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What anime is the girl from, I've been fucking looking forever and can't find it.

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le boku no pico

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Tenshi from touhou
but it's not anime, it's manga

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Why'd you sage my thread?

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It's Hatsune Miku. She's a Vocaloid:

In future, I recommend you check out this cool website:

Most of the results give "tags" on one side, which gives you an indication as to the name of the character and the media she's from.

Hope this helps! :-)

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>implying sage does anything sperglord.

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I really hope you're not that stupid.

By the way, Why'd you sage my thread?

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Who are you quoting?

And why did you transfer that stupid "sage does nothing" meme from faster boards where it does somewhat make sense, to a board where it's not true whatsoever?

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>implying you aren't mad because I'm saging you

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I'm not mad, nor frustrated.

I genuinely would like to know why you keep green texting and using memes like "you mad" and "implying" that are favored by 15 year olds on /b/.

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>are your

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I still laugh at how 4chan doesn't understand what sage means.

If only I knew moon so I wouldn't have to spend time on a board that imports foreign concepts and then DOES IT WRONG all the time.

Using sage as a way to "insult" someone's post or thread is just completely wrong and a retarded misuse of a good feature that is so popular in sites like 2ch and Futaba. Fuck, iichan and 4-ch do it right. It's just 4chan and 4chan's lame knockoffs that fail at using sage.

The true meaning of sage means that YOUR POST isn't worthy enough to bump the thread. It's ironic, because you think that you're insulting others while you're just, in fact, insulting yourself. Yes, sage can be used when posting a derogatory comment in a thread that you don't want to bump, but posting with just the word "sage" accomplishes nothing but contribute to spamming the board. The trend of replying with the name of a tripfag and sage is even worse, as it accomplishes nothing and only serves to increase the e-penis of whoever you're "attacking".

The sage feature was never meant to serve as an implied insult or general disagreement! Why people started using it that way is beyond me. There are plenty of reasons why one would choose not to bump a thread with his reply. For example, bumping threads with stupid one liner replies should be discouraged and those people should be coerced into using sage instead.

I want to use sage, yet I almost never do it on 4chan because people will jump on me thinking I'm insulting their post or something.

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nice pasta fagtard -.-

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That's not the proper format for asking a question either. Why are you doing this?



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Nice corruption of the English language and use of emoticons, it really adds a nice touch to your post.

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lel take a look at this nerd with his "english language" stop being such a fuking betafag. nd maybe you can get laid

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Why are you being so immature? Why do you keep doing this?

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guys i think op knew really and heres here just to be a troll and bully people :/

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why don't you ask my dick
*grabs dick*

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you r clearly rushteld

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There's a skeleton inside you right now too.

Fucking sherlock.

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It always really bugs me whenever I'll use sage in a decent thread on /a/ or some other board simply because I felt what I said didn't contribute enough for a bump, and someone will get bothered and ask why I'm saging. /jp/ is a hell of a lot better about it, at least compared to the other boards.

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gise what if skeletons were our bodies and our bodies were our skeletons

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Please stop saging my thread.

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yeah, maybie...but maybie he's serious :/

I bet you also believe in the illuminati or anything

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Meido just deleted a few threads.

How about you check out this one, you faggot?

“It has a Vocaloid picture! Must be on-topic!”

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Use nokosage then. What you're doing is no different then someone coming here and >implying jimmies.

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Can't tell if your actually retarded 14 year olds, or people pretending to be them.

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the janitor is online right now, and will delete your shit thread

sageru goes in all fields

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