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Hey /jp/, how many of you cunts are drunk? Who's your favorite 2hu, and how often do you drink? Let's see if there are any correlations.

My favorite is Yukari, and I get drunk about once a week.

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I only drink socially and it's not that much even when I do

also the same Yakumo-sama

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My favorite touhou is Koishi and I never drank in my life.

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i cant drink for a month because i am going for a black singlet in muay thai and my instructor would flip his shit if he found out i did.

besides the training is too hard to permit drinking anymore.

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There probably aren't many correlates between drinking and preferred 2hu characters.

I bet Marisa or Yukari would be the most fun to talk to while drunk, though.

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Haven't been drunk in something like 6 months.

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hina is my favorite 2hu

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I'm only a social drinker and I only drink about 3 times a year. When I do drink though, I drink more than everybody else and sometimes even end up drinking their drinks too since they don't seem to want to finish them. According to others I'm a fun drunk so yay me, I guess.

My favorite is a tie between Yuuka and Yuugi. Double Yuus. W.

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What's up with all the faggot pussies tonight? "I only drink SOCIALLY" Get the fuck out, nerd.

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Once every few months I have a little.

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How is that alcoholism treating you, aniki?

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i always get banned when i get drunk
and my favourite touhou is iku

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I don't like drinking

the sluggish feeling in your head isn't that great
so I only rarely drink, maybe once month or so

I prefer other drugs but unfortunately they are very expensive

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Alcohol tastes awful and I don't understand how people can drink that swill

Drunkenness is amusing only in a very low-brow spectator sport sort of way

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im high and my favorite touhou is marisa

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I know what you mean.
Vodka gives me a speed up for a while but later on I always end up feeling like shit. The first few hours are barely worth it.

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>not drinking beers so bitter you don't have an ice cube's chance in hell of tasting the alcohol

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About to get drunk and I do it all the time. Favorite 2hu is alice.

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I love getting sloshed any chance I get.

My favorite Touhou is Medicine, but I fancy Suika a lot too, for the record.