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Who wich touhous is suppose to be the more attractive ?

pic no related because reimu is avearge looking

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Kaguya is canonically the most beautiful Touhou.

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cirno's the most beautiful fairy because she's stupid

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How is best armpits "average" looking?

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Kaguya, Yukari, Yuyuko, Youmu, Sanae, Alice, Medicine, Sakuya, Ran, Aya and Cirno.

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Obviously Okuu

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I'm a girl, btw

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The most beautiful and pure 2hu

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I've always like Reimu's shoulders best of all...

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>Who wich touhous is suppose to be the more attractive ?


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>normal mode

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Who which Touhous is supposed to be the more attractive?

There, happy?

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I still dont get what you are asking.

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Still doesn't makes sense

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99% of them are Japanese looking so I'd say about 1% of them are attractive.

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first of all, stop converting 2D into 3D

secondly, Japanese are the best 3D has to offer

and last but not least, spin out of /jp/

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I favor Komachi the best, but realistically, I think all the gals of Touhou are pretty attractive. Even Rinnosuke.

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beat me to it

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Depends on your criteria. Eirin is probably more "beautiful" than Tewi, but Tewi is "cuter" than Eirin.

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If by "cuter" you mean "disgusting rabbit shit"

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"Tewi is "digusting rabbit shit" than Eirin" doesn't make much sense.

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yukari is pretty attractive

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Dude, no, Sweden is by far the best of 3D

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It's good enough.

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Yuugi is probably designed to be the most attractive touhou because she's an alcoholic like zun.

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I always though Yuugi was the ugliest touhou, I hate that single horn

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Kissing her would suck.

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She looks good in the pictures that don't make her out to be super masculine

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Wouldn't OP's question mean canonically? So fanart would be omitted.

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worst 2hu

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I don't think she looks very masculine in the official art.

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there is the muscular yuugi, the nromal yuugi and the voluptuose yuugi

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I like her having muscles, to a point. I certainly think too much of a good thing is possible. She is very attractive though.

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Buff Yuugi or regular sized Yuugi

Either ways she's still at least 6'5 in my head

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Agreed, she's gotta be one of the tallest, along with Kanako and Ran.

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>there is the muscular yuugi [. . .] and the voluptuous yuugi
Then there's both

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Everyone knows loli Yuugi is best Yuugi, nerds.

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I don't like to sexualize touhous but Yuugi is the most sexual one

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There's no touhou I want to fuck more than Suwako, so I guess she's the most attractive.

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Do you think she'd let you try on the hat?

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and there is the giant yuugi

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I sure hope so. It would probably look more stupid than cute on a grown man though.

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Do you think it has a smooth, froggy texture?

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Not true it will always be said that the princess is the most beautiful even if she's butt ugly such as kaguya

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no stupid it's cloth or maybe a harder texture.

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Only dumb normalnerds could say any 3D was "by far" the best 3D, because to a hikitruNEET it's like trying to discern the degree of shittiness different shits have.

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As far as hats go, I want Nitori's hat with the little semen picture on it. Do I get to have one if I become a kappa?

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Do you even shit on the floor?

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No I do it in a bucket next to my computer because I'm not an uncivilized animal.

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I don't really care for them, but I always thought Hina and Byakuren were the most beautiful 2hu

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wich 2hu wuld u fuk

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Normal I bet you take showers too because you're not an "uncivilized animal"

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I only shower when it gets uncomfortably dirty, which might be once a month or so.

And when I say shower I mean bathe, because I find bathing an enjoyable experience. It and sleeping are pretty much my only pleasures outside the internet.

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your not hikitruNEET

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stop bullying me

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All the lolis.

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Suck my cock, dude.

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I would.

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Thank you

you'd be surprised how little returns I got searching "reimu will stop sucking"

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Butch dykes aren't attractive

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the softest one of course

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Obviously most attractive touhou.

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If this is about canon wise who's the most attractive.... then of course Kaguya (she was my fave too for a long time)

Course if your asking about personal preference....

Then it's Seiga, because I'm drawn more to characters who are beautiful, yet dark and sneaky types.

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None other than China.

and maybe Ran.