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Select your character

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the maid

she uses janitor sign [eterrnal banishment] against your nws content

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the cat one

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why would you adorn your cock

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it looks cuter

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Nice thighs and stockings. Can't go wrong with either.

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Bring out your futa cocks

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Fuck I want those cocks in my mouth.

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I love how Koishi looks more confident than Satori

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Well, Satori has her cock inside Orin's mouth, I bet it's hard to look cool when that's happening.

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a coc is a cock it cant be cute

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Why not?

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Why is futacock so delicious?

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This one is 3p game.
I choose Nitorin

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Get on my level and want it in the ass

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I want them everywhere

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It's only natural to want a futa dick in your bum. I bet zun's wife pegs him all the time

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I love how bored Sakuya looks in this picture. Koakuma and Meiling are enjoying passionate, sweaty sex right in front of her, and she's stuck there, fully clothed, on her knees, sucking on her mistress' toes.

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I want you to peg me with your cock anon, pin me to the floor and fuck me

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Sure, I'll pretend you're my favorite touhou while I thurst in and out

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Welcome to /jp!
now all you need to do is.....

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i dont know man, i love futa dicks and i think is ok to grab them and stroke them, maeby lick them a little to make the futa feel good, but when we start talking about full fellatio and penetration, thats over the line, is GAY

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my favorite thread in /jp/ atm.
not even kidding. I love it
also, i didnt contribute to it

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Sorry, wrong pic

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But, wouldn't you want your fav touhou to shoot a "bullet" in your man pussy

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The submission just makes it better.
Those futa cocks are going inside and you can't stop them... they're making you their bitch. You're being penetrated in your mouth and ass, humilliated into a slut and impregnated with gay semen

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I wish I didn't like it so I could experience the true humiliation of being raped against my will by a little girl.

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Why must these futas be so sexy? I can deal with futa on female, but this is too much

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Because unconsciously you think it's not gay if the cock is attached to a girl.

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