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Madoka is shit.

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just likethis thread

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hmm i didnt get it
watched like 3 eps..ill watch another now

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What's not to get?

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why people said it was so good
i thought it looked really cheap and ugly but i think i kinda like it now

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Madoka a shit

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>cheap and ugly
And that's every Shaft show, basically.
And I actually like madoka.

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I really don't know why anyone thinks Madoka does anything new at all.

I realized the Soul Gem -> Grief Seed/Mahou Shoujo -> Witch connection the second that Mari "purified" her gem with a grief seed, it was pretty blatant to extrapolate from there.

Really it was just fucking boring because she didn't even become a magical girl until the last episode. Kyubey is portrayed as evil despite being a pretty neutral entity, and Homura's "tortured time traveller" bullshit is as old as stories about time travel.

There was nothing special or interesting about the entire series. It was cute girls being cute and forced, stale melodrama.

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People who don't watch magical girls shows think they're all cutesy and bubbly all the time and nothing threatening or sad happens. Madoka was a lot of people's babies first Mahou Shoujo and so they were wowed by it or something since it was (and they were expecting it to be) different from their imagined idea of magical girls shows or something.

>There was nothing special or interesting about the entire series.
It did have good music, if mostly not memorable, and interesting witch world composition, although neither of those are unique.

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Am I not allowed to like something if it's not revolutionary?

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it has homuhomu

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Dat slut

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The animation in madoka was good at least,right?

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I liked the first 5 episodes, then it started to be shitty forced melodrama. The last episodes were pretty good though.

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I was watching that episode last night.

This show is better than I remember it was.

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It's all Sayaka's fault.

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Do you consider the animation in South Park good? The answer will be the same for Madoka.

The presentation of Mami's fights was good, but then presentation took a back seat to Sayaka Gaiden.

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I thought the beginning was the worst.
It's always the same shit with a plot point introduced once in a while.

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Pretty Cure is better

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The first few seasons are so boring.

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Really? I've heard nothing but praise for the animation and directing at #tlwiki.

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Why so people spam Madoka so much? I never understood why that, Milky Holmes, and Raildex are posted like 20 times a day.

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We have autism

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You can spam your favorite anime too if want.
That's the joy of shitposting.

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don't you like cute girls?

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Go back to /a/.

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ok then.

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Only those three shows are autism worthy?

What the fuck is so "good" about Milky Holmes anyway? I don't get the appeal. I tried to watch a bit but it seemed like some juvenile comedy show.

I can understand why some people like Madoka. I assume Raildex is Naruto level but people like those kinds of things too.

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It's funny

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Why don't real girls dress like Kobato?

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What is that, Chobits 2?

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I love cute girls.

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Isn't Kobato autistic?
I don't think she should be a role model.

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>cute girl

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The cutest girl and bestest waifu

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All your favorite fat idols are Asian

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Jesus Christ, that's horrifying!