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Why cant we be friends

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Because you're a fucking muggy little cunt

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Is Kaguya trying to kick Mokou in the balls?

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Kaguya should spend less time playing DOTA and more checking wikipedia about anatomy

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Replied because I love you Alice!

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Stinky immortal hate sex

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Why can't we be friends~?!
Why can't we be friends~?!

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Sorry, but I prefer the lethal weapon 4 version. Man, those were some great movies.


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Summer is here
yeah. I feel so old...

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Why is Mokou so pregnant?

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Slowly, the couple separated their lips… and gazed at each other. 
Shamefully, Louise averted her face.
“Stop staring so much… S-stupid. D-d-dog…”
“Forgive this dog.”
“Stop apologizing. Dog… Stupid dog. This dog’s habit, to look at it's master with such eyes…”
Louise pouted her lips, saying it in a voice that seemed to cry; Saito, before thinking what he was doing, unable to endure it any longer, jumped in and pushed Louise down.
He started to kiss the scruff of her neck, sending shock waves through Louise’s body.
“Sorry. I can’t take it anymore.”
While muttering ‘uwah‘ and ‘noyh‘, he pushed his hand through the gap of her shirt, Louise brushed his hand away.
Louise said in a tiny, tearful voice…
“Not when it’s bright,” She said.
From the outside of the window, the brilliant light of the sun streamed in.
Holding her shirt, Louise did not stir.

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You're not old, anon! We're not old!

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Looks more like a certain sexually confusing Gundam pilot than Mokou to me

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Mokou is way cuter than the moon bitch

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Come on, today is friendship day.
I absolutely need to rewatch them.