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I have one day left in Tokyo to spend. What do?

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Hire some bitches. I mean it.

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How is Tokyo?

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meet a yakuza

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stay in tokyo permanently
fuck da police
homerand aint gonna catch you son
not if you can run

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Take a shit in the middle of the street.

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>get caught by jap cops
>get deported for free

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Sit in your hotel room and post on /jp/.

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Masturbate in public, steal a police officer's hat, shit in front of a school, burn some dumpsters, etc... there's a lot of shit you can do.

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Some people say that if you suicide in japan, you will reincarnate as japanese!

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That makes sense
If you you suicide in Japan, you have definitely achieved spiritual Japanese, so your spirit should follow that in its next life

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Try to get your hands on some rare NES/SNES/N64 titles.

That's what I'd do anyway.

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go to diver city.

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use unlimited brain burst so that day lasts a long time

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What not to do is the real question.

Go beat up a Yakuza if they give you shit....maybe

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Commit Seppuku in a public place. Make sure you've hired a qualified Samurai to cut off your head as you withdraw the blade and place it on the floor.

Shit, that would be SO cash. You'd be famous for a hundred years and become the King of /jp/ and all Otaku.

Read out a Haiku before doing it too

R.I.P in piece
A danmaku Otaku
- Glorious Nippon

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If that's the case than Yukio Mishima is the current chair holder of greatest hero for Otaku.

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Ride a Sumida River ferry.
Take the elevator to the top of the Metropolitan Tokyo government building.
Locate Godzilla.
Sleep under a tree in Ueno Park.

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yeah but the video of that guy getting his head sliced off wasnt stickied on /jp/

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>Commit Seppuku
You mean sudoku.

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have sex with a schoolgirl

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One of the possible locations of Gensokyo is in the forests near Mt. Fuji. Although it isn't the most likely location, it is close to Tokyo so you might as well go there and kill yourself so you can go to Gensokyo. If you are lucky you will stumble into Gensokyo before you kill yourself and then you can probably get eaten by a youkai or if you are even luckier you will not realize you are there and kill yourself and then you can enjoy Merlin's performances as a ghost.

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chen pls.

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Honk honk!

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I only come here to watch chen.

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chen pls

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post on /jp/

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