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Aya Shameimaru, promoting safe sex.

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*scoots away from Aya Shameimaru*

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"I purchased this condom so you and I can have sex." -Aya

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Better version.

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>Safe sex

I double dare you to endure this.

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Such a good grown girl unlike that miko from Moriya

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The broadest shoulders.

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What purpose does Aya have in promoting the use of condoms anyway?

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"You can't 1CC if you've got a VD"

Now fix it.

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Sanae Kochiya, Promoting sex.

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Fuck that, I wish to impregnate Touhous.

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Don't worry, your pathetic human sperm would be obliterated within seconds by their superior youkai reproductive system. Only the most powerful have the right to actually procreate with them.

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How embarrassing it would be for the miko of a shrine that touts herself to be a living god to contract a lowly STD and taint her body.

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I want a deconstruction touhou doujin about Sanae catching an STD and having to hide the fact from everyone so that she doesn't get kicked out by the very gods that brought her there in the first place.

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That's a rather cruel thing to say out of the blue.
I like to think my reproductive system as rather competent and fertile.
I have been training all these years, after all.

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Overuse leads to degradation, plus there is a reason why there is only one confirmed hybrid, most likely by a human mother.

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her face reminds me of Ruiko Saten

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It's the lewdness in their eyes.