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What about having a thread where we actually fill the thread with beautiful Yukari-images, /jp/?
The answer is 'yes'

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I like how I killed this thread in one fell swoop.

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All my Yukari pictures are NSFW, sorry.

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What if beautiful actually meant ``covered in semen'' ?

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Such majesty. Such elegance. If 3D women had but a tenth of her bearing, the world would be an even greater, funner place to live in.

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I already killed this thread stop responding.

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Death? Yukari can change that.

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goddamn yukari is old and disgusting.

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/v/ please go

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I agree, frilly Yukari is gorgeous.

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Yukari is the worst Touhou. Mary-sue

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cry me a river.

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Why are there eyes in her gaps?

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What has Yukari actually done except for sleep and fuck Ran?

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I heard she set several touhous up and made run for it when moonbitches turned out to be Mary Sues.

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She gets junk from our world and brings it to gensokyo
like xboxes and traffic signs and shit

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What has Yukari got to do with traffic signs?

I know she pulls them out of a boundary but why traffic signs in particular?

Did they appear elsewhere other than in IaMP?

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How does it feel being a secondary?

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No, he's worse, a tertiary.

Probably calling Yukari a Mary-Sue because the fandom likes to rank her as "lol most powerful 2hu bcos manipulate boundary of win/loss".

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Did yukari gap switch her feet or something?

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yukari a shit

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I think that at one point in the history of Gensokyo, Yukari was grimdark.

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You think everything is grimdark, Anonymous.

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Anyone read this? I found it pretty interesting.

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I for one, will contribute to this thread.
Yukari is lovely!

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Tried reading it, and I guess I can see why someone would find it interesting, I found it too far fetched and dropped it pretty quick.

The idea of Yukari trying to subdue a powerful Ran and make her into her servant has it's charms, but I feel it clashed with their current relationship too much. But then again, I didn't read it all.

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What's the best Yukari doujin?

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Congratulations, I think.

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quick bump, I will try to come back and post more later

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To be married to three such lovely ladies. Ohh...

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It would clash with their relationship entirely, something can only become your shikigami when it's so weak in comparison to you that it simply has no chance at all in a fight. In other words Ran was about as powerful as a fly against her. Her offering such a relationship to Aya implies that Aya is a joke against her too.
>run for it
She already knew they were overpowered, the plan was never to fight them. She said it herself that winning a fight against them is impossible. The plan was to distract them with reimu and company and steal things. She and Ran mostly fucked up but Youmu and Yuyuko got through.

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>Yukari poseeraa.jpg
Back to ylilauta with you!

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I'm no expert on the shikigami thing, but as far as I've understood yes, something needs to be weaker than you in order for it to become a vessel for your powers, serve you and all that other stuff.

I've always though of it like this; the nine tailed fox is a super powerful divine being in japanese mythology, generally unsurpassable, and in order to show just how otherworldly Yukari is, ZUN made that beast her servant.

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Is this "beautiful" enough?

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14th best Touhou.

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Talking about that Yukari vs Ran tohonifun doujin, I didn't feel it clashed with their current relationship at all, you can just assume it has been a long ass time since then or Yukari has gotten that much more powerful etc

I like to pretend that doujin is canon, cute story

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That'd be fine, but the Scarlet Sisters are in that doujinshi too, right? They are about 500 years old. That's not a very long time.

But each to their own, we all have our own Gensoukyou, or so to say.

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I personally like the idea of Yukari raising a relatively young Ran into what she has become now. I know that might technically seem unlikely seeing how Yukari treats Ran most of the time, but as Yukari says it herself, it's part of her role as Ran's master to discipline her, and if she didn't Ran would suffer from it.

I am also very fond of family-centric stories, I am easily touched by them. Yukari raising Ran, and Ran raising Chen the same way is a very sweet story to me. I know they are probably rather implausible from a canonical point of view, but I can still enjoy them for what they are.

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How do you feel about Necrofantasia /jp/?
I think it's strangely nostalgic for some reason, slow or sad arrangements always makes me feel sentimental.

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It's one of my favorites.
I find it a bit melancholic too.

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I sometimes think it can be too much, depending on the arrange.

But it can also have this really overwhelming feeling to it, which is why I think it suits Yukari very well. ZUN is really good at writing songs for characters, and Necrofantasia is a good example.

I generally think that ZUN is good at portraying really strong, sometimes almost omnipotent characters while still keeping them interesting. Maybe it's because Touhou isn't about power-levels to begin with, but either way, I like Yukari a lot solely because of this.

Not everyone will agree, but whatever.

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Best looking
Most interesting personality
Ridiculous power
Classy clothing

Yukari is the best.

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I love it. It's a crazy song.

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I like how that explanation almost gets close to the real explanation and then evades it entirely.

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There's an explanation as to why she uses sign posts?

I just love seeing them in pictures with Yukari though. I don't even know why, but somehow it marks her connection to the outside world, and the fact that she's actually able to just reach out with her hand, and grab whatever she wants in the entire world in case she ever needed a weapon.

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That's the word. Both Youyou Bakko and Necro-fantasy were very grand and tense and felt like any real extra themes should feel, but then Necrofantasia takes this feeling to a completely new level. I think it outlines the character more than anything.

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Because it's cool as fuck. Would you want it to just be a black void?

I bet that if you ask ZUN he'd say something like "well, when you think of scary or mysterious things, it usually involves you being watched by something unknown, doesn't it?"

He always says stuff like this. And, apparently, loves to use "when you think of".

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I think the hands and the eyes might symbolize how Yukari can reach anywhere and see anywhere with her gaps. Or something like that.

And that in itself is actually sort of frightening, right?

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I think it's simple, really. Signs create an indistinct boundary, a barrier. "Wrong way", "No U-Turns", "Welcome to Gensokyou Pop. Plenty", "No Smoking", "Mind the Gap", "Bridge Unsafe", "Men at Work". Each of those signs changes your perception of your surroundings, makes you aware of a barrier that isn't actually there, alerts you to the future, grants you knowledge. A sign is an appropriate tool for a youkai of barriers, borders, and distinctions.

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There's a comic for that.

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So true. I had this feeling myself too, like the symbol of the sign and Yukari go so well together, but I can't put it into words. Thank you for doing exactly that.

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Why does Yukari abuse Ran and treat her like an object?

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A shikigami is an object tied to your soul. It can be anything, and it's supposed to be used as a tool. It's sort of like an extension of your own powers.

And I would argue that Yukari doesn't see Ran as an object as much as she is just strict about Ran being mindful of her role.

Not that there's much of a difference, superficially.

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Ha! Thanks for answering for me. Good job.

Yukari using a train (and Retrospective of 53 Minutes being on a train) is also the same; trains are the method that gets you from point A to point B, the thing that traverses the boundary between them.

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Ran might as well be her fifth limb.

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If you've read that Yukari "abuses" Ran then surely you've read her rationale behind punishing her as well; they're in the very same article.

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And gravestones mark the passing between life an death? She uses those as projectiles too, incidentally.

Gravestones and signs can also have that desolate feeling to them, they were put in place by humans so serve their purpose, and even if the things they mark were to be long forgotten or abandoned they still remain there.

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How about some canon loli Yukari?

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I forgot to add the final notion that that's why they add well to Yukari's character as someone who is off-putting and a bit frightening. Not that that had anything to do with this specific subject.

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i have an important question /jp/

Purple or yellow eyes?

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What I read was a poor excuse to justify animal cruelty.

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You are buying the stuff Aya writes?
How naive.

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I want to read this.
I am mildly...interested sadly, I think that's sad that Yukari would treat Ran like an object. She's too adorable.

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They're yellow, purple is fanon garbage.

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They're purple in PCB though.
For me it depends a lot on style she's drawn in. I generally prefer purple, but it's a sensitive color so that depends on the shade. Yellow is a safer card but well-done purple eyes is the best. What I don't like about yellow is that it's a bit too plain looking for her.

I sometimes see her with red too, which is okay, since that's usually just used for emphasis.

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ー boundary of yesterday and today