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When Christmas comes around, I'm going to buy everyone on /jp/ who can provide me some way of buying them something a gift. I'm letting you all know now so you can hold me to my word.

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Are you the one who sent the keychains out before?

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Before Christmas comes around I am going to teach all of /jp/ how to create an anonymous Amazon wishlist.

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No I'm not.

If you would, that'd be really helpful because then I'd be able to give more people things for their Christmas, because on /jp/, you're always loved.

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Oh. They used the name Chen.

Maybe Chen fans are just very kind.

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Buy me a gun so I can shoot myself.

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Maybe so, it's good to hear others are kind to fellow /jp/ goers.

I'm afraid that's one thing I can't do for you, but I'd like to try making your Christmas a happier time.

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I-I'm tempted to give you an email.

Please don't tease me, I'm very sensitive.

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Can you buy me friends?

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Chen get me something moe

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Fuck off nip.

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animal crossing 3ds

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I'll be making a thread around early December, obviously with Chen material, so around then you can drop an email in the thread, even if it's temporary, and we'll sort something out.

You don't need to be bought friends, friend.

I'm pretty sure that comes out in 2013.

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no, it comes out in winter of 12
perfect time for the holidays

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You're just adding fuel to /jp/'s greedy ass as well as being the reason why all of us are neets and rely on others to survive.

Thanks anyways, maybe I'll have a happy holidays for once.

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Can you buy me happiness?

Honestly I would be happy to receive even a postcard.

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I'll try too.

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I don't see it as being greedy, getting gifts on Christmas isn't greedy at all. I don't see it as relying on others to survive either. I'm just a fellow NEET who has been saving up money to try and make those around me happier at Christmas.

I wish I could buy happiness, but hopefully a gift at Christmas will show you that someone cares and bring you a tiny bit of happiness.

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>fellow NEET who has been saving up money
From the money tree behind your house?

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From the government, so I guess it's not my money in the end, but I just wanted to try and make you guys happy.

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>I'm just a fellow NEET

You're just saying that to make us feel better. I bet you're really some university graduated mathlord who makes 300k starting.

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I like the idea behind it but I'd feel really guilty robbing you of your autism bucks, especially as someone who has enough money.

Hopefully you can make some people's Christmas, though.

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Can't you lose them for doing shit like that or have I been lied to?

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god you guys are so moe

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Eventually they stop looking at you.

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I really wish I was like that, but I'm pretty much here all day like a lot of you, if I'm not, I'm asleep next to my PC.

I'm really hoping they don't, if they did, I'd just try to explain the situation and explain how it's only a one off situation.

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If you just gave me a card or something to help my loneliness I would be happy.

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It made me happier to read this thread

It's good to see nice people on /jp/

I hope you make some people feel better with this, but I'd feel bad accepting anything though honestly.

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You're making me blush (〃▽〃)キャー♪

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>I really wish I was like that

Ha, you fell for my trap! Now we know what kind of person you really are. Kill yourself out of /jp/.

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I can do that, you're also helping others if that's what you want. If I have someone who wants something inexpensive, I have more money to get gifts for others.

Very nice trap, you caught me, I'd like to be rich. How horrible right?

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I really hope this actually goes through. Many an OP have made such a promise and the only thing I got for Christmas was disappointment.

Personally, I would feel bad accepting anything because I want some pretty pricey things, but I'm sure there are some /jp/ers who could really use a gift on Christmas.

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Shut up master of retards.

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>Many an OP have made such a promise and the only thing I got for Christmas was disappointment.

I could put on a trip, that way you'd be able to hold me to my word or harass the crap out of me till I left. I don't see any gain from raising people's hopes to make them more upset.

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I would hate for this to be some kind of cruel joke...

But if it is real just send me a nice email or something I would feel bad taking gifts

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You don't just want to be rich, you want several years of university education and a job. You probably want a family of your own too, which is why you're trying so hard with this thread. Absolute normalcy. Don't try to deny it now, I've got you all figured out.

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>I want some pretty pricey things

Oh so you're one of those autists who still makes demands about what gifts other people get you despite them having no real obligation to get you anything at all? Grow up faggot.

Will be nice to see if you pull through on this OP, I'd definitely do something similiar if I had the money.

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I'd be happy with anything you provide me anon.
This would be nice too

I wish I could give christmas gifts to my fellow /jp/ bros.

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I... I would be very happy with a card or an email too...

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who futaba here?

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I don't know what you're talking about. What I meant was that I would actually refuse to ask for or demand anything because I feel my wants are too expensive (20+ dollars) and the gifts could go to people who actually need them. I have to wonder why you're being so hostile about all of this, /jp/ is for taking it easy.

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Give me 10 minutes to finish my pizza and I'll have at you with my words.

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You're great OP Chen

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futaba sucks nigga. /jp/ is da best.

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>my wants are too expensive (20+ dollars)

So you're actually so greedy that even when someone is offering something to you for free you can't decrease your ``wants'' enough to simply compromise and be modest in what you ask for? This is physically impossible for you?

You're like the guy in drawfag threads who makes 6 requests in a row then gets mad when only 1 of them are drawn. Worst guy. Go to bed and think about your actions.

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I'm a 30yrs lonely guy. its been many years now that i'am alone for christmas

just someone saying me "merry christmass" will be an awesome gift

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A card or something like that would be nice.

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So you're saying it's greedy for him to say he doesn't want anything because things he would actually like are too expensive?

Do you think it would be less greedy then for him to deprive someone else by asking for something he doesn't really want, because that is what you're suggesting.

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Why are you so adorable chen?

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beware the vile jew, for he disguises loans with kindness

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It's not a cruel joke at all, I couldn't live with myself doing something like that. But when you ask for something like that, even if you wanted a card along with the email or something, you're actually helping out other people from /jp/ because I'll be able to have more money to spend.

You're definitely thinking into this too much, you gave me a situation, I saw 300k starting, anyone who wouldn't say yes to that situation is lying. It would never happen in reality, my anxiety or smarts would let me get to anywhere near that kind of money. But in a hypothetical, hell yeah I'd say yes.

To all of you, if you just want to be wished a merry christmas, or if you want a card, I will definitely try and make your Christmas be a happy one this year, a one to remember.

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I would love a cake, but I imagine shipping one would be very expensive. 10 bucks through paypal and I could buy a cake, though, and use frosting to spell out how I love you and take a picture of it. Or 3 bucks and I could buy a box of snack cakes and... write your name on the box?

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mai waifu~

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i made one with tori backs name and i got a madonna cd.

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I always thought that one of the first things I would do if I won the lotto was come to boards I like and buy people things.

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Just gimme your fucking money OP, make this easy for the both of us.

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Are you trolling? I'll gladly accept anything given to me, but it would be greedy for me to make requests when there are people who might need it more.

You seem to be missing my point. I'm saying I WON'T make requests because that isn't the purpose of this show of goodwill. These are presents for people who might not have anyone to celebrate the holidays with, not "FREE SHIT I NEED TO GET SOME". It would be selfish of me to take what I don't need.

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I've never had a christmas cake before...

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This is a great idea. Send everone christmas cakes OP.

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Cute pictures and /jp/ being alive are enough for me.

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Seeing a picture of a cake would be nice. But you wouldn't need to write my name or anything, I don't want people to see me as an individual, but rather as /jp/'s kindness and close community. So just posting a picture on /jp/ of the cake would be nice.

Come and pry it from my cold dead hands.

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Would anyone be interested in an otaku culture beat CD? I made a Christmas themed beat tape last year for relatives, and if there's sufficient interest, I would love to make some CDs and send them to /jp/ers. I don't know how many physical copies I could afford to make and send, but I'm could certainly make it a digital release.

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That's a fucking conspiracy. I can see the headline now: "Dozens of NEET's found dead internationally" the cake could be poisoned!

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Well if I understand OP correctly he's buying us gifts, not sending us homemade ones.

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OP you're pretty boss. I just want you to know that.

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OP didn't do shit yet and you're already sucking his dick. If I didn't know any better I'd say you are the OP and just bumping your thread while stroking your cock. Fuck off till christmas.

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You posted a lot yet all I can read there is ``money money money money money money give me money i want money give me things fuck you give me things give me give me give me give me money money money''

As stated before you should really leave the computer for a short while in order to consider your actions towards others and how they may perceive them.

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I'm Jewish, does that mean I get 8 gifts?

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Yeah, you get a physical gift and seven good wishes given to you as gifts.

Also I'll stop bumping the thread now since people are starting to think I'm samefagging to keep it alive. Just know that I'm really not joking about this and I want to make your Christmas a happy one /jp/.

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I can't buy all of you gifts like OP, but I will hand write and draw (crappily) cards for you guys. That sounds like a lot of fun.

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>mfw chen pics that I didnt already have

keep it up op

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>You posted a lot yet all I can read there is ``money money money money money money give me money i want money give me things fuck you give me things give me give me give me give me money money money''
I see. Perhaps you have trouble reading and comprehending what you read?

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Can you post the coloured Chen to the left of the car in the bottom row and the one of Chen snapping her fingers next to the "nothing to honk honk" one please?

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I'll just be posting other cute bkub buddies for fun

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A card, and a pen to write you back with, Anon.

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I'll try and keep posting ones that you may not have. But thank you.

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flood detected; post discarded

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Bless your kind soul OP.

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Why is Ran encouraging the flipping of people's hats?

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You are awesome and I'll be willing to contribute money/bake cakes for the /jp/ christmas fund when the time comes.

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i dont know

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I'm getting a tad bored now, so I'll just lurk, but I can't wait for Christmas, I promise you all /jp/, Christmas will be good this year!

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where's your accountability you said you'd set up?
We need to make sure you won't forget in 5 months.

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That'd be really awesome to help out with cakes, I think having a thread up where people posted the pictures of the cakes they got and were eating for Christmas would just be really heart warming.

What accountability would you like, the trip idea? I can do that easily.

>> No.9305027

I won't believe in any of this shit unless you tripcode OP. I might look forward but try to not do it so much in the event of it being a hoax.

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Understandable, I'll be using this trip from now on. At least until after Christmas.

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I can help out too. I have a few steam codes for different games. I don't use steam so they're not any use to me. I can save them until Christmas time then give a few away. It's not much, but hopefully it can be of some help

>> No.9305082

The only people I have seen using steam were the shtpstr steam group.

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That'd be nice as well, with more people helping, the more people can be happy this Christmas. We definitely can really change Christmas for the people around us and lift the mood of things for fellow /jp/ users at a time when things should be nice.

I'm pretty sure a lot more people use Steam here, they just would rather not join that group.

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hey OP... I just wish... I h-had a good friend... ;_;

>> No.9305291

Nice pic.

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But here on /jp/ we're all good friends, you don't need to wait for Christmas to get a good friend, we are all around you here.

>> No.9305392

All these positiviness... I can't take it.

>> No.9305659

If you want negativity I guess I could say some mean things to you, but somewhere else that isn't this thread.

>> No.9305945

It's moe when you see cute pics of 2hus and such, but then you realize everyone here is fat and disgusting.

>> No.9305952

But you're wrong.

>> No.9305962

I assumed most people here were either underweight or fat actually

Probably more the former

>> No.9305972


Say that this guy instead of posting chen posted his real picture. Do you think everyone would be feeling warm and fuzzy then? No.

>> No.9305982

But why would what I look like even matter when it comes to just wanting to make Christmas a happier time for people here?

>> No.9305989

I'd still think it was a nice thing someone had done.

>> No.9305991


People here are shallow, their minds are corrupted by looking at ideal images of girls all day. They wouldn't want you to send them anything once they're reminded that you're a real person.

>> No.9305996

So do you want my email now?

>> No.9306009

A nice email or a /jp/-related postcard(if they even make them, I assume they would) or a drawing of mai favorite character would be absolutely lovely, OP.

It's the effort that matters more to me.

>> No.9306010

But that's not true at all, if you look at some of the responses in this thread, you'll see that people want even just little things like someone to wish them a Merry Christmas or a card, and that's not just because I was posting Chen. I'm sure post people who posted in this thread looking forward to this don't care about what I look like in real life, but care about the gesture and want to receive something on Christmas.

I can save your email right now, even talk if you want, but I wasn't planning on doing anything until December.

>> No.9306017

I don't understand why you felt the need to come in and turn it so negative honestly

It's just someone trying to do something nice

Please don't try and ruin a nice thread so far

>> No.9306019

Give us a way to contact you if you are serious. I am not posting my information here.

>> No.9306042

[email protected] will be the email I'll use to sort out things with people. But again, this wont start happening till December. I wanted to make the thread to get people excited about Christmas, since it's a time for people to look forward.

>> No.9306153

High shipping cost to greatest country.

>> No.9306157

One question

Do you like spurdos?

>> No.9306165

If possible, I can buy gifts through sites like Amazon, if not, I'll try and order cards through American sites which would ship to American addresses. I'm pretty sure it wont come to me actually having to ship from the UK to the US.


>> No.9306179


I-I'll go with just an email, I don't want you to spend too much on shipping .

>> No.9306190

I'm confident you guys in the US have websites where you can buy and customize cards which you can then send to addresses like we have over here.

>> No.9306210


>> No.9306225

Damn. I wanted an original spurdo comic for christmas.

>> No.9306260

Okay I've got your email, saved it, I'll email you around December, probably early December just to make sure I can start getting things sent out in case shipping takes a bit of time.

Sorry, I'm no good at making any sort of content anyway.

>> No.9306554

My faves are Pache and Kogasa. Shikieiki is 2nd fave. Kaguya and Flan tied for 3rd.

But seriously, any Touhou anything would be nice. Figs/fumo/keychain. I don't care; I'm not picky. All I ask is that it's Touhou-related, since I really like the series.

I seriously hope you do this, OP. Makes me feel warm and inspired; maybe we should have a /jp/ secret santa?

>> No.9307437

DAT CHEEEEEEEEN~~~~~~~~~~~~~

>> No.9308686

op, can u please buy me the cheapest chen doll there is?

>> No.9308710

Um I..I would just like a card or something.

>> No.9308712

Chen why are you making me waste lives and bombs in PCB.

>> No.9308717

Can yOu talk to me? I want company.

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You do realize there will be hordes of kids from the other boards like /v/ begging you for free shit, right?

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He's not actually gonna do it. Get real.

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OP if you could give me anything with my favorite touhou I would be overjoyed for the rest of the decade.

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I really want to trade gifts with someone from murrika.
Nothing expensive, maybie something for 20€

>> No.9308828

Who is your favorite touhou?

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Pic related.

>> No.9308841

One box of dead cockroaches on the way!

>> No.9308842

I'm from a different board and I won't participate, I only lurk here.

>> No.9308848
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Well I'm not the OP but I did import this doujin, scanned it, and paid desudesu0 to translate it about two Christmases ago for /jp/

>> No.9308849

Why are you so mean?

>> No.9308858

Because no one loves me.

>> No.9308908

Steam Games are a great way to ensure something goes through.

i have a few but have no need to get them right now. mainly because my comp can't handle anything much past flash games or touhou. but i am happy enough with the thought.

>> No.9308912

But that's not true.

>> No.9308948

I'm not usually one to buy into stuff like this, but I'll believe you, OP.
Even if you're just fooling us all, it's nice to see someone who's trying to make the day brighter for everyone in this terrible heat.

When are you going to come back? Sometime in early to mid December?

>> No.9308997

I really hope I don't miss the thread(s) in December. ;_;

>> No.9309653


>> No.9309673

Too bad there's hardly anything /jp/ related on Steam.

>> No.9309701

Carpe Fulgur's shit localizations
Cave Story

>> No.9309834

Just to say that I'm back everyone, I had to go and actually do something today, but to answer posts like >>9308737, I'm definitely going to do it, even if you don't want to believe me, hold it against me, it's why I'm tripping and have posted an email, if December passes and I haven't done what I promised I'd do for /jp/. Harass me to death.

>> No.9309843

Please don't trip until December.

>> No.9309953

The only reason I have been tripping is because someone yesterday wanted accountability. I thought tripping and showing that I'm still here and active would let people know that I'm not going to fade away and never post again, and that when December came around, if I didn't do what I said, you know the rest. Though if tripping does annoy people, I can happily remove it.

>> No.9309969

You could trip for one post a week if you want that, so someone can search through the archive and see you've been posting consistently. You don't need to do it all the time.

>> No.9309975

Will do.

>> No.9310056

Hey guys. This guy can do whatever he wants, if he delivers.

>> No.9310065

I understand that, but he also seems like he doesn't want to bother people.

>> No.9310071

Ur an idiot.

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