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I'm trying to understand /jp/ culture.

Can someone explain how edits of gay porn, especially that involving Billy Herrington and Van Darkholme are considered memes? What caused this and why?

Thank you.

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Le bump

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People upload stupid, random shit to NicoNicoDouga as Western teenagers do YouTube, and some of them become popular.

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What you're referring to as /jp/ Culture, is in fact, Autistic Culture, or as I've recently taken to calling it, Autism plus Culture

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delete this fucking thread

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Why are you all so mad?

I'm just asking and learning about Japanese Culture.

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I've recently discovered the joys of softening my own earwax in the shower/with drops, then wearing headphones all day so my ears get all sweaty, I then wipe around the inside of my ear with my little finger and take a deep sniff of the wax that's accumulated on my finger, the smell is amazing.

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What does this have to do with Gay porn and Japan?

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The right ear has more vinegar smell, but the left smells like warm butter or some other delicious pastry.

But don't worry, I'm not going to eat it.

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I still don't understand what this has to do with gay porn and Japan.

Can someone give me some context?

Is this another /jp/ meme?

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>Is this another /jp/ meme?
Being really random and autistic is /jp/ as HELL

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Lily and spring, heh heh.

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Lurk more, stop making this thread and have a nice day.

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upboats for irony

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No it has nothing to do with whatever shitty thread topic you've chosen, I'm just telling you about my exciting new daily activities.

Oh, I started playing Artificial Academy yesterday, I just fucked two bitches in the same afternoon, Impressive, right?

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Shitposting is a meme? That's stupid.
Why are you so mad? I'm just learning about your community. Stop being so fucking mad you cuntstick.

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How Billy Herrington became popular in Japan is the same way Rick Astley in ours

tl;dr False links

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who BLOG here?
just took a poop

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Sometimes, I wear the same pants for weeks at a time. The smell created from all the sweat and semen makes me pretty much permanently horny.

When I say sometimes, I really mean "all the time". Switching pants is painful, because I lose that familiar smell.

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Is this your personal blog or something?


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Why are you so mad?

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Because you keep posting shit in my thread.

And stop saging you cunts.

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You should really take it easy. All this raging is bad for your heart and blood pressure.

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lol he mad
rude sage

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>stop saging

Fuck off.

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You just wrote a song because you got mad at this?

Wow, rustled.

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Looks like someone got their jimmies RUSTLED.

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>consantly sage legitimate thread
>write song about how mad you are

No faggot. You are mad.

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