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Which is your favorite SA mod, /jp/?

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Okuu because she's got wings and is pretty cool. That or Satori. She's pretty cool.

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slowbeef he is the champion of womyn's rights

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probably one of the better moderators yeah

abe is good too

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I regret watching his LPs (he was always the worst one in the group LPs, too). The victims are fictional hand-drawn characters in a video game written by a woman. He needs to grow up.

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Axemaniac gets angry at anything japanese, he'd fit in with /v/.

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don't bully rin

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Thought slowbeef was just commented and Diabeetus was the guy who sucked at Metroid who actually played anything

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"We want Tumblr's audience"

-The babyfurs and soccermom's who now run SA

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Does SA still have the witchhunt thing going on?

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What is tumblr anyway? I thought it was just some blogging provider. Is there anything wrong with that aside from the obnoxious name? It's like hating on wordpress.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

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Their LP forum is all about coming up with snarky comments about 20 year old videogame tropes, then spend more time comming up with fanart about said snarky jokes and not the game itself.

That they got butthurt because YouTube kids got a hold of their sacred hobby of talking over videogame footage and made a troll youtube account coming up with snarky comments at kids being bad at videogames. Then coming up with fanart about said snarky jokes.

Let's Plays are about circlejerking not games.

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Typical power-crazed mod who thinks he can ban anyone who likes what he doesn't like. What a cunt. I hate people like that so much. So so much. I bet he thinks he's some sort of cool hero for doing that shit. Thanks a lot for posting that image, now I remember how much I hate the rest of the internet.

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didn't cyraptor say something similar in one of his doom LPs

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This shit, fat acceptance and "anti-racism"
It's basically the second biggest community of PC wet blankets after SA

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I only go there for the GCCX thread.

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Here come the banned and bitter ex-goons.

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you tried this in another thread

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The point is, a site called something awful became too pussyfied over time.

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well to be honest the only one I've watched was their Metroid Other M LP (and only the first five minutes of it), the one where they didn't even play the damn game but instead simply watched all the cutscenes and tried to do their best MST3K impersonation by complaining about every little thing, especially how Samus wasn't being treated like some mythical Norse goddess, because all women deserve that treatment.

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It was true in that thread as well.

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Never used SA and I can tell it's as dead as Reddit or /b/, it's what happens when a community becomes filled with people who want the bask in the cred of being a member without actually having the qualities that made its members great in the past.

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goons goons goons

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Always thought that site blew chunks. You'd have to be pretty e-autistic to still post there in this day and age.

Dance Dance Karnov was cool, though.

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I don't get why trannies dress as tomboys/male. Shaved head after undergoing HRT.

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Sounds like /jp/
Sounds like the goons who use /jp/ now that even SA is too shitty for them

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They're not a tranny they're genderqueer you cis cunt
If this were SA I would have you banned for potentially hurting their feelings

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Most Western gaymers are the biggest pussies on the planet lately.

Even the content in T rated games offends people these days. Especially if the game is from Japan.

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GameSpot calling Totori oversexualized really got to me. What the actual fuck.

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whats up badgaemers its your boy danbo daxter

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They're all niggers, OP.

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Please stop saying the word "tranny" it is hate speech on par with "faggot" (although SA doesn't filter the former like the latter).

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mk2 had loli jokes. RATED M BORDERLINE ILLEGAL. I don't see why the tits bouncing would make it M.

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I hate this more than anyone can imagine. If something isn't 100% politically correct these days, some sheltered vagina is going to be crying up a storm about sexism, racism, or some other type of ism.

This is the only thing on the Internet that makes me mad.

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Jesus dick, is this really what SA has become? I stopped going there years ago, and now... Holy fuck, I'm glad I left when I did, now. If I went there now they'd probably ban me within a few days.

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i like how proteus always make a douche out of himself

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how did you do that?

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don't forget sucking chip cheezum and ironicus

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So edgy xDDDDD

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ozma is fat and barnacle jim's face is long

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>barnacle jim

hahahaha holy shit i can't stop laughing

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axemaniac is the ideal goon

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That shitty mod who banned Touhou from YCS.

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im sorry i think you meant jeddite

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What's YCS? I don't know anything about SA internally, I only watch the odd LP, or read threads like this.

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damn that dude is ugly

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