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When I look at images like this, I experience a strange feeling. It's like a combination of sadness of pleasure.

Can we have a thread about Touhous being emotionally abused? No guro please.

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I actually know that feeling. Maybe it's sadism.

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booru scum

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Everyone on /jp/ except for you and one other person uses booru sites at least a little you raging autist.

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But I'm not "raging" at all. Don't get your panties in a bunch, lazy ass. It's all right not everyone can be as perfect and wonderful as I.

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I know what you mean OP. Seeing my favorite Touhou characters be sad makes me feel alive.

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woa thats no replies 2hu
i been looking for this shit for ever

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this is my reply

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I'd wish you'd've (I assume it's the same person posting this along with "replied because I love you") actually replied instead of increasing the number of posts

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No, we may not.

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I love this kind of stuff.

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So much for the strongest, what a weakling.

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Which pool was this?

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This thread make me really sad...

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The happy counterpart to this pool is so much better.

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I disagree

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your heart is so dark it sucks the light out of everything

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I can't imagine Mokou abuse being a very good idea. Even though abusing most Touhou characters would be extremely dangerous, Mokou would probably just set you on fire or something.

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It just reminds me of all the threads I have yet to get a reply to ;_;

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If I could somehow manage to make her cry it would be worth it,.

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One of those ends with Yuka holding your decapitated head.

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Marisa's turn.

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I prefer this one.

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This would be upsetting if it wasn't all old shit.
You've got nothing left to hit me with, abusefags.

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The comments on danbooru are hilarious. It's been a while since I've seen so much butt devastation.

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whata fuck man

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Too depressing.

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But it ends with a tiny person yelling. That's the most comical way to end something next to making a fart joke.

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>Stop, I'll have to repeat my class!

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So 1/6 images is comical and 5/6 are depressing.

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Is that an electric clipper?

Oh god please no

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Gaoo is the only artist to really make me upset.

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Yeah, those comments made it felt like /jp/ without being on /jp/.

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It's almost like they aren't emotionally dead like us.

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No bucket for you.

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So 2 out of 5?

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is that ice-9 on her sheet?

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the ultimate toho abuse

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I think it is の not nine, the question is ''What does ice mean?''

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Another horrible thread just before bedtime.

fantastic, fuck this is depressing.

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Now you've gone to far.

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I'm pretty sure Saten is an honorary Touhou.

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Saten is more /jp/ related than any Touhou could ever be.

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[citation needed]

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Post the ``I am a NEET!'' one.

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Neither Touhou nor abuse, but it's still tenuously related.

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I can literally see the edgycool spewing out of you and others in this thread.

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pls go

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newshit memes, get out

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Your failure debases you.

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yes, pls go , click link and go.

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no you go, you get redirected a lot so I don't even need to point.

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click link
and go away

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your own

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That's really wrong. You can't post things like that. Leave Saten alone!!

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Who'd care for a generic himecut anyeways.

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no you don't unerstand

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When trying to figure out why I like this, I realize I've been thinking about it the wrong way. It's not the fact that she's getting hurt that I like, but the vulnerability it implies. And vulnerability is moe. Particularly when you're the source of that vulnerability, like when she's completely ruined if you reject her.

So don't fear if you enjoy this even though you don't like hurting anyone. It might just be that a very strong fire burns within your chest.

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I prefer more morally stable ways of enjoying vulnerability.

Just make sure not to use this as an excuse to abuse though, anon.

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I still think images of Saten being hurt are wrong.

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If I was interested in 3D relationships, I would be a little worried about how my passion for a girl might dwindle down if I manage to make her happy. But with 2D, it's not much of a worry.

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Its just my distaste for 3D talking but I detest 2D abuse even more than 3D.

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why not make your own yogurt then?
no point buying both yogurt and milk, just add more milk to the yogurt you already have and let the cultures go to work. of course it's a bit more complicated but you get the picture.

that way you can just stock up on yogurt whenever you have milk, which is pretty much always for most. so you won't end up in this situation

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Pretty sure OP is going to turn half of these into 'please respond' or 'no replies' ones.

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So this is how I get girls to like me!

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Godspeed, friend.