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So, /jp/, how long did it take for 4chan to destroy your self esteem and force you into a state of total conformity?

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I don't have a self-esteem to begin with though.

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btw im a girl

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>>4chan to destroy your self esteem

How omega beta do you have to be for that to happen?

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Ditto on the first part, but the second part confused me. Comformity? If anything I've learn about the hipsters and casuals of the world, and I won't touch casual scums if you'd paid me.

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after i stopped going to school

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I am not what my government wants me to be, nor will I as long as we have social criminal laws.

Don't you even KNOW what "conform" means, you shitfucking horsedick beater?

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How does 4chan affect it, then?
Well, I just get the general feeling that people 'fall into' it since everyone tends to be uber negative. Could be just me, who knows.

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Conforming to the 4chan average is sill conforming

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Aha, a perfect example. Conformity in the sense that people seem to be really aggressive and mindful of small details.

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Prove the average.

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...and coming from you, that means absolutely -nothing-.

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The truNEET I haet normals attitude

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Tsk tsk That kind of statistical information isn't available because everyone knows that 4chan is primarily negative.

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4chan has aided my self esteem making me feel more normal about myself and boosted my confidence slightly

however it only helps so much I'm pretty sure I'm close to going off the deep end soon

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Is that so? Please, explain further.
But in saying so, isn't your own point now meaningless?

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Ah. I see. THB, I am not a /jp/potty-boy. I'm here because someone said 4chan was working again, and they linked /jp/.

Normally I fight the Jewish media menace that wants men to be women.

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I was "uber negative" before I came to 4chan. Even by the 4chan standards I'm pretty edgy.

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Could you explain what you think are the differences between you and the average? (I'm really thinking someone should get some statistics going, haha ha)

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Not at all. It means their reply has no meaning. Maybe you should... I don't know... have sex? With a female, I mean. Unless you are a Jew, which is like porking a pig.

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Actually 4chan helps me temporarily restore wakefulness when experiencing fatigue or drowsiness.

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Oh, look. Niggers.

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I don't know how you mean? I'm going to blurt out things here
I've always kind of been a failure and and somewhat isolated for odd reasons
this made me geeky and socially retarded so I felt kind of lonely and weird
most of my family is dead including my father so I didn't really have anyone to talk to or relate to
the things I'm interested in were not normal but on 4chan they are
so over the years and such if I was feeling down I could always read on about 4chan and kind of think "well other people are like me or in the same situation and they're ok" but it doesn't really help forever

/jp/ should not be my blog I'm sorry for this

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I have a job. That puts me above 80% of 4chan posters.

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This is what wage slaves actually believe.

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It made me realize the wrongs in myself, trying to humor people when in reality I prefer to be alone.

If anything, it made me feel better rather than demeaning me.

In hindsight, it was a change for the better personally. No social-interaction, no worries.

I like my current NEET life and autismbucks. I want to remain like this no matter what.

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Yeah, no.

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All that's being said is that posts on 4chan tend to be, well, mean and that it's reflective of a hive mentality. That can't be denied no matter how much you spice your reply with insults. Please, if you put as much thought into your negativity as you did meaningful replies, quality posts might start appearing more often. I'm not pinning it on you alone though, believe me.

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[4chan employment citation needed]

For that matter, it is bitch-ass hard to get a Job in America these days. Even 7-11 is shutting down.

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>>9209610 here

things like >>9209633 are a big boost to my self esteem and keep me happy

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>hive mentality

Actually, it is more reflective of the world we live in.

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It's on topic, so don't feel bad. There's a lot of negativity on the site though. How do you deal with it?
But 4chan is just the opposite in that it invites nearly every topic known to man. Isn't it odd to consider it being alone when you're talking about or at least acknowledging all those human thoughts?

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...says the professional /jp/ poster. Post unread and ignored

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Oooh, very true. Though people don't go around spouting such verbal abuse as excessively in public. I guess the question should then be, "do you think 4chan is reflective of this mentality, or does it aid its growth?"

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I always feel weird talking about myself especially in that kind of manner
the words "who cares" come to mind and make me want to stop
I'm also not sure how close to the board topic this is
I hope it's not annoying anyone

the only things I don't like about 4chan are pretty recent things
the massive influx of shitposting on boards I go to and the off topicness is a little upsetting but it's nothing I can't ignore

if you mean direct negativity towards me I've never really gotten any that has made an impact
I'm mostly helpful or contributing something, like content on /t/ or answering questions and such

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Aww, thank you!

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4chan is an expression of our world through us.

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You definitely know more about spending time on /jp/ than anyone else.

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How many is infinity?

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By the time I found out about this place I had already given up on life

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Well, if this thread gets deleted, I can just make the same topic on Advice and we can keep talking. Ignore the bad and help the good, eh? Cool. Most people just let loose when people shit post and stuff though. What's keeping you from it yourself?

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/jp/ taught me not to care about anything.

It's a lesson I wish I had never learned.

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Ber Mal Ber Ist.

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I don't think it fits /adv/ either really

it used to be the norm
you're supposed to just ignore shitty threads or post because they will just go away if you do
since it was like that when I first showed up I've just kind of got used to it
report & hide, only post in thread that are worth posting in

eventually things evolved into spamming "lurk more" now it kind of evolved into spamming opinions and "ironic" shitposting which only bump the threads up and is bad for everyone

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It was pretty much the same for me although I don't see it as negative as you... yet.

After being on /jp/ for years I've reached a state similar to Zen or something, I just can't stop taking it easy, nothing in the real world or the internet ever makes me feel angry or uncomfortable.

/jp/ actually made me uncaring enough to go back to finish high-school in adult classes and aim for university without being afraid of failure.

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And what aspect of the world do you think is reflected?
I only spend one to four hours a day though. Is that a lot?
What's the difference between living, dying, and browsing 4chan then?

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>Ber Mal Ber Ist
>An ancient German proverb.

>> No.9209788

He's being sarcastic, shit for brains.

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It made me realize that there are tons and tons of opinions out there, and even if they're not right (as in not mine) they're still out there, and 4chan is where the autists gather to argue their stupid opinions. It's like a colosseum for entitled elitist autists, and I just come to watch.

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What did 4chan do to screw with your ambitions, anon?
So it's getting worse in that more people are just sitting back while crap comes up. But when you post on the good and ignore the bad, quality posts become based on how often good threads come up, meaning that you're always gambling on people coming up with and posting on nice topics, doesn't it?
What are you getting into? How are your marks?

>> No.9209847

Holy crap, that's, well, marvelous. What do you do when you get bored of it though?
I know, but it's fun to press the issue and see where the argument goes.

>> No.9209856

pretty much
the problem is there's always more people shitposting at a faster rate killing "quality" threads than quality threads/posts/posters
I think a possible solution to this problem is to change the sage feature
make all posts not bump by default so someone has to make an effort to bump a thread
because most people don't understand they're making it worse by posting

this will not happen and probably shouldn't though

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Listen to music, watch anime, or play video games. I mostly watch my gladiator fights on /a/ though. I still think /jp/ is pretty fun and easy going at times, but /a/ is god awful all the time and there's nothing to do but watch people get unrealistically mad.

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Marks are great, and I'm planning to go into engineering to fulfill my lifelong dream on working on a robot maid.

What about you OP, what is your main-board? You are obviously not from /jp/ or at least not a regular.
And why do you keep replying to every single answer?
Are you working on some kind of psychology related research or are you doing this just for your own entertainment/timekiller?

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I failed academically a bunch of times and was a nervous wreck because of it, constantly obsessing over what a worthless person I was. I really wanted to do well and I kept not doing it.

Then /jp/ taught me that nobody cares.

Technically some people still care but I'm not one of them anymore.

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What kind of music do you like?

>> No.9209926

I dunno, I'll listen to just about everything, I really love music.


I've been listening to this album a lot, mostly before bed, in the ambient light of my laptop screen.

>> No.9209948

4chan is actually the only place where i feel safe. it actually saved my self-esteem in a sense. and i'm (literally) extremely oversensitive about pretty much everything on the internet, but for some reason 4chan is fine. i just don't take anything i read here seriously.

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Hey, can you recommend some heartbreaking games for me? I'm hoping something new and heartbreaking came out since "Planetarium robot" and "girl stuck in washing machine".

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Sorry about the late reply!

What'll you do when the day comes that only shitposts come up? And yeah, the sage thing will probably horribly backfire, haha ha.
So there's enough to keep you interested. But like the gladiator fights (good God, I'm definitely going on /a/ to check this out later) anime and music get boring eventually. What happens then, considering that you already kick back and watch? (I don't mean that in a bad way)
So this mental state of yours strengthens your will to become an engineer. Damn, I know lots of apathetics, but they always get caught at the futility in everything. You're absolutely serious about making a robo maid?

I used to go on /adv a lot, but contrary to your deduction, I main lovely little /jp. I'd like to think it's because more interesting threads and posts come up during my browsing time (midnight onwards), making me more enthusiastic about posting.
And I'm replying to everything just because I'm interested in understanding what everyone's thinking. People post since they're interested, and it's a waste of that interest if I don't keep provoking it (in the best way possible). More interesting things in the world than studying Psych.
Anyway, I always think, "Noone wants to be so negative all the time, so why does it happen?" and decided to start the board.

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about a year to turn me into an elitist bitch

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I started at late-2005 after I finished high school.

Been here ever since, never tried relationships and I never really gave that much fuck on school. I was always a loner and I like it.

It's like I'm talking to voices in my head, only online.

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I have shit self esteem, but only conform to avoid punishment.
There is no punishment on 4chan, so I can be myself.

It annoys me to see the hordes of mindless drones repeat hive mind legion crap like "moeshit" and "3DPD" and "tripfags are shit and must be yelled at".

>> No.9210004

I will do my best to ignore it
we're here forever

>> No.9210033

They do sometimes, but I still have a lot of them to keep me busy. When you stay inside all day, you tend to stockpile a lot of things to keep you busy. Music to download and listen to, anime to watch, games to beat, books to read. I don't like wasting time, which is funny since it probably looks exactly like what I'm doing.

>> No.9210043

Good God, I know what you mean I have to re-take my Eng course next semester. 4Chan seems to care a lot about various things though. What of that?
Oooh, kind of makes me think of Coldplay. Got anything liiike (and forgive the crappy picture show)
Song of Saya's always a good bet. Especially when you consider the fact that Saya is this super intelligent being with a distinct purpose in life, yet she's still crushed by her loneliness and deprivation of love. G-senjou no Maou's Haru route is pretty heartbreaking too. Especially the end. Good God, the end.

>> No.9210060

>4chan seems to care a lot about various things though. What of that?
I'm sure people care about various things, but me and my life aren't some of them, so it doesn't matter.

>> No.9210065 [DELETED] 

There are times when to care and when not to.

Stop caring about the real world and what those wage slaves think.

Some of those repeated phrases have good reasoning. Do care about those.

Have faith in 2D, for they are perfection at it's finest and don't extroverts with ulterior motives.

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Sorry, I'm not very good at recommending music. I listen to so many different things, but I have trouble picking one thing, which direction, the feel of the music, the vocals, instruments, stuff like that.

Maybe something like this?

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There are times when to care and when not to.

Stop caring about the real world and what those wage slaves think.

Some of those repeated phrases have good reasoning. Do care about those.

Have faith in 2D, for they are perfection at it's finest and aren't extroverts with ulterior motives.

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What kinds of topics do you tend to gravitate towards? Any particular changes over these seven years?
Hey, that's good. What do you do when what you do doesn't sit well with the droners?
Well, as long as we still have internet, electricity, etc... Good luck!
Hahaha. I'm trying to avoid looking at my library of games and anime as I type. What do you tend to pick up from all of it when you finish each? What about these things are better compared to just sleeping all day when you're not part of the games, by which I mean the /a gladiator fights, etc.
I still find it amazing that people don't feel particularly provoked by the shitposts. What do you think it is about 4cahn that's so appealing for you?

>> No.9210145

Eh, I don't really care for sleep. It feels like time wasted, but my body demands it. I just want to have something to do, and I make sure I always do. Besides, I like them. I love music, I love video games, I love books. I love beautiful things, and I like to live my life surrounded by beauty. Ironic considering I go to /a/ just to be surrounded by scum. But watching them is one of the those simple base pleasures which make the beautiful things all the more beautiful.

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I suppose what I liked most about the song I linked was the quiet vocals mixed with the steady beat -holy crap, the part past 1:30 totally changed my mind. Got anything else like it?
Why isn't your life interesting? Becoming aware of so many topics and response paths in threads has got to do something for you.
Good words.
Every Urobuchi Gen main girl lol

>> No.9210159

The droners only affect me in that they shit up threads I like and cannot be reasoned with.
They usually don't even know why they don't like something and bring up "that's how it's always been around here" as a defense.

>> No.9210179

I really hate arguing with those "Droners"
Most of the time they just repeat whatever they heard here without (as you said) knowing why they don't like something.
Then if/when they start losing the arguments they usually just resort to LOL U MAD or whatever (At least on boards)

>> No.9210181

I never expected to read such an enlightened post when I started this thread, thanks for that. What do you think's the difference in the beauty in media and the beauty of the world as you know it?
What do you usually do about it?

>> No.9210186

Well, I'm listening to Beach House right now, and it's gotten me in the mood


This one is a bit more upbeat, but the vocalist is simply wonderful


>> No.9210190

There's nothing I can do, I just try to ignore them.

>> No.9210194

I don't think it's particularly interesting or uninteresting, but it's not really worth blogging about or paying much attention to.

>> No.9210204

It's late, and sleep deprivation doesn't have me in top form, but I'll say what I can. Beauty is an objective concept, everyone knows what beauty is and what they find to be beautiful personally. But what is beautiful is subjective. It's funny. But I find many things beautiful. I think it's beautiful how sound waves can become shaped into something so specific and something beautiful. Something so basic, so simple. That the world allows for this to happen is beautiful to me. I think it's beautiful that people out there are able to make beautiful things. I think it's beautiful that the universe allows for beautiful things to be created. I find it beautiful that I am able to find things beautiful, and that the things I find beautiful are able to create me, and define who I am, because what I find beautiful is ultimately unique to me. Or something like that.

>> No.9210212

What would make it worth blogging about?
That's cool. Not sure what else to say about it, haha ha.
I really like the second one too. Something like KURADOBERI JAM of a feel.

>> No.9210213

already destroyed before I came here

>> No.9210218

I'm such a conformist, my fursona is a sheep.

>> No.9210221

If somebody relevant to /jp/ happened maybe I would post about it here. For example, if I finished a VN or a figure came in or something.

As for the rest of my life, I don't think there's a reason most people should care. If something particularly interesting happens people will care about it even if I don't blog about it.

Well, I've been thinking I should keep a diary so that at least one person can remember my mundane days before they're all forgotten about.

>> No.9210223

I giggled

>> No.9210226

Yeah, the fact that I have an exam tomorrow doesn't help on my end either, haha ha.
But in all seriousness, I agree. There seems to be a depth to the beauty that keeps getting bigger as you keep thinking about it, like how science keeps finding more systems and mechanisms in the world.

Damn, I like talking to you. Add me on AIM so we can chat more sometime?

>> No.9210227

I'm shooting randomly here


Cloudberry is a upbeat, funky, yet cool at the same time and I like that. I'm trying to figure out something that would fit better, but I always have problems with this. Artists all have unique sounds, yet I try to get too specific sometimes.

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