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When I'm eating something, often times I think, "this might be good, but in a few seconds I'm going to be done eating it, and the taste will leave my mouth, and all I'll have left is the useless memory, so what's the point of eating?". In the past months I've become exceedingly thin because of this.

Lately this has spread to a lot of other things I do. I'm playing a game and I think "well, when I'm done playing, I won't be having fun any more, and I can't just play this game forever, so what's the point?" The same thing happens with TV or reading.

Is this depression? How can I fix this?

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Eat a spicy chicken sandwich

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Hopefully this line of thought extends to posting soon.

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If you needlessly overthink everything then it just might be regular assburgers or something.

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Come on, I'm not self loathing or some faggy emo kid. I'm not somehow fishing for compliments. This is a serious problem for me and possibly a mental illness I want help with.

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Do you not think "though it'll be over and all I'll be left with is memories, why not enjoy the moment?"?

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I was just trying to put it into words. I don't literally think out a sentence in my head. I just am kind of blocked from enjoying anything because I know it's going to end.

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ignore this dude, he has literally no clue what he's talking about

you have depression, go to a doctor

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If you have money, see a psychiatrist.
If you don't, and you are in school, see a counselor.
If you don't have any of that and are on good terms with your parents, talk to them.
But you do sound like you've got problems, kid. If its affecting your life and making it difficult for you to enjoy anything, then you need counseling. There's no shame in it.
When I had depression I didn't get any counseling and it was the worst mistake of my life. Almost ruined everything.

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Get some hard candies.

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So you want a thing that last forever, because it will give it meaning or you can enjoy it forever.

As far as I know, nothing that you can perceive lasts forever. If that keeps you from enjoying the moment then you got a problem, and the next thing will be "why live if I will die someday".

I suggest you to enjoy the moment, the little things while you can. If you have depression you will lost the taste for most things.

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I've been taking a very small amount of prozac every day for the past 2 months. But I've only had this problem maybe 2 weeks now. Do I need more anti-depressants or do I need to stop taking them?

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Too much thinking and not enough feeling.

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You need to talk to a doctor. We don't know what we're talking about.

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Fucking stop taking them.

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ur a faggot
and have assburgers and should immediately depart to /r9k/

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What if you apply the same logic to your life?

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You are suffering from a common case of stupidity.

When you're done playing a game, you play another game.

The "point" is not very hard to figure out. If you don't play games, you're not having fun. If you play a game, you have fun. And then you play another game, and have fun. And then you die. No problem anywhere.

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I looked it up and SSRIs (which is the kind of antidepressant I use) are actually known to cause apathy as a side effect. I think I'm going to stop taking them. thanks /jp/

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Speaking of eating habits, lately I've constantly felt hungry. As a result, I've been eating a lot more, which is obviously causing me to gain what, yet I still always have hunger pains. I'm afraid I'll become fat if this keeps up.

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Say goodbye to your gains.

I eat to meet my calorie and macro needs, so that I may acquire glorious aesthetics.

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There probably is a point, and it's probably not useless, so stop worrying about such things and enjoy yourself. Maybe there isn't a point and it is useless. Who cares?

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You probably have nothing interesting to do.

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The point of eating is to give your body the fuel it needs to make energy in order to properly operate. If you can't even comprehend that not eating will slowly KILL you, or if you just don't care, then yes, you're probably depressed. I would seek professional help as soon as possible. Please don't starve yourself to death.
As for video games, the fun is in the moment, and in the memories you make. Take it or leave it.

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Not the OP but I've had half a packet of chips today, is that enough to live?

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Not for very long. Your body requires more nutrients than a pack of chips can give you. However, in the short run, it will stave off starvation.
Make sure to eat some fruit, and maybe drink some water.

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Currently I've opened my second packet, I'm also drinking a cheap energy drink. I'll be honest, I just don't really care about myself.

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Try walking on the edge of a rooftop with your eyes closed.

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Fuck OFF with your SHIT. I don't want any pills, never did, never will, fuck you spammers die.

Or at least stop emailing me (it'd be better if you died though okaythanks. Mcfucking die.)

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"well, in 50 years or so I'll die from old age, I can't live forever, so what's the point?"
That's retarded. Either you take what you can or you should just kill yourself.

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I take meds for major depression with psychotic elements and it's one of the best things I've done. Sure I don't play video games or fap anymore, but the meds have brought me to a certain point where I no longer feel the need for such adolescent things. Not to mention I'm more sedated and a lot less crazy.

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Yeath, instead you post on 4chan and read porn games for their plot. Real progression.