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Old thread: >>9179301

What bullets have you dodged lately, /jp/?

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posting again
how did I do

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I made it up to the final spellcard of Patchouli, instead of bombing when I had two spare ones I went for the spellcard and got within pixels of getting it but died. Oh well, I'll beat her next run.

I always thought that Cirno was the easiest boss in the series because of how much people made fun of her, but right now she's giving me the most problems in EoSD. I have to use like two bombs on her just so I won't die.

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PCB, Normal, SakuyaA, last night.

Started out as my best run, initially thought I had an honest chance at my first 1cc.

Full powered during Letty. Had to bomb during MidChen's spell due to bad placement but sailed through BossChen and all of stage 3. even managed to capture Alice's next to last spellcard for the first time.

Stage 4 is my bane, had a few hiccups but I managed to make my best run of it yet.

I've always been better at stage 5 for some reason. MidYoumu was done smoothly.

Get to BossYoumu, oh god.

It's like I forgot I was playing Touhou and thought I could tank bullets with my face. It was horrifying to watch my run hit a brick wall. I honestly got so frustrated that I forgot I had bombs until my last life.

It ended with a double KO...

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I'm trying MoF extra, but it's painfully obvious that I'm not ready.

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Youmu's boss fight is something fucking else entirely. I'm not sure what it is, but the stop-starts in particular are still disorienting even after having blundered through it on bombs and continues a few times.

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UFO, Byakuren's spellcard

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what game is that?

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Stupid diagonal lasers

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Why is SakuyaA so damn perfect?

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Played PCB with sakuyaB on normal today.
Played the first three stages without losing any lives or bombs and then died 8 times in stage 4.
God I'm awful at this

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It's stupid because before last night I could somewhat pride myself in being able to stand my ground with her.

It's not even that I found myself in an undodgable situation either, I just went full on retard almost from the get go.

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I wouldn't say perfect. She has a mostly reliable focus but she feels sluggish and isn't too amazing in damage. Her 4 bombs per life is what makes her useful to me.

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I never had any problem with Youmu's time-slow cards, but damn, I just keep dying during her first non-spellcard. You know, the green/yellow wing thing. I don't know what's wrong with me.

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Tried unlocking Imperishable Shooting as part of my quest to capture all of the Last spells in IN.
I thought I would be able to make it even though I missed Keines third spell but ended up capturing only six cards.
Then I ran out of motivation.

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I've been trying to convince my internet friends to play PoFV with me. They all keep dodging my requests and go play League of Legends instead.
Please play 2hu with me, friends.

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Same guy, here is the replay.

Might as well make it official how bad it was.


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I don't remember having this much trouble with the first two stages of any touhou game as I'm having with UFO on lunatic.

I just started playing very recently after a 3 year break from touhou or stgs in general so maybe I'm just rusty.

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please respond

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Pretty good.

For Yuugi, that spell card where purple bubbles flood in from the upper right isn't as scary as you think it is. You kept getting caught in the lower corner, which makes it a bit trickier to dodge and prevents you from getting any damage done. Just stay under Yuugi and dodge by moving diagonally up-left or down-right. You dodge well enough; you can make it through.

For the second spell card Satori uses after she says "The real challenge begins now!" or whatever it is, it's actually just a streaming card. Hug the bottom of the screen, dodging the lasers as you slowly move in one direction. There will be decently large gaps between the volleys of aimed-at-you bullets that she fires, if I remember correctly, so changing direction shouldn't be too hard.

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I think that your first death on Mt. Ooe was avoidable. It looks like you got scared and ran into a bullet.
I would advise against going to the POC in any of Yuugi's nonspells. Going higher up will overwhelm you with bullets. I would do it slightly from the side, under Yuugi, which should make the bullets much easier to dodge.
Don't forget that you can use ReimuA's gap ability during stage 4.
I think you were standing a little too high on Satori's DBDB.
On FIN, you should have stared streaming a lot earlier.
I'm not sure if Normal mode has it, but there is a safespot on BoWAP. That you might be interested in.
You messed up on the streaming on stage 5. You should pause shooting there each time you re-stream, especially if you already have full resources. The only dangerous part could be when there are two orbs firing at you at once, which isn't even that big of a threat.
Fanon likes to make fun of her for the safespot on her first spellcard and her background as a character. I would say that Cirno is a high-tier stage 2 boss on Lunatic.
You need to stop getting so nervous. Yuyuko shouldn't need a lot of resources.
Which parts are you having problems with?
Stage 4 is hard.
I know that feeling.
That is to be expected with UFO.

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There's gotta be something denser than this. I need a card (or a noncard, even) that has essentially a solid wall of bullets in the vicinity of the player. Anyone know a good one? Something in Fairy Wars perhaps?

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Any tips on how not to die every 10 seconds on PCB stage 4?
I don't see any pattern there, everything just keeps spraying bullets at my general direction


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In your general direction, yes. Make the bullets dodge you by moving cleverly.

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Guy that roflstomped himself on Youmu here.

The level has you doing a lot of wide streaming, I end up being everywhere at once so the shots are spread apart enough to weave through.

The wheels need to be handled with care, the ones that explode bullets at you can be left alone and they'll fire an easily streamable salvo before leaving. After the midboss do your best to shoot everything you can to keep the bullets at a manageable level.

The final waves of fairies are wide stream shooters. They fire a dense cloud at you but it is streamable.

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yeah, usually I don't die on Mt. ooe, and I shall try that tip for FIN.
gotta practice more for DBDB, since I can't get it right.
will look into that safespot and stage 5
thanks for the feedback

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Oh cool, I finally made it past Patchouli then lost immediately to Sakuya. Time to practice that stage.

It looks like I'm at the same place on EoSD and PCB for normal, stage 5. I wonder which one will I beat first

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Like this.


It's been awhile since I've played, so I probably could have bombed less overall, especially since the last bomb in particular was TOTALLY unnecessary (I simply got a little scared), but there you go.

Anything in particular you have questions on?

Also, I don't think I've ever had so many successful deathbombs; does anyone know if PCB is particularly lenient on that kind of thing?

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Maybe something in Ultra mode?
>I don't see any pattern there, everything just keeps spraying bullets at my general direction
That is the pattern.
I made you a replay:
I derped a few times because I was talking on the phone a lot during this run. I think I died ~4 times. Satori's last spell was just a derp, the death on Orin could have probably been trivialized by me luring those giant orbs properly, I messed up the safespot on Orin's weaving sun spellcard because I think it's a little different on Normal mode, and I just derped on one of Orin's nonspells.

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What're you aiming for right now and what's your greatest achievement in Touhou /jp/?

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My greatest achievement is a NBNUFO run of UFO Lunatic and I'm aiming to do one for each shot type.

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What I'm aiming for is being able to no-miss Kogasa on a more consistent basis. Small steps pave the way, right? My greatest achievement just happens to be shooting her down no-miss too.

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A shitty EoSD Hard clear. Aiming for a shitty EoSD Lunatic clear. Picked the thing up a month ago and I've already developed a taste for Touhou abuse.

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I once cleared EoSD Normal with a continue and max lives.

Currently I'm trying to reach stage four lunatic in PCB.

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Oh yes, this is on Lunatic.

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Cleared PCB extra with 7 lives left at the end.

Currently not playing much but i have my sights on mamizou.

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Getting motivated for 2hu is surprisingly easy. There's dumb faces staring you down when you fail and the feeling of satisfication when they're finally put in their place is just extremely satisfying.

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Lunatic clears of 6 and 8, some NB hard clears, perfected some extra stages
My goal is to beat UFO on normal with someone that's not SanaeB and work a NB EoSD lunatic

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>What're you aiming for right now

Defeating Flandre.

>what's your greatest achievement

A 1cc on Normal of every Windows Touhou (other than PoFV). If I had to pick out a single one to be proud of, it would be SA, since it's the hardest on Normal.

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About a year ago, I tried constantly to 1cc SA on normal with Reimu & Aya, getting at most to stage 4. I didn't know shit about shmups in generalso that was to be expected.
A week ago, I tried it again after not touching the game all this time, and managed to 1cc it with Reimu & Yukari after two tries.
I'm pretty sure this is a combination of the shot type not sucking and getting better, so it feels mildly good man.

Though I tried again with R&A and got my ass kicked by Satori. I simply don't understand how am I supposed to dodge those retracting whirlwind things. Same thing happens with Shou on UFO, pic related.

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>Aiming for now
1cc Imperishable Night

>Most proud of
1cc'ing of MoF probably (done it with all 3 Reimus and Marisa B). I worked on that for weeks.

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Probably PCB. I 1cc'ed it in maybe half the playtime I've put into EoSD (died during Red Magic's final countdown once; still haven't managed to pick it back up).

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Woo! Just made it to "And Then There Will Be None"! And then died a cheap death because one of the bullet-spawner-things spawned on TOP of me.

Still, victory isn't too far away!

>> No.9209066

I think it's a pretty easy timeout spell compared to the other Extra bosses, and having a spawner spawn on you isn't too common. I think you are quite close to victory.

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Currently I'm trying to unlock and capture all of the IN Last spells with every character.

I don't really have any achivements other than 1CCing PCB, MoF and IN lunatic.

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Aiming for LNBNUFO, greatest achievement 4/4 EoSD LNB.

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Achievement: I've done a couple of lunatics but I think it's UFO hard 1cc just because I practiced quite a lot for it.
Aiming to clear rest of the lunatics I care about (EoSD, SA and UFO)

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can someone upload ten desires to mediafire or give me links for it already uploaded? there was this one website that had all the 2hu games on it but I forgot the name and I think it doesn't exist anymore.

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This one is fairly good

>> No.9210681

does anyone remember the name of the website though? it has some translated doujins too.

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What do I do? Is there any other way besides squeezing through that ridiculously narrow gap?

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You have to go through the narrow gap. Or bomb if you're really uncomfortable with such a tight dodge.

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Well, I guess you could bomb. The gap isn't as narrow as it looks and looks pretty easy if you back away as far as you can.

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Wow, I got ninjaed with the exact same thing I said. Hahaha.

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I've been throwing myself at Hitogata Happa. I'm sure this game is bad habit central but I'm enjoying it anyway.

I got to the final boss like 5 times before I realized you have to finish her with a bomb and aren't able to just shoot her to death, then midway on the runback having found that out I got lazy/confused on stage 3 and ran out of time on a boss and killed myself so I'm taking a break.

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That game has the most brutally ridiculous first stage I've ever seen. Even knowing what to do, it's absurd.

>> No.9210947

It's not too bad on Euridice!

But yeah, the games pretty rough in general. Playing on easy feels kinda wrong but it's kicking my ass sufficiently so why move up?

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I'm aiming for a PCB extra clear right now.

My greatest achievement so far is a 1cc of every windows game except SA. Fuck SA.

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I'm rusty coming back from a long break of not really playing shmups, and I've always been bad. TD wasn't my first but it's the first one I got into seriously and kinda served as my entrance into the shmup world. I've only been able to clear it on normal and hard so far. What touhou would you guys recommend I focus on next? I've been playing UFO a bit, don't really have a feel for what character I like yet though.

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Any tips for beating PoFW?

I've 1cc'd all the other main games, but can't seem to scratch Shiki when I get to her no matter how many times I try.

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Spam level 2s like hell in the earlier stages to get loads of points for the point extends.
Try your hardest not to die in stages 6-8, this is where it starts to matter, the extra live will help immensely.
Always remember you can use the bomb button.
On that note, try to never bomb on Shikieiki at all costs until the last second. A bomb will almost always leave you too vulnerable without any level 2s for some time and you'll probably die in that time.
Remember that 100, 300 and 500k summon level 4s on the opponent's side, try to time them to cancel the opponent's summons.
Shiki is actually a bunch of streaming, macro stream when normally fighting her, and micro stream when she summons herself. Almost all of her attacks have some part of it aimed at you.

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>Clear SA normal twice with two different types
>Fail to clear TD normal despite playing for a long time

Srsly /jp/ am I retarded or something?

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Not really. I found TD gave me the second most difficulty out of all the games on normal mode.
Admittedly, SA gave me the most difficulty, but still...
I think TDs difficulty lies in the fact that it's so stingy with resources.

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Continue and try again. At least, the game gives you the same ending regardless and the match starts from the same place as it did the first time.

It looks like you were close- late in the match holding onto meter until you need to clear a nasty combo is the way to go.


Lack of resources? TD is the stingiest game in the series, and SA throws them at you.

Also, compared to SA which is a lot of streaming, TD seems more like low volume random shots. Those ones you don't notice and bam, another life gone.

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>Continue and try again. At least, the game gives you the same ending regardless and the match starts from the same place as it did the first time.

I won't feel like I won if I do it that way.

>It looks like you were close- late in the match holding onto meter until you need to clear a nasty combo is the way to go.

I think I'll try holding off my attacks around the 1:30 mark. She always seem to go down quickly when the time approaches 2 minutes.

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Shikieiki doesn't die quickly, so you will need multiple lives in order to defeat her. I don't know if it is possible to defeat her on just one life. Just try to die as little as possible in the early stages. It is more a test of endurance than survival. If you have enough lives, you will have a hard time failing, even on Lunatic.
That's not too surprising. Just keep playing. You can also post a replay if you want.

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You should try the ultra versions of either that or SFN. Especially ultra SFN, it was made to be timed out.

So, huh. The IN easy guy here, it's been a while since I blogposted anywhere not-IRC.

Mainly since I have been playing too much UFO lately. I still play it a bit every day, maybe one or two runs. It will not achieve anything, but at least I can say that I have not completely given up yet.

Maybe I should stop scoring and try pacifisting bosses or something silly.

In any case, I was in a desperate need of silly, and I actually tried one NBNUFO run. It, sadly, turned out to not be silly at all.

So I played some no-shooting PCB normal, since such a challenge existed on a finnish board. Did not make it in time, mostly due to the fact that my two best runs ended making idiotic mistakes at Yuyuko. And then Erppo did a clear.

Well, I always could try hitting that score or something. Time will tell.

As of now, I am relaxing and watching people's recent replays. It's fun, but I should soon get to Phantasm, to pay some old debts.

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Ten Desires isn't too stingy with resources, but it's kind of like UFO in that you have to work to get them.

Pay attention what enemies drop pink balls where on which stages, and use super modes to get a ton of lives from them.

Because you lose super mode on death, a death can mess up your rhythm for an entire run and means that you lose not only the life you died with but also all ta the very least the next life and a half you were about to get so I guess it's pretty bad in that regard... I am surprised though, TD is easiest Touhou for me by a landslide. I've beaten most games on Normal but still need IN Kaguya, SA, POFV and UFO.

>> No.9212753

Oh dear, I completely missed this post.

My targets were probably explained well enough it the last post (I'm the IN easy guy again), but achievement, eh?

The only not silly ones or first clears would be IN easy runs. I think the best one is this run:

Everything just clicked. And I really like the endings, and the dialogue on Magic team, they just reek of subtext.

Actually, now that Marisa acts a bit more like an adult with the later games (at least in my opinion), it would be interesting to see her team up with Alice again after UFO. But that is probably not a matter we should discuss in this thread.

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No. It IS stingy on resources. Even if you collect every spirit, you'll still have less lives and bombs than you can get in basically every other game, and that's with perfect trance timing.
Most new players that play TD will barely get to 6 lives.

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Hey there /jp/. what's the best babby first Touhou? considering difficulty and learning of game mechanics common to all the games I mean.

>> No.9212790

Any one is fine. I don't think there is a "babby's first Touhou". I would try them all, and then play the ones that you like best. That is the best way to learn.

>> No.9212793

> Most new players that play TD will barely get to 6 lives.
I can't even get to 5...

Perfect Cherry Blossom for sure.

>> No.9212797

Play the one with the most characters that you like, all of the Touhou games are going to be a challenge when you're first starting out even on easy mode with max lives if you're not used to curtain fire games. So you can't really go wrong with any of them.

>> No.9212807

Well, then I'll start trying TH7 and will move on following the wind.
thanks guys.

>> No.9212821

>>9212310 again

Is there something stopping you from beating the ai on your first try?

From 6 onwards they just don't die, I just had Aya (stage 7) down to her final life at 2:00 and she lasted untill 2:30 when I died.

>> No.9212859

I do not think that it is possible to defeat Shikieiki on one life. I'm pretty sure you can defeat every boss before that on one life. That's just a mechanic of PoFV.

>> No.9212946

> Riz in charge of streaming.
> Ever

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>In any case, I was in a desperate need of silly, and I actually tried one NBNUFO run. It, sadly, turned out to not be silly at all.
NBNUFO is not silly at all. http://replays.gensokyo.org/download.php?id=21989

This bares a stark resemblance to one of my earlier attempts: https://twitter.com/Rizlation/status/208100715523096576/photo/1/large
I totally derped out on Byakuren because I haven't reached her in a while. I had a lot of derps in this run, so I'm sure that I could improve.
I'll do it tomorrow. (Probably.)
I didn't realize that I had such a fanclub.

>> No.9213044

Character choice is huge in determining how long the AI tends to hold out. Aya and Sakuya tend to get the quickest wins, followed by Medicine. I recommend unlocking everyone with continue clears, or DL'ing someone else's save data so you can use a better AI beating character. Lunasa and Merlin require you to clear EX mode with everyone, there is absolutely no shame in using someone else's save file to access them.

As for in game strategy, it's fairly straight forward. Dodge and destroy bullets; try and manage your magic gauge efficiently; defeat Lilly and enemy body doubles for items whenever you can; try to combo up to 100k, 300k, and 500k for free spellcard attacks; "charge" control scheme is better for some characters, "slow" for others, with a few able to use both about equally well. Post a replay and I'd be happy to critique it.

>> No.9213074

I remember he streamed once before.

>> No.9213075

I seem to recall doing it before, but her timer is bumped up higher than what's typical of the difficulty you're playing on. I'll take some swings at her today to try and confirm.

Out of the normal games, I'd say PCB since its gimmick is all upside. I got started on 9, playing with other people; it would probably improve your skill the quickest since you're dodging random spam instead of predictable patterns. You're really better off playing multiple games than restricting yourself to just one though.

>> No.9213190

I went and did it /jp/, I've 1cced the main games from EoSD to TD on normal.
What's next? Should I play extra stages? The photo games? Fairy Wars? Hard mode 1cc? PC-98 games?

>> No.9213216

Scoring is the only way.

>> No.9213234

I give up for tonight. My fingers are cramping, I'm hungry and Shiki just won't die.

Why don't people consider PoFW hard anyway?
I managed to 1cc SA and UFO without that much practice, but this game is just impossible for me. I've been getting exactly the same result over and over again for ages now (get to Shiki with one extra life, die somewhere after 2:30 when she won't go down).


>Aya and Sakuya tend to get the quickest wins, followed by Medicine.

Is there a ballpark figure for how long the AI should last? It seems random to me, some of them have held out well over two minutes until I die then go down in 1:20 the next round.

>there is absolutely no shame in using someone else's save file to access them.

I don't even use other peoples saved files to get practice modes on the other games (the first time I beat UFO I'd only seen 3 or 4 of Byakuren's spellcards). Just me being stubborn I guess.

>Post a replay and I'd be happy to critique it.

I'd really appreciate this, I'm probably making big errors somewhere.


>> No.9213249

>(get to Shiki with one extra life, die somewhere after 2:30 when she won't go down)
One extra life is pretty steep. You need more for Shikieiki.

>> No.9213259


I know, I can't seem to improve though. The AI lasts too long for me the first time I fight it from about stage 6 onwards.

>> No.9213265

You probably just need a break. I'm sure that you will do a better job tomorrow.

>> No.9213271

Try not to use Aya or Medicine for your 1cc if you can, they're almost considered Broken tier and make 1cc attempts not-as-legit as any other character.
They're broken in that their EX pretty much make the AI suicide themselves.
AI can't cope with Aya's ex shots and Medicine's poison cloud choke off its TAS-like dodges.

>> No.9213314


But I'm so close...
I think being so close (or it appearing I'm so close) is what's so annoying about it. It feels like being stuck on the last spellcards of PCB or EoSD.


I've been using Reimu for now. I quite like Marisa's focus area, but she's too hard to control.

>> No.9213343

First time playing TD in about a week after only playing EoSD and PCB because I'm stuck on Sakuya and Youmu, I got to stage 4 with the most lives I ever had too but died right before Seiga somehow then I ran into Yoshika's sprite after a spellcard was over when I was trying to get more spirit orbs like an idiot.

I never beat Seiga before but damnit I thought I had her that run.

>> No.9213416

Don't worry anon, persistence will get you the 1cc.

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File: 775 KB, 1000x1278, 6346605278b7b60fc3dfeeee7817bd3ad1c6624b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ten Desires is frustrating for me to play. It seems like all the deaths I get are bullshit deaths. Like, I don't think I've ever died because a spellcard or bullet pattern bested me; It feels like I only die from fairies coming from the side of the screen, or BS clipdeaths.

It's a shame because I really like most of the music, characters, and background in the game but it's so frustrating to actually play.

>> No.9213459

Stage 5 always seems to be the bane of new players. You'll get there eventually.

>> No.9213466

Yea, TD tends to BS you a lot with fairies randomly spawning at the top.
Just learn the stage or take it easy and stay at the bottom.

>> No.9213784

Did 4 runs with Aya, 1 with Youmu. Wasn't able to back up my theory, but got her to the last half orb on one of the Aya attempts.

>Is there a ballpark figure for how long the AI should last?
It creeps up stage by stage, varies by girl, and there's a lot of variance on any given level. For example, when I was playing just now Shiki beat me with no damage in 2:30; on another life I beat her at 1:39. I'll talk about the replay itself in a separate post.

More busted than Tewi? It'll take longer, but Youmu matches up pretty well too, though it's definitely more of a slowroll

>> No.9213852

There is no such thing as a clipdeath in 10D (except maybe the large glowing orbs, which have a deceivingly large hitbox). You just didn't see the bullet quick enough or inched too close to it.

Learning the stage a bit better will keep you away from the fairies running into you.

>> No.9213993

>General stuff
Your dodging is probably good enough for the 1cc, though you could stand to move away from the bottom more.
You aren't using your level 1 charge attack. It costs no energy, and in your case is a fairly strong homing shot. Weave level ones into your shot spam.
Getting your point combo (the number that pops up whenever you pop a fairy) to 100,000; 300,000; or 500,000 results in a free level 4 spell attack. 500k simultaneously sets off a level 3. You missed several opportunities to hit 100k, so try and be aware of your combo.
You're not utilizing magic properly. I noticed you will sometimes fire off multiple level 2s quickly enough that only the first really destroys anything. Also, using a level 4 (including the free combo 4's) cancels an enemy level 4. Level 2's are almost always better for the price. Sakuya and Aya are the only characters it makes sense to use 3's with, unless you're quickbombing out of danger.
At times you seem to forget that balled up spirits destroy little white bullets when killed.

>> No.9214000

>Specific things I noticed.
>Stage 1
You were painfully close to a free level 4 attack, but let the point combo drop.

>Stage 3
The second of the back to back level 2's did essentially nothing.

>Stage 6
You bombed out of Sakuya's level 2, which is an easy dodge (sidestep it).
Charging a level 4 instead of three consecutive 2's would have canceled Sakuya's level 4
>Round 2
A level 2 would have cleared a path through Lilly's spam just fine.
Dat finish

>Stage 7
You seem to have an understanding of how to stream. Practice will make perfect.
You're releasing bombs too early when you want to destroy bullet curtains. I know this sounds a bit odd, but be more ballsy about when you start charging and when you release. Reimu charges quickly, use that to your advantage.
You got 2 free level 4's from points.
You died because you blew your magic too quickly.
>Round 2
Mistakes are similar to previous ones, no point in rehashing.

>Stage 8
You did a better job clearing Lilly's spam than in previous stages; you could still actually get closer though.
Combo stuff that I've already beaten into the ground.

>Stage 9
During the first round you were stuck to the bottom of the screen, which works against you since it takes away vertical dodges. Better about that in round 2, though wasting mana put the match out of reach.

Are you dead set on using Reimu?

>> No.9214056

Ok, so coming from EoSD/PCB/IN to SA is weird. There's no bomb count but you can bomb whenever you have more than a certain amount of power but it takes away one full power count?

How many times should you bomb? Just whenever you feel like you're in a shit situation or try to limit it the most you can? I beat Yuuhi and died on stage 4, those slowdown then speedup lasers were fun to dodge

>> No.9214063


Wow I can't type, I meant Yuugi

>> No.9214201

Just memo how much power you get during the stages and always bomb whenever you can. For example, you have 4 power for midboss Parsee, if she drops 1 power, you have one free bomb to use during the midboss without losing any power. Abuse it as much as possible. On top of using the bombs like that you of course want to use them to survive like you would normally. It's always better to bomb than to die.

>> No.9214313

Aiming for UFO normal 1cc. its the only one left that ive never 1CC'd

My greatest accomplishment was clearing PCB normal stage 6 on one life. To date, that was my first and last time 1CC'ing that game

>> No.9215253

>There is no such thing as a clipdeath in 10D
Yoshika says hi

>> No.9215468

I don't think Yoshika has any clippy attacks.

>> No.9216026

How about everything except the 2nd spellcard?
Some of Futo's nons can be clippy. And Miko's noncards are bullshit micrododging, how's that not clippy?

>> No.9216301

What exactly does clipdeath mean?

>> No.9216396 [DELETED] 

i read this and it says touhou games are getting banned, really?


>> No.9216412

I was wondering exactly the same.

>> No.9216427

when a baby dies getting its dick cut. not funny btw, my brother died like that.

>> No.9216442

First spell card is not clippy at all, not even on lunatic without shooting the orbs.
Her nons can barely be considered clippy since you can direct them away. And 3rd non is clippy if you rush for bullets before they expand (you would get killed by lasers anyway).
>Miko's noncards are bullshit micrododging
they are easier than Murasa's, Mokou's, Ran, Yukari, etc...
And those are not even stage 6 bosses.

>> No.9216695

I did it...
I finally cleared EoSD Extra stage.
My first Extra clear.

>> No.9216744 [DELETED] 

If you're dodging bullets at all in TD, you're playing the game incorrectly.

>> No.9216780
File: 193 KB, 640x480, highlevelplay.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why are you trying to dodge the bullets.

>> No.9217040
File: 241 KB, 636x1905, bestrun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

NBNUFO is hard.

>> No.9217443
File: 59 KB, 234x221, chendeathtoinfidels.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Thanks to anons from previous thread I'm better now, but Prismrivers still rape me. This time even more than usual! I don't think this needs serious evaluation, I was just so bad I ended up laughing at myself. If anyone else wants to laugh, then go ahead!

>> No.9217654




FLANDRE HAS BEEN DEFEATED! Exactly one month after completing a 1cc of EoSD on Normal, I have beaten its Extra Stage (as well as completing a Normal 1cc of every other Windows Touhou in the meantime)! I KNOW that my score was atrocious, I know that I won by the skin of my teeth, but I don't care! Flandre's theme was what originally drew me to Touhou, and after six and a half months, I have finally beaten her!

For the record, that was my first time getting past the first part of "And Then There Will Be None", so I know I got trapped and bombed unnecessarily on that card AND the final spell card, but who cares? I BEAT FLANDRE. My original goal from when I first downloaded EoSD on December 8th of last year has been completed!

>> No.9217680


>> No.9217682

Here's the replay.

Nothing special though.
I bombed a lot at the end on her survival and QED since I've only faced those cards two times before and had no idea what to do.
And that's the first time I did Maze of Love without dying or bombing.
Also ignore those two bombs on Patchouli, I just wanted to get to Flan as fast as possible.

>> No.9217783

Dude you haven't captured even a single one of her spellcards. (the second one doesn't count)

I don't think you have any reason to celebrate or to announce you defeated anything.

>> No.9217814


First off, two things. One, your movement looks stiff, and I think that's because you aren't using the vsync patch. Get it, use it, love it; it'll allow you to dodge much more easily and make your movement much more smooth. Two, stop playing on Easy. Playing on Normal isn't much harder at all, and no one will call you a pussy for it.

For the Prismrivers, holy fuck, bomb more. Some of those cards are just really damn annoying and it's okay to just use a bomb to get through them. Same goes for a lot of Youmu's shit.

>> No.9217820
File: 103 KB, 361x318, Chuckle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9217851

You're a funny guy

>> No.9218072
File: 82 KB, 850x850, sample-101e1e7aa648695fb44670f0cdb2f569.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not that guy, but I downloaded the vsync patch and when I try to play PCB with it, the looks a bit choppy. It says it's running on 60 FPS, but when the bullets are moving, they look very skippy and choppy. What's wrong? Also is there a way to play with vsync patch in English?

PCB is the only game I tried it on

>> No.9218092

That screen tearing is to be expected, since it's not lagging the game to allow it to look smooth. Rename thXXe.exe to thXX.exe to play with vpatch in English.

>> No.9218260

So you play with choppiness to make it "smoother"? How does that help at all, or even make any sense?

>> No.9218279

I mean, the choppiness is a result of not syncing the frames to look smooth. The vsync process makes it lag.

>> No.9218310

>The Vsynch process makes it lag.
NOOOOOO, if taht is happening to you, it's not working correctly. The main purpose of Vsynch is to have no input delay.

>> No.9218368

No, dude. Vsync syncs the frames. That makes it lag. Vpatch removes Vsync, removing the input lag.

>> No.9218436
File: 534 KB, 1680x1050, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dudes, what happens if you beat him with the Dark Burunyan?

>> No.9218449


Cheers for this.

I tried again this morning, but with Youmu instead of Reimu, and beat it on my first try. I should have tried using the other characters earlier.

Now I've 1cc'd all of them I guess I'll start start properly attempting hard and extra modes. Any suggestions for which games are easier to transition onto?

>> No.9218471

I kept getting delayed today, but now I'm ready to stream.

You can ask me for help and give me requests on the stream.

>> No.9218939
File: 519 KB, 480x800, 45eb5020acc56c8c6fd6a74e555c823d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wow, MoF is way easier than I remember (talking about normal mode)

I remember the first time I played it I barely beat Hina and died at Nitori, first time coming back to it in a month and I easily beat Hina and got to stage 4 with 5 lives. I went full retarded though out of never reaching that part before and lost four lives before getting to Aya though so I could probably beat her if I get the stage down.

>> No.9220758

Just 1cc'ed IN (Eirin's route!). Going to do some scoring runs while I work on Kaguya in practice mode. The pizza guy showed up in the middle of Keine.

>> No.9220764

Optional gay sex

>> No.9220825

Wow, whoever said that the photo games are good practice for dodging wasn't kidding. I'm playing Double Spoiler right now and I'm having the hardest time beating the level where Hina makes bullets come from the bottom of the screen then the top and you have to avoid her from running into you.

>> No.9220896

Is there a trick to Shou's non-card attacks on Normal other than "dodge bullets"? I think I'm just getting distracted by the weird trajectory but I have a hard time with it.

>> No.9220996
File: 1.17 MB, 1163x1141, 1334716669610.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Byakuren's last spellcard
Holy shit, I don't fuckin even....
It has been destroying me for quite some time. Okuu is nothing compared to her. Anyone got tips? Also for those curvy lasers?

However it was nice to see that one memorable spellcard from Mystic Square, same as in OP.

>> No.9221014

I went from losing my last life on Okuu's final spellcard, to beating her with 8 lives left the next run for my first SA 1cc. What the hell.

>> No.9221037

When I'm against those types of spellcards, I try to focus myself completely on the hitbox, and I completely disregard reimu as a whole. I try to slowly move and find my way in and out, slowly dragging the hitbox throughout those "lines". Maybe it would work with you? That spellcard is pretty simple, actually. You just need to concentrate (obviously durr), but maybe focusing more on the hitbox would help you. Usually I just look at the bullets before they hit me, but on specific spellcards, I concentrate myself on the small surroundings of the hitbox and itself. Give it a try.

>> No.9221155

Is there some kind of gimmick to scene 5-4 in StB? It's Patchouli's second scene.

I'm sure there's a way to avoid the solid wall of bullets but I haven't found it yet.

>> No.9221189
File: 228 KB, 500x500, 1317550107442.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I actually do a similar thing now. Maybe I'm just not too skilled with it yet though. I could focus more on the hitbox itself though and less on all the incoming bullets around me and in their relation to the hitbox.
I'll give it more active thought and give it a shot, thanks for the tips.

>> No.9221472


When the streams converge in front of you just shoot them. Just make sure you don't shoot to soon.

>> No.9221657

I just 1cc GFW Normal but i didn't expect it at all. I was just playing around to see which route is the easiest. After a few tries on route B and C, i returned to route A1 because Sunny was quite hard on stage 2. This time i accidentally lost 3 lives on stage 2 but i managed to defeat Star without losing any life. I only had 1 life left at the start of stage 3 but surprisingly, stage 3 of route A1 is so easy that i didn't lose any life. The Three Fairies fight was not hard either and i even got 1 gold medal . I thought i had to practice for a few more weeks to 1cc GFW. The other routes are much harder than A1 but now i think i can 1cc them in a few days.

>> No.9221701
File: 25 KB, 200x200, Redditted1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9221740

I uploaded two videos from the stream. I think that it was a very good stream this time.

I am also switching YouTube channels and abandoning my old one. I will be hosting all my new videos on this account from now on. I will also gradually transfer all my videos to the new account.
You should just practice them and get used to the way they shoot at you.
>Byakuren's last spellcard
Keep in mind that it can be made almost static by staying in the same place with the same power. Try to stay below Byakuren and a little above the screen, as well as going down and to the sides to dodge. Watching replays is helpful. As for those curvy lasers, see what I posted above.
I never focus on the hitbox in LFS. I am always looking ahead. It is a card that requires a lot of prediction, timing, and trajectory.
I believe route A1 is the easiest by far.

>> No.9221744

Fly above her at the beginning then shoot pieces out of the beams so you can pass through. You can recharge faster by holding slow+fire, which I discovered accidentally tonight trying to answer your question; you'll need to do that in order to beat the beams.

>> No.9222119
File: 8 KB, 300x300, 2nu6ty8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

any one else play with a controller? i do so much better with my shitty generic faux-ps2 pc controller than i do with a keyboard.

pic related, it's what i use.

>> No.9223366

I gotta use keyboard. Its so strange, I figured i'd do better with a controller having grown up with the SNES and UN Squadron.

>> No.9223504

Aaaahhhh fuck this. Any tips for Maze of Bullshit? I think that's my biggest hurdle to clearing Flan. I can't really do circular motions all that well, and I seem to always move either too slow or too fast and bump into the straight bullets. The quick method is also too difficult for me, so that's not an option.

Speaking of which, is there any extra that's easier than EoSD's?

>> No.9223522

I use an LS-32

>> No.9223750

PCB, IN and TD (abuse spell practice)
Some people say Suwako is easy but i don't see it.

>> No.9223754

I use a PS3 controller, I don't even own a PS3. They seriously make the best pc controllers.

>> No.9223819

I use an actual PS2 controller with an adapter.

>> No.9223836

DDP works better with controller for me.
Touhou... does not.
That's my experience at least.

>> No.9223881

This game is hard, man.

>> No.9223980

I still don't get it. What good is smoother movements if it makes the bullets lag?
Is there a way to install vsync so that it removes input lag and doesn't cause screen tearing?..

>> No.9224005

Try D3Doverrider. It'll let you force triple-buffered VSYNC, which gives the benefit of VSYNC without the horrendous drop in framerate.

>> No.9224021
File: 44 KB, 700x525, joystick-addon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Keyboard is the only sane option for touhou.

>> No.9224033

Does anyone else have problem with pressure? Always when I realize I'm doing above average I start fucking it up.

>> No.9224040


I think that's something that happens to most people.

>> No.9224045

Whenever i try to 1cc, i fail horribly mostly because of paranoia, aka scared of doing wrong.
Whenever i try to learn the stage, i play very good.

>> No.9224050

Shouldn't it be the opposite? I personally have no experience with pressure in shmups (I tend to take it easy and just grind everything until I can 1cc), but if I transpose my experience from other games, pressure should make you better, no?

For example, when you're playing a FPS and you're the last one alive on your team and clutching vs 5 people, the pressure makes you become some kind of half-god player with inhuman reflexes and hand/eye coordination.

>> No.9224072


It's more the opposite in my experience - have a perfect first three stages, now you've got six lives and can relax, right? Wrong, because stage four is where things really start to heat up. That's where my stupid mistakes start to pile up.

>> No.9224076

Yep. That is normal. I play really good in practice mode, but then I fail when I try to clear.

>> No.9224091

Uhhh, anyone play with Cherry MX blue switches?
I'm planning on getting a keyboard with them but don't know how they'll fare with Touhou since they have that delay when you're double tapping.

>> No.9224096

For me it would be the opposite. Just knowing that my teammates are counting on me, would make me tremble too much to even aim.

>> No.9224107

>pressure should make you better, no?
It makes me stiff, not to mention the "Don't fuck up now. Don't fuck up now." mantra going on in my head isn't really helping either.
>when you're playing a FPS and you're the last one alive on your team and clutching vs 5 people, the pressure makes you become some kind of half-god player with inhuman reflexes and hand/eye coordination.
That's because I don't expect to survive and take it easy, then after I've dealt with 4 of them I realize I'm doing quite well and the last newbie kills me.

>> No.9224163

Why is raymoo so weak in EoSD?

>> No.9224233

ReimuB's shot has the highest damage output in EoSD.

>> No.9224395

Too bad she moves slower than old people fucking.

>> No.9224516

Have I gotten a lot better at Touhou, or are the Extra Stages just not as hard as they appear to be?

After defeating Flandre yesterday, I've only tried to fight Ran a few times, and I've already gotten to that spellcard where she sends Chen to bounce around the screen, which is like her third-to-last card. I should have her defeated relatively soon. Also, as a sidenote, holy fuck is it annoying to die by getting running over by Chen.

>> No.9224528

These games are fucking boring man. All you do is dodge bullets? How about you start playing a real game like Star Craft.

>> No.9224612

I'm starting to miss the real /jp/ population. ;_;

>> No.9225056
File: 157 KB, 440x715, 1330215941739.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was just about to make a post about this spellcard.

What's the trick to it? How do I not get run over by Chen?

>> No.9225081

A spell circle appears where she will next aim. Even without knowing that, you shouldn't have any problems getting a feel for where she is and where she is headed next.

>> No.9225171

Are the PC-98 games generally easier than the Windows games? I played LLS and MS for the first time on Normal and got to Marisa on LLS and the blonde stage 5 boss on MS

>> No.9225209

Well her movement is static. When you start out you can look at the small circles to see where she'll go, but it's the same way every time. I actually prefer to stay closer to the top because you can still easily dodge the rice bullets, you get to shotgun, and Chen isn't near you for most of the time.

>> No.9225243

streaming some UFO

>> No.9225482

Are people trolling when they say IN is the easiest Touhou game? Because right now Marisa is just destroying me

>> No.9225490

They aren't, it is the easiest togheter with Ten Desires. Marisa is hard, though, but practicing the stage on stage practice should help you a lot, at least it did help me.

>> No.9225517

It's the easiest game if you play like a scrub and bomb everything and consider a shitty half-assed 1cc as "beating" the game.

>> No.9225817

Beating UFO has been a pain for me. I can get to Byakuren fairly reliably with about 3 lives and no bombs as SanaeB. Unfortunately, her last 2 spells are giving me a lot of trouble, and I'm always dying to Flying Object "Flying Fantastica" with Byakuren at 1/5 health.

Any advice?

>> No.9226659

You can set to 7 lives in IN.

>> No.9226669

Try to beat the stage with continues to unlock practice and keep practicing until you're good at it. Also, do not bomb her last spellcard, bombing only makes it harder.

>> No.9226692

how does bombing make it harder?

>> No.9226727

Bombing doesn't clear all bullets and you'll be in trouble when the bullets reappear. Byakuren doesn't lose much HP and it also makes the pattern harder.

>> No.9226744


Which doesn't have anything to do with the actual content. In the difficultly ranking thread a while back Marisa and Reimu were by far the most noted S4 boss (that I recall.)

'Sides, playing with more than default lives is terrible practice for the other games, and I guess I'll leave it there because we don't need another shitstorm.

>> No.9226764

I forgot to tell you that you can abuse spell practice in IN. With spell practice Marisa and Reimu become much easier. Reisen being the easiest stage 5 boss of all time also makes up for stage 4.

>> No.9226767

Thanks for the advice. I feel a bit dirty when I continue, but Byakuren's given me enough grief to make Practice Mode worth it. I'll do that next time I get to her.

>> No.9226771

A lot of final/extra bosses don't get hurt on their last spell card if you bomb them, and since their patterns get faster over time, it'll make it worse.

>> No.9226787
File: 769 KB, 1072x589, 622356161.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just cleared SA with all 3 Reimu teams on normal
Got to Utusho with Marisa B (Or any Marisas) for the first time. ON A FUCKING FRIEND'S LAPTOP
Cleared MoF Extra with Reimu B
Cleared Route A1-2 in GFW

>> No.9226825

>Bombing doesn't clear all bullets
It clears some.
>and you'll be in trouble when the bullets reappear.
You were already in trouble if you bombed.
>Byakuren doesn't lose much HP
She's invincible for as many frames as you are.
>and it also makes the pattern harder.
Only if you move like an idiot during the bomb. It does absolutely nothing to the pattern.

>> No.9226868

>It clears some.
>Bombing doesn't clear all bullets
That's the problem. When the bomb ends, the bullets might appear right where you are.

>You were already in trouble if you bombed.
In other spellcards, 1 bomb is enough to clear a spellcard so people tend to use safebomb. You should only use deathbomb in this situation.

>She's invincible for as many frames as you are.
No. She's not invincible.

>Only if you move like an idiot during the bomb. It does absolutely nothing to the pattern.
See >>9226771

>> No.9226943

>That's the problem. When the bomb ends, the bullets might appear right where you are.
How can they appear when they didn't disappear in the first place.
>In other spellcards, 1 bomb is enough to clear a spellcard so people tend to use safebomb. You should only use deathbomb in this situation.
Wait, people actually use bombs offensively to skip attacks? This isn't really a matter of deathbomb versus normal bomb. Bomb defensively when you're threatened. Don't tell someone to not bomb.
>No. She's not invincible.
Her damage hitbox is literally not there during bomb frames.
>See >>9226771
Unless you're doing so little damage that you are timing it out, time has nothing to do with Byakuren's last spell. The phases are entirely damage based. Yes, bombing can throw off the timing of transitioning between phases and make things more difficult, but so would dying.

>> No.9227976

The people calling IN easy should try scoring in it.

>> No.9230884

Are there any STGs that are equally or more flashy as Touhou but with more randomness, twitchiness and variety? Static patterns are criminally uninteresting.

>> No.9230933

Touhou already ranks pretty highly on the random scale. Which patterns are you upset about.

>> No.9231020

Bury in Lake, Emerald Megalith and Water Elf are fun patterns with adequate randomness.

Dense patterns that seem slightly random at first but turn out to be completely deterministic are very boring. Examples in PCB could include #010, #022 and much of the Prismrivers.

Things that rely exclusively on shock value and become trivial after you've seen them once are also no fun. The PCB Stage 2 end with the yellow bullets appearing out of nowhere is one example.

>> No.9231140

>Examples in PCB could include #010, #022 and much of the Prismrivers.
10 can be slightly changed by making luring Letty in different directions, but otherwise you're right. 22 has the same path every time, but I thought the bullets themselves had slight randomness to it. I haven't checked. I don't know what you're saying about the Prismrivers. Merlin and Lyrica have pretty consistently static or aimed nonspells, but Lunasa and pretty much all the spells are very random.

Play UFO.

>> No.9231407
File: 436 KB, 490x876, e3e734fbc4598dbc1b5b02dcb8fb9a9a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kanako's theme is so fucking good.
That's all I wanted to say.

>> No.9231445

MoF's first stage music and Kanako's theme are seriously the eptiome of 2hu music.

>> No.9231580
File: 529 KB, 850x478, sample_af2c633aace863a763878a0fd53f987f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't forget Fall of Fall ~ Autemnal Waterfall and The Gensokyo the Gods Loved.
MoF has an amazing soundtrack, even for a Touhou game.

>> No.9232180


I'd say the entirety of MoF's music is the best ZUN has ever made in one single game. There isn't a track I find lacking. Even the title screen has that 'plok' sound from those weird asian water tubes, which is awesome.

>> No.9232649

gameplay thread. spooge over bullets, not brass samples.

going to start working on a non-yumemi/reimu/rikako podd luna 1cc. might take a while.

>> No.9232650


I think SA comes pretty close. SA's Stage 4 theme, Stage 4 boss theme, and Stage 5 theme are some of my absolute favorites, and I've listened to them over and over and OVER again.

I've also listened to Okuu's theme a bunch, even though it isn't terribly exciting on the surface. When I listen to it, though, I picture fighting against something huge, heavy, with immense weight behind all of its actions. Keeping in mind that this theme plays when you're fighting in front of a NUCLEAR FUSION REACTOR, the theme just feels amazing.

>> No.9232673


Clean your fucking keyboard.

>> No.9232696 [DELETED] 

Why would you clean your keyboard?

>> No.9232699

Agreed. Arguably the hardest Touhou game to score (well) in.

>> No.9232717

Why is that? I don't know much about it.

>> No.9232768

You have to play aggressively with almost entirely no focusing (for solo humans especially). Bombing is to be avoided completely since the bomb abuse for scoring tactic is rarely ever useful in IN. In addition, never die, keep your time counter high and youkai/human meter in check. Timing is essential in this game; make sure you "pop" as many bullets and familiars as possible and graze like crazy for spellcards that allow it. Memorization is essential, but it won't help you if you can't dodge, especially during either of the 4th stages. You really won't be able to abuse streaming in this game if you're playing for score (unlike UFO, SA, etc). Some bullet speeds are just insane (extra stage, stage 6), and combined with the Lunatic density will make you sick to your stomach. Also, the fact that the best scoring character (Youmu) has the most annoying shot type only adds to all of that.

>> No.9232811

Finally graduated from easy modo, and I'm doing alright, I guess, on normal mode, but I'm trying to beat the games in order. Not sure if this is helping or hindering me yet. I've been kind of messing around practicing each of them, but EoSD is the one I'm the most serious about.

Before, when I couldn't get past Sakuya on easy mode, I tried playing normal a bit to see how far I could get, and usually died at Patchy. Now, I'm having the problem where I can finally make it to Remilia's stage, but I usually die right away. I've tried playing it on hard to make myself better at the spellcards, but I'm not sure if this is helping me out at all, but I am dying at Patchy again. Not sure what that means if anything.

What's good practice for EoSD, or am I aiming too high for my first completed Touhou? I'm ok at PCB, but the others I'm kind of crappy at.

I have played the photo games, since I've seen that suggested in these threads a ton, but I feel like I've plateaued. Not sure what I can do to improve other than just playing over and over and over again.

Also, I mostly play ReimuA if that matters. Is there a better strategy? I've tried playing as Marisa but she's a little too fast for me to keep track of her AND the bullets on-screen.

I probably don't use bombs enough. I have a tendency to want to save them, but I do use them. Just probably not enough.

>> No.9232829

I use an Xbox 360 controller. I don't own an xbox, but that's what was available to me. So far it's improved my dodging/etc.

>> No.9232945
File: 161 KB, 550x785, 4d2068cbd0e071831b44791bdeefc2ce.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wouldn't play hard mode unless you can consistently 1cc games on normal mode first. Also, EoSD is pretty easy in my opinion, so I don't think you're aiming too high. Just keep playing on normal mode. Don't worry about improving so much, just keep playing and have fun, and soon you'll be much better without even realizing it.
You might want to try ReimuB. She has the highest damage output in EoSD, and she's nice and slow.

>> No.9233230

Played STB the past few days, and progressed from level 4 to level 8. Guess my skills have come a long way since I last played it. I managed to clear Yuyuko's blue spell, which I'm pretty proud of. Any tips on beating Mei Ling's kicking cards? I've been trying to lead her around the edge of the screen, but it just doesn't seem to be working.

>> No.9233323

Thank you, I will try to just take it easy and enjoy the game. You're right. I shouldn't worry about catching up to everyone else's level. Thanks, anon!

>> No.9233390

Touhou 9 is good for increasing your raw dodging ability since the bullets are always different, and the intensity ratchets up within a minute of the round starting. Not so good for other things like practicing streaming.

I'm a firm believer in variety. I'm always rotating 2-3 bullet hells rather than grinding any one of them.

>> No.9233430

I just started using Dark Burunyanman.
What does his held down shot do? Just makes him glow?

>> No.9233501

Ah never mind, it controls Toraneko

>> No.9234591

I started playing PoFV half an hour ago and I have no idea what's going on. Especially the charged attack and bomb. I figure they have something to do with the gauge at the bottom of the screen, but what exactly?

>> No.9234595

I mean, I know the gauge strengthens them, but besides that I have no clue. Also, how do the enemies keep pulling the Dragon level cards left and right? I barely get a Fairy by then.

>> No.9234729

Do you even touhouwiki? Seriously, guys...

>> No.9234736

I do, but it didn't quite explain it well enough. I see the charged attack seems to have the same effect as bombing, but with an extra special attack fired from me as well. And it doesn't completely empty the gauge.

>> No.9234900

Any tips for Donpachi? I somehow manage to clear the first stages, sometimes even not get hit when I'm very lucky, but start credit feeding on stage 4.

>> No.9234906

Why don't you try hard?

>> No.9235160
File: 1.59 MB, 1000x1415, youmu+ced9bef5bd0c813e528c928aaaba2c6b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

After a long, long break from PCB I got drunk and suddenly decided to play as MarisaA. My first playthrough as her, by the way. Everything went... well, in a drunk way.
Nice captures and then laughable mistakes. And then nice captures again. Also random bombs and border breaks at the empty start of the stage. Yeah.
If someone interested, here:

Any advices are very welcome. Maybe I am making some really obvious mistakes?

>> No.9235955

>Maybe I am making some really obvious mistakes?
Playing drunk.

>> No.9235970

You can use magic by charging or quickbombing. Charging depletes the level of the spell minus 1 (level one is free), quickbombing depletes the gauge entirely. You can get free level 4 (dragon) cards through points as explained in >>9213993

>> No.9236036
File: 71 KB, 640x484, mofextra.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can anyone give me advice for MoF Extra stage portion? Especially the part where the fairies that fire green walls at you. Can anyone make a foolproof NDNB replay of only the stage for me with ReimuB, please? I've been struggling on it so much.
Pic related. 90% of my runs end here.

>> No.9236050

Are you actually trying to NDNB it? If not, there's absolutely no reason not to bomb pretty often during the stage.

>> No.9236075

Yea, I can perfect the boss already, so I thought "why not learn the stage too?". But that's proving to be frustratingly hard for me.

>> No.9236096

How come when I get past stage 4 on IN it stops the game and doesn't let me go to stage 5 and 6?

>> No.9236255

What do you mean, "it stops the game"?
Is it crashing, or maybe you have the demo version?

>> No.9236283

Use ReimuA and the stage portion pretty much beats itself.

>> No.9236309

Made a replay for you:
Not sure if it's the best route but it worked for me when I played NB ReimuC which is basically the same thing. Ignore the Suwako fight (2 misses), I've been playing terribly today.

>> No.9236347

This happens for me too; if he's talking about what I think he's talking about.

Playing as Reimu on IN, I made it past the Marisa stage, and then I got bad end #9. Is it because I used continues, or is that where it ends on Normal? Did I do something wrong?

>> No.9236365

Thank you. Hopefully I'd learn something from this.

>> No.9236409

Oh, yes it's because you used too many continues. You know how it shows the time at the beginning and end of every stage? If you go past 5:00 AM, it's game over.
Using a continue uses one hour (or maybe it's a half hour, I forgot). Also when you complete each stage, the time will go up by one hour. That is, unless you collect enough time points. Each stage has a different number of time points it wants you to collect. It shows this to the right, underneath "Point" you'll see "Time". If you collect enough, the time will only raise by a half hour after the stage is completed instead of one full hour.

>> No.9236513

Oh ok, that makes sense. Thank you.

>> No.9236832

I can decently handle a lot of Ran's stuff, but a couple of her spell cards absolutely destroy me.

I think it's one of her first spell cards, the one where a whole bunch of those rice-bullets-that-point-to-where-they're-going slowly start falling from her and then start bursting in from the sides of the screen. If I stay in the bottom center, where it takes the bullets the longest to reach, I eventually get totally overwhelmed with bullets when they arrive, but I always end up dying whenever I try to go off to the sides. Is there a general trick to it, or do I just need to get better at dodging?

Also, that spell card where she teleports on top of you over and over and fires off a bunch of bullets in all directions with a particularly large stream of bullets aimed straight at you? I can dodge it will enough, but then I never end up doing any damage, and since she goes faster and faster and faster as time goes on, I don't want to try timing out the card. What's a good strategy to it? Trying to make it so she teleports higher up on the screen while I shoot from below her on the screen just doesn't seem to be working, as I can never get in a position to shoot her for very long at all before I have to dodge. Trying to STAY below her ends up with me getting trapped at the bottom of the screen.

>> No.9236879 [DELETED] 

Well I finally did it, my 2nd 1cc ever. I had a few retard bombs especially my completely random one on Aya's stage. I honestly can't believe I beat it, I went into Kanako's last 2 spell cards without any practice (which is evident as I quickly find out bombs are useless on the last card). Well it's really embarrassing and sloppy but it's a 1cc.


>> No.9237102


Nevermind, I just beat it!


PCB's Extra gives you a FUCKTON of resources. I fucked up a lot, and I think I even died once with a full stack of bombs, but I still managed to make it through. This is the first time I made it to the Time-Out spell card and her final spell card. I did see some YouTube replays of this FOREVER ago, but I don't remember them well at all. Some part of my brain thinks that watching replays as you're trying to beat something counts as cheating, which is a really dumb thought, but still, I didn't watch any replays as I tried to make it through this.

Which Extra Stage is the next step up in terms of difficulty? I have a feeling this is one of the easiest ones.

>> No.9237714

Well, the Extra in EoSD gives a lot less resources, so you might want to try that.

>> No.9238781


EoSD was actually the first Extra Stage I beat, as Flandre's theme was what originally drew me to Touhou and I heard it was one of the easier ones anyway. EoSD and PCB are the only games of which I've cleared the Extra Stages.

>> No.9238825

TD, MoF and IN

>> No.9239069


Were you just fucking with me, or what? Just tried a few attempts at TD's Extra, and holy FUCK it's hard. I'm bombing constantly.

Is Sanae just shit at the Extra, or is there a specific trick to everything that I need to figure out?

>> No.9239088

Once you get past the initial scare of the danmaku being fucking weird shapes, its pretty easy. Its like 90% streaming.

>> No.9239104

It's fucking hard at the start because you don't know what to do. When you remember where the fairies spawn, you can kill them before they shoot. That makes it easier than any other stages. All the boss' noncards and spellcards are easy as fuck. There is only 1 hard card in TD's extra.

>> No.9239180


>When you remember where the fairies spawn, you can kill them before they shoot.

Those fairies that come down from above the screen? As Sanae, I can position myself right underneath them as they come down and they still manage to get a shot off. Considering they come in from different corners of the screen, there's no way I can kill all of them, and I eventually end up cornered and forced to use a bomb. Is there some secret way for Sanae to do more damage, like how UFO's SanaeB's frogs did more damage if you were unfocused?

And then there are the fairies that stream in from both sides of the screen and fire different streams of bullets at you, and the streams get thicker as time goes on. I don't see a way to stream all of them without using a bomb, and that combined with the OTHER bomb I mentioned means I'm already out of bombs by the time I run into Nue.

>> No.9239195

Youmu makes those parts pretty easy mode, Reimu doesn't have too much trouble either. I haven't tried it with Marisa or Sanae but I could see where Sanae would have trouble.

>> No.9239200

>Those fairies that come down from above the screen? As Sanae, I can position myself right underneath them as they come down and they still manage to get a shot off. Considering they come in from different corners of the screen, there's no way I can kill all of them, and I eventually end up cornered and forced to use a bomb. Is there some secret way for Sanae to do more damage, like how UFO's SanaeB's frogs did more damage if you were unfocused?
I used Reimu and i could kill them fast enough.

>And then there are the fairies that stream in from both sides of the screen and fire different streams of bullets at you, and the streams get thicker as time goes on. I don't see a way to stream all of them without using a bomb, and that combined with the OTHER bomb I mentioned means I'm already out of bombs by the time I run into Nue.

You can stream then when they shoot 1-3 streams. It gets harder when they shoot 4 streams but you can go over their head and spin around the screen.

>> No.9239220


I guess I ought to 1cc the game again, with a different character. Shouldn't be too tough, but I don't know how hard it'll be to get used to Youmu's weird charging mechanic. Oh well.

>you can go over their head and spin around the screen

I died every time I tried to do that, but eh, this is my first day at it.

Thanks for your help!

>> No.9239250

Hm. And what's the point of playing sober? No fun.

>> No.9239768

I've cleared IN and PCB extras, and I also find the stage portion of TD's extra to be very hard in comparison. Also Mamizou's animated bullets with animals and shit...I just can't do it. That animated danmaku confuss the hell out of me.
Nue's incredibly easy though.

>> No.9240572

Dear <any Touhou game> Lunatic,

I'm sorry for ever cussing at you, or calling you too fucking hard. Double Spoiler is hard. It starts out as enjoyable, gets really tough by level four, and just gets stupid by level five. Fuck Double Spoiler.

>> No.9241117
File: 190 KB, 780x626, 1335857917005.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Really? Five?
Five is around when stuff gets serious.
Treat it like a puzzle game, some waves of bullets are intentionally incredibly dense to force you to take a photo already.
Double Spoiler is fun!

>> No.9241130

Double Spoiler is nothing compared to Shoot the Bullet.
They are both puzzle games, but while in DS you can avoid most bullets completely with the right approach in StB you actually have to dodge a fuckton of bullets while doing the right approach

>> No.9241819

You haven't met Koishi or Byakuren yet

>> No.9243161

Booted up MoF for the first time in a few weeks and got curbstomped (Minoroko even picked me off a few times). Can't believe how fast I decayed.

So DS is easier than StB? I've reached stage 9 of StB, would I be able to clear, or come close to clearing DS?

>Dear <any Touhou game> Lunatic...
Same here, but replace lunatic with normal.

>> No.9243167
File: 625 KB, 1264x740, hourglass.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why is Hourglass so cool? It's like having spellcard practice for every game, except that you can use it for everything, not just spellcards.

Oh, and you can also TAS with if you feel like it. What's not to like?

>> No.9243171

It's cheating.

>> No.9243175

I managed to get to Eirin/Kaguya in stb, but can't clear a single card there.Not sure which stage that is.
I can beat the spoiler stage of DS though

>> No.9243180

No method of practice is cheating, that's just silly.

It's only cheating if you use it in an actual run.

>> No.9243188

But you don't use it for realtime runs, just for practice and TASing. Savestates allow you to have makeshift spellcard practice and more on games that omit the feature.

>> No.9243190

But it' using a 3rd party program so it's cheating even for practice

>> No.9243206

You're probably talking about hacking and not cheating.

>> No.9243231

Just looked it up and that's stage 9, which means I've actually unlocked 10, so you're not too far behind me in terms of progress. Eirin's butterflies fly to either side of you, not at you; noticing that is what allowed me to clear the scene in question.

>Cheating at practice

>> No.9243332

Soo, anyone happen to have a replay of NDNB stage 3 of UFO Lunatic on hand? Preferably using ReimuA, but anything goes. I've been struggling with the trash mobs for a few days and lost another portion of my dignity.

>> No.9245098



>> No.9245343


Holy fuck Youmu's slash is beautiful. You can clear like 2/3 of the top line of the screen in an instant. I'm already making progress in TD's Extra with her.

I wish it would auto-fire after charging, but eh.

>> No.9245358

Well, Youmu's slash in TD is as broken as MarisaB glitch in MoF