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What is it that you like about Touhou? The games, the characters, the story? How much do you like it?

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i like to fug them :--DDDDDDDD

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STGs are fun as hell. I had never played one before Touhou, and they are AWESOME. Also, the music is hella catchy and some of the doujin arranges are pretty nice.
Pache is my waifu.

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The games are fun, music is nice, and characters are interesting. I used to like it quite a bit, but don't care much for it nowadays.

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I like the games, characters and the music.
The story is retarded

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The gameplay is challenging as fuck in a way that I like.

The fanbase can get obnoxious with its memes, but the fact that there's so much material about characters with whom I'm very familiar is quite nice.

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The Touhou fanbase (especially in Japan) is practically its own universe with neat things to find every day if you look hard enough.

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The games are pretty fun, I like the characters, the music is cool, and some of the fan works are actually pretty nice. There's just so much of it, it's pretty cool to see how huge this is.

A little unrelated, but what are some other good STGs are out there that /jp/ recommends?

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Oh, and holy fuck the music is wondrous. I don't really like a lot of the arranges, as I'm SUPER fucking picky about voices and a lot of the remixes and whatnot are worthless pieces of shit that only serve to make me want to listen to the real thing instead.

Still, there are some beautifully done exceptions. There's a lot of shit in the fanbase, but the fanbase is so large and dedicated in certain circles that there are numerous gems that stand out from that shit. I really like that.

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I like picturing Touhou characters in a before/after image [Before = ZUN style] [After = any comptent fanartist]

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There is so much to Touhou that I can't even begin to list them all. For me, Touhou is a lot more than just an STG.

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Started with the music arranges for me.

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filthy fucking secondary detected.

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The fanbase.

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ZUN: A smalltime programmer who rose to a worldwide legend over the course of a few years.

and he still can't draw for shit.

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Challenging STG is what first got me into it, then my interest slowly crept throughout all the various fan materials. It's cool to have that extensive stuff available on the same/similar universe.

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You're so cool and funny.

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I enjoy pretty much all of it really. The games themselves, the music, the characters, the story, the overall setting.

Though I haven't played the games too much lately. Serious anger issues prevent me from sticking with any of them for too long.

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I like the characters like twilight sparkle