.

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Licking on doorknobs is on other planets illegal

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Chen pls

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OP please do not stop posting Japanese schoolgirls engaging in various activities

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Why are Japanese school girls so much cuter than American school girls?

Because they wear uniforms and don't dress like disgusting whores obviously.

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>Because they wear uniforms and don't dress like disgusting whores obviously.

Sorry to crush your fantasy but school girls are sluts in general. We have girls in cute uniforms here in the states. It's called Catholic school and most of those girls are sluts too.

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She's balder than me, and has wrinkles

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Dat chen pls.

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My imouto lives in the middle of fucknowhere and her school has uniforms superior to Japan

striped socks

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I will fight you. Ellen Page is a goddess and you will treat her as such.

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Fuck you

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Stop ruining my fantasies you asshole.

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>Because they wear uniforms and don't dress like disgusting whores obviously.

By that logic the school girls down here in spiderland wouldn't mostly be comprised of dirty whores

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>How is such a thing possible?

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Shitty scenery 0/10

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Fuck you.

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> 2012
> photoshopped gook whores

I seriously hope you guys don't find this attractive

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Fuck you.

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Dude, they're clearly on their way home from school. That's SO right!

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The left one is just too fat to wear short skirts.

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>It's called Catholic school and most of those girls are sluts too.
Don't mix your fantasies with reality, atheist scum.

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But thats a guy!its me

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I'll take the right one. Left is probably a gnome.

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You are never too fat to wear short skirts.

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Bracing for an image to prove you wrong.

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I don't know about American schoolgirls, but spanish schoolgirls from all-girls catholic schools wear cute uniforms too.
They're all sluts. If you see an uniform it's 100% guaranteed a turboslut that has sucked a thousand cocks. Everyone knows this.

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You must be blatantly fat and a woman to say that.

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I want to pass my genes on, it shall help with japan population rate

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Fuck you /jp/. Look what you've done now. I won't succumb to your temptations.

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/jp/ - Japanese schoolgirl culture

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Listen, shitbird

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Oops, forgot to link http://archive.foolz.us/jp/thread/9301558/#9301647

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Me on the top left, getting petted.

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Me on the bottom right, getting eaten.

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Me on the bottom right, getting devoured.

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more powerful thighs pls :3

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Honk honk

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Why are they all wearing these disgusting shoes?

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What a prostitute,

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Get fucked, those shoes are kawaii.

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>you will never be a japanese guy dating a cute japanese schoolgirl

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Don't resist.

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>you will never be a japanese guy
And thank fuck for that.

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>japanese schoolgirl whore pissing on the middle of the street to get her panties wet and stinky and sell them to salarymen.jpg

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Is that Ellen Page?

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Why are they massive whores?
I mean the females here don't dress like these bitches!

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This is as 3D as it gets.

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Me with the red suit, getting an erection

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>Ellen Page
I dare you, I double dare you motherfucker, insult her one more time

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Is she down?

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>>>/a fire/

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Fat cheeks, balding, probably has sucked a million cocks.

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I'd like to impregnate her by surprise in that position. She wouldn't even know who did it.

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We get it already, stop pimping your whore.

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That looks refreshing as HELL. I wish I could beat the heat by doing what she's doing.

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I-Its the fabled bento box!!

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Why is one sock longer than the other

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i don't buy this at all, they must be models

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She fell, fucktrain

>> No.9324361

I'll fucktrain your mother you little bitch.

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That doesn't explain it, retard

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What was that, cunt? Cunt? Though so

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> liking asian sluts

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I was busy.

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Me on green

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Orin pls go.

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You lookin' for a fight?!

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Chen pls stay

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Chen pls do it again <3

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chen pls

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Chen pls never leave me <3

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Chen pls

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I'm run out of Chen.

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Are u real chennifer?

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Is that all you've got? Get on my level.

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Roger :3

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Chen is my waifu.

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So this thread is now chen thread? I have a lot more but I rarely dump images in sequence.

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chen pls
there's also another thread which is perhaps slightly more chen related

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Let's take it there. Also this is the last for now, I am super hungry and want to eat something.

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Suck my cock, dude.

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PLS DO IT AGAIN!~~>>9324580

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chen pls
pls chen

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Old kogals

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me on the right, looking smug as fuck

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Would fuck both Yuis

>> No.9324708

I give up on the idea of dressing like a girl

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I would feel slightly upset and sorry for these guys if I were too see this scene in real life.

>> No.9324732

fuck Pyro and his "sad girls under snow". Why do you still care, I'm pretty sure that shit is still going

>> No.9324746

do you remember when we could post just "lol" in 4chan and not getting any mean or ironic reply? Those were simpler times...

>> No.9324752

In order to express your laughter nowadays on /jp/, you have to type it seriously.
Like for example "Hahaha ok, I laughed at this".
I'd rather type lel...

>> No.9324754

>no Mio

>> No.9324969

I'm happy with that.

>> No.9327327

>burberry scarf

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