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Would you be my shikigami, /jp/?

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aren't you tired of always having a carot in front of your eyes?

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if she wasn't such a terrible touhou

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my password is selfmeido.
please feel free to delete this post

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What would a shikigami even do?

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chen best

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What will be my hourly wage?

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>>op pic
could this be the birth of an epic new meme?

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chen pls

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Unn, unn. About that.

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only if Chen was my devoted monogamous waifu

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I only came here to be with chen

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Who are you quoting?

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>You will never go to highschool with chen and share her bento when you don't have your own lunch.

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who are you quoting

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why do people like chen

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Because Chen is just simply the best.

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Chen is working for Yakumo. They are strongest!

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Only if it's bkub chen.

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I'd do it just to get closer to Ran.

This plan can not fail.

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Yeah that guy is an idiot.

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why aren't you not going for the harem ending

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I don't like harems though. I just need one person who'd love me.

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Chen isn't powerful enough to have a shikigami.

>It seemed to be because their catnip was too strong, but according to Chen, if they couldn't run around like this they wouldn't obey her orders.

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how can anyone trust aya

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Chen is okay.

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Chen is pretty cool

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chen is the worst

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chen is mai waifu

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Hey buddy, fuck you.

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yukari is the best

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do you have this in a higher resolution

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I just found it on google,i'm sorry

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Fucking NERD

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i-its n-not like i r-really h-hate her or anything

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Only if I could dress like a girl.

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will she let me honk her horn

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That's great Chen/

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but im male chen

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you can be offscreen like all the other male characters

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Wheat Chocholate in my tofu?

Fuck off Chen. You were always a useless shikigami, now you've just made a mess and wasted food.

Go throw that out and clean the kitchen.

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i can't believe people like chen more than ran

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Do they have internet in Gensokyo?

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ZUN said that he would not like to live in Gensokyo because there is no internet there.

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was he drunk when he said that

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Possibly, but the interviewer was also asking stupid questions that nobody would normally ask.

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Has anyone ever asked ZUN which touhou he would fuck?

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it's probably reimuuu

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No, because that would be extremely rude.
Probably not, since Reimu is 10-15.

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i don't think there is an age of consent in gensokyo

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Reimu is 17
Born in 1994

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please translate this

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Although I know of Reimu's age, posting japanese ain't helping you son.

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I'm sorry, but unless you learn Japanese you will never know shit about Touou.

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Learning a new language takes a lot of time and effort. Isn't there an easier way?

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No, because nobody translates this shit, and the existing Touhou project translations are terrible.

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じゃあ、 聞いてみたいけどさ。胸の大きさってどのくらい?
ああ、 それはよく聞かれるよね
イナージとして。 どのくらい?
よく聞かれるけど、 なんでそんな質問すんの?
重要、 重要、 一部の人ちは重要
一部の性的な問題。 ・・・でもどうだろうねある
だってあれ見て感じあんま無い。 あれみんな子供だから
や、 でも、 イナージ的に10代後半な感じがすれけど・・・
いや、 ないね。 あれたぶけっこう10代前半のキャラというかね
あ、 前半なの
いや、 でも・・・
ま、 そういうもんだと思って最初から年齢は言ってないんだけど

Felt like checking my kanji retention. Haven't been doing my reps for a week now.

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Chen has godlike powers under certain conditions. chen pls.

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every touhou has godlike powers under certain conditions

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nah, chen's are different because shes like, half undead or something. i remember something saying she was the most powerful touhou once.

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Is it supposed to be Chen or OP who's asking this question?
The answer is important.

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That cannot be true since ZUN said that Reimu is the most powerful Touhou.

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Kind of a strange question, considering chen already has a shikigami.

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chen already has a shikigami?

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I'm pretty sure he was making a rough estimate. Wouldn't it be wrong to say the most powerful gun couldn't kill the most skilled swordsman? Bad analogy, anyway. I think under certain coniditions, Reimu is not the most powerful touhou.

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But he said that it was obvious.

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Chen is the smartest touhou.
chen pls

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Reimu already has a shikigami aswell

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Go away, Roku, you don't exist.

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Chen is the smartest, fastest, strongest(under certain conditions.), most powerful, and most beautiful touhou.

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Also the most hairy.

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and guess wat everday she is getting better cause shes also the youngest touhou.

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Certain conditions being no spellcard rules and no continues.

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but ran has more tails

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Ran is pure.

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only for valentines day

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