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Which one would you want as your mom?

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But I love my momma.

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The one that lets me suck his cock, dude.

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Ran of course.

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Kanako because I don't want to fuck her as much as I do Ran.

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Ran kinda looks like a dude.

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That's a good thing.

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None of them.

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which ever will take care of me and continue letting me live my neet lifestyle.

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The one who lived her life as a mother once back long ago.

(According to her story she's based on she had 3 kids before abandoning her family to go hermit.)

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So you want a mother who's going to end up abandoning you?

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Well at least she won't be on his back trying to make him learn math right?

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What touhou is the one to the right of Kanako?

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Ran. If she's got her penis, even better!

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Best mommy ever.
Just as long as you never ask what ever happened to daddy.

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Suwako, Kanako is too manly to be a mom

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Out of those? Ran.
Out of any Touhou? Yuugi.

If I'm reborn as their child does this mean I'm also born with their blood and some of the perks and powers of whatever race she is?

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None of those.

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Ran and her daughter even cosplay together

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You fool. Keine should be your wife, not your mom.

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What a total bitch. One of the sheets is completely right and she still gave the a 0. What the fuck!

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What if I want a motherly wife instead of a mom?

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the check mark means its wrong

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Japan truly is a backwards country.

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what if we're the backwards country

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Who would be the father?

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We're not the ones who read right to left, so we can't be backwards.

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You will be, once the Muslims take over your country.

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why would anyone want ran as a mother

you would have to have chen as a sister

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Is it okay if I lust after my mom?

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I'm not in the UK.

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if she's Ran it's completely normal

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what's wrong with that?

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that makes it even better