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Which touhou would you overpower and then force yourself upon.

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None, it's not right to force yourself on anyone.

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You poster her. Fuck, I'd go further than that, and make sure she can never resist again.

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I like you op. I'm currently working in my sims 3 home where my fat and old sim with his black and skinny roommate are taking care of 6 kawaii girls which look like my favorite 2hous. I enjoy abusive relationships.

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worst 2hu
then kill flanshit

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Please don't.

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How many Akyuus could you take in a fight?

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The harder I rape her, the more she likes it...

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Chen, only I don't rape her. We just post in /v/ together for hours at a time.

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I can't get a hardon if she doesn't resist

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You must hate mind break.

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Well, she can, just not very effectively.

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What about her mental powers?

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>being able to resist rapists

I don't care HOW powerful they are, faceless men don't give a shit.

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Probably Satori. I want to reinforce her dislike for humans.

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If by "force yourself" you mean "hug and comfort her despite her panicked, desperate resistance because she thinks I'm another rapist."

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Satori would be my pick. I would like to cum inside her small pussy while she crys and screams insults at me. I would not want to overpower any other Touhous.

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Why do people want to hurt Satori?

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I'm just fascinated by her ability to feel both pain and the pleasure I get from her being hurt.

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She doesn't feel your pleasure, just hears it.

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satorin abuse is mi favroti epic /jp/ mene

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Then why are you so butthurt?

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Stop being mean to Satori-sama!

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I hate to be that guy, but what is this from ? I've seen images with that art style tossed around /jp/ a couple of times already

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Gods need to be taken down a notch

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>janitor deletes good threads
>leaves this garbage

Why is /jp/ so shitty?

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Fuck off nerd I'll beat you up

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Fuck off, this is a good thread.

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I can't danmaku so I'm pretty sure I'd fail even if I tried

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Post lewd tewi pics please.

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M pls go.
This is a S thread

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Bullshit. It wasn't good the first time, and it wasn't good the next hundred times.

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My kinda thread,

as for the touhou would you overpower and then force myself upon.

I like a challenge, so i'll take on the strongest touhou.

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Just because you don't like abuse doesn't mean these threads are bad. Just hide and move on.

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her face is kinda lewd?

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Save it.

I miss Voile so much.

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Save it.

I miss Voile so much.

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Just for you, anon.

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Its not our fault Satorie begs for abuse. Tell her to stop those activities.

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No she doesn't. If she actually wanted abuse, you fuckers wouldn't like hurting her so much.

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Voile was only really against guro threads. This kind of stuff isn't guro.

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I don't mind if you sexualize them, but abusing hem is wrong.
You're a shit person.

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I seem to remember him attacking abuse threads too.

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Now one is making you look at this thread and cry about it you submissive faggot begging to submit to another male making it more of a power trip then a woman submitting, becasue they lose their male pride.

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He did a little bit of that and a lot of posting tons of cute pictures.

I'm sure you've got enough to take up the fallen mantle.

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They want to submit, they love it.

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Fuck you. I'm so sick of everyone in every single community hating me for my fetish. Just fuck off already. I don't directly judge others for their fetishes.

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And i remember it was only guro, i guess it's your word against mine.

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I only want to forcibly cum inside her hairless pussy because she secretly wants to be dominated.

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But there are plenty of communities who are into abuse.

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Agreed, people have not problem with femdon thread but god help you it's it a male domination thread.

We are not the politically correct sadist.

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I would also like to cum inside Satories unused anus. Then watch my semen drip down her vulva and on to the carpet.

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I'd turn the tables on Yukari

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I would like to be dominated by Remilia.

I would like to be dominated by Flan... buy only if I was Hercules or Atlas.

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Oh, don't you even start that "GOD STOP PERSECUTING MY FETISH" bullshit.

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lighten up /jp/, you sound like a bunch of little girls.

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I'd turn the tables on Yukari

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I want to force mokou to wear a skirt like a proper lady

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that is basically what everyone is saying, if this was a femdom thread with women and boys no one would give a shit.

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I dont think anyone gives a shit anyways. Its only a couple Satorie faggots crying that people like their touhou in a different ways. AKA STOP ENJOYING THIGNS.

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It wouldn't matter who it was.
People don't like Touhous they like getting hurt. It's not very hard to understand.

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I hate abuse, but I like this image for some reason.

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I can't believe Oyster hasn't made a Touhou doujin yet.

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They like raping or humiliating them, but don't you dare abuse them.

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The same people don't like rape or humiliation either.

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Probably because the look of shock and confusion is cute.

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A personal favorite

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Normals are everywhere, crying about how everything isn't politically correct.

I am a beaner and i didn't go crying about the wet back thread yesterday.

I don't agree with racism but i am not about to be a crying faggot about it.

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> Doesn't agree with racism.
> On niggertits.
> laughing_negroes.jpg

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Depends on the abuse. I personally dont care much for physical abuse. I like lolis because they are cute, blood and bruses are not cute.

I would play a game with exploding lolis though. So its a complicated line.

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People complained about abuse threads LONG before /jp/ got infested by normals. Try again.

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Holy shit crawl back where you came from you crossboarding scum.

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>>9202610 here.

These threads don't suck because of what they're about, they suck because they're the exact same posts and pictures every time. I might have misspoke about them being bad from the start.

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>thinks Costanza is something new.

Been here all summer?

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> Implying I haven't been here all summer.

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fair enough.

whether their normals or not, they are still pushing their morals into others, that makes them normals even if their some lolicon neet autistic.

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Sharing a few traits with normal people doesn't make you normal.

I push my morality onto people all the time. Any of you faggots touch my pure 2hus, I will hunt you down and give you a stern telling off.

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fair enough.

Whether they are normals or not, they are still pushing their morals onto others, that makes them normals even if their some lolicon neet autistic who failed at life.

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I just want to forcibly inseminate Satori against her will. Whats wrong with that?

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The "against her will" part.
Come now, anonymous. You shouldn't ask questions you already know the answer too.

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I cannot disagree with passion. Just understand that every person is entitled to their sick fetish.

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You implying that you cant rape the willing? Sure her body is saying yes but shes would still be screaming NO.

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>Whats wrong with that?
only low betas think like that. a real man would make her crave his cock without having to force himself on her.

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But you have to give her a taste of your cock, repeatedly before she will crave it.

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Same. I'd rather not have something that leaves a large scar or marking that would ruin the beauty of the subject.

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>Just understand that every person is entitled to their sick fetish.
Nobody is entitled to anything.

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Any of you guys seen Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom?

I'd like to do that, but with a group of Touhous.

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Sorry you like in a shitty 3rd world country but in in the USA, FUCK YEAH, we do things differently.

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yeah, in the usa you get to jail/hell for sick fetishes because the church said it's evil.

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Salo was too well directed.
It actually disturbed me a little.

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>shitty 3rd world country
Come on, be a little nicer. They've taken to calling themselves ``Europe'' now, and it's our duty to help the less fortunate. The USA's noblesse oblige, if you will.

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That didnt make any sense.

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You're all scrubs beating on lolis, a real man's victim is Yuugi.

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we are entitled to everything and nothing is sacred.

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> Best country in the world, directly influenced by the Age of Enlightenment.
> Doesn't realize Yurope is still made up of countries with state religions and controlled by Halakha/Shariah law.

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>I like a challenge, so i'll take on the strongest touhou.

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If you have delusions of self-entitlement, gb2Reddit.

You aren't important, you don't matter, and you aren't entitled to anything.

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Go back to Afghanistan.

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1/10 made me reply
keep trying

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Go back to licking my anus.

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>directly influenced by the Age of Enlightenment.
>founded by religious people
>ran by religious government
>bush's statement, atheists aren't real americans because they aren't christians