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Hey japan how do i fake interest in what other people are talking about, to not being rude when i dont give a fuck about it

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what are they talking about?

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Be like "Haha, I do that every Sunday and Wednesday too! Dude, add me on facebook"

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i odnt give a fuck so i didnt listen

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How about that?
I like it

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do people use that word in daily conversations ?

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Smile and ask a polite question from time to time

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Yes. I am a scholar of ancient Greek literature.

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I have a really bad feeling that this person is me

it's me isnt it


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Basically you ask them to elaborate and you ask for details and they'll think you give a shit.

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No, not once they're past highschool. Then it comes back in a little when you're talking to people about ~30-40, because that's the range when people go full retard.

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How about that?
I like it

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Listen to the person for any good things to question on. Look out for the questions that could easily be answered with a Wikipedia page. People love that shit when they have to explain the entire thing, if you do not know of it.
Usually by this time, the other person should believe you are interested, if not then throw in some heavy subjective comments. It might spark another conversation to really make it look like you are interested.

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nad what about when ou take a taxi and suddenly the drivers for somereason gets all chatty and wants to starts a conversation.

i hate that shit

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I have never had that problem. I have literally never had a stranger approach me for conversation. Even on the crowded trains, people would rather stand up than sit next to me.

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you must smell bad

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I wash a lot actually. I really hate stink.

I'm just very ugly and look very creepy apparently. Even my father told me that I look like a stereotypical pedophile.

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What does a stereotypical pedophile look like? Post an example please.

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I don't know either. That's just what he said.

Fuck him though. I'm going to put him is a cheap nursing home with lots of niggers.

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There's no way. There's just no way.

You just have to be rude in the least rude way possible.

It sucks, they'll probably get upset, but that can't be helped.

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That's just a nerd.

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Is it wrong when I see people like this, I'm pretty jealous and want to be them? Like this guy has a cool room and all this shit and he just doesn't give a fuck.

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Who takes these photos?

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I do

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>Like this guy has a cool room and all this shit
He has a filthy room filled with trash.
You could very easily be like him.

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Maybe he's homeless you bully jerk.

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If they're telling a story, nod every so often.

If they're explaining you something, say "ahh" or "oh?" once in a while.

If they ask how you feel about something, shrug and say "I'm not real sure."

Look them in one of their eyes at all times, it intimidates them.

Above all, if they catch you dazing, tell them you didn't get a lot of sleep last night.

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>What does a stereotypical pedophile look like?

But i have to clarifythat pedophile is not the same as child molester

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I'm doing ir right now by replaying to you.

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Mustache is always a red flag

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This is probably the most japanese way.
Especially nodding and saying Oooh

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no, they say "hooo"
and there is nothing japanese about it

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*nods nods*

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I mean it as in a short "oh" as in "oh really?"

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More like the most autistic way

i rather being knows as a rude person as a socially awkward retard..or more socially awkward of what im already am

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What the fuck is this dork trying to say?

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You rude ? Then suck my cock dude

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That he'd rather be known as a rude person than a socially retarded one.

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lol it rhymes XD

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>going outside
>talk to people
fuckin normalfags

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Who are you?

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