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Fuck cat girls
foxgirls is where it is

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Replying because I love you Satori

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I would treat Ran like a princess.

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Do you really have to bump each thread too?
Can just stealth sage, nobody will know.

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>Fuck cat girls

Don't mind if I do !

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But then no one else will reply

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I'd tenderly love Ran.

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I wanna sniff Ran's butt!

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I like dog ears the most, but Ran is my favorite animal-eared Touhou if you don't count Wriggle.

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As far as I'm concerned Wriggle always counts.

Best foxgirl.

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I want to rest in her lap

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Ran and Chen would fit perfectly into the cast of Dog Days

If season 2 had them drawn in the background or something I would be super excited

the show needs a foxmilf. It already has a fox with big tits

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Is that show good?

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Love you long time.

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If you like animal-ears, absolutely amazing voice actors, and lots of action, its amazing.

It's created by the same guy that created Nanoha.

The bluray rips are available on TT by FFFpeeps in a batch either 720 or 1080. Grab them so you can be ready July 7th for season 2.



There are all kinds of super cute kemonomimi in it. Anyone who is a fan of the animalgirls in touhou owe it to themselves to watch it.

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>not going full kemono

You people are all secondaries and you don't even fucking know it. All of you.

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Fancy you should mention that because Ran fucks catgirls too.

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Why does Ran wear underwear on her head?

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This picture is fucking adorable.

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Fox girls are as overdone as catgirls. Tanuki girls are the best. Shame touhou has the worst one.

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I kind of feel squirrle girls should be lumped in with tanukis

kind of the same tail

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You're a funny guy.

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Ahri > Ran

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Let's be honest here,

As adorable and loving as Ran is, and as much as everyone thinks she's great, having her around would be a pain in the ass.

Her tails would shed all the time and leave hair all over your furniture and carpet. If you want to sleep with her, your bed will be covered in fur

and it will be hard to breathe with all of Ran's dander all over the place. If you go to give her a bath because her tails have fleas, or because

they're dirty from scraping along the floor (let's face it, it's impossible her back muscles could be developed enough to lift all that weight off

the floor), then you have hair clogging your drains. You would have to wash her off outside with a garden hose.

Own any nice clothes? They aren't nice anymore because now there's yellow hair all over your suits. Yellow hair is the worst, it doesn't blend with

anything, so now you can't get a job since your interview suit looks shitty and now you don't have any income.

On top of that, she's a fox. Have you ever smelled a fox? They smell like skunks, no joking.

Sure, she may be loving, but there's alot to think about before you let her into your house.

When she's in heat, she will make weird noises and give off a bad smell, and if you have sex with her, you have to worry about lifting up those huge

heavy tails to reach her equally furry vagina, and the whole time you're pounding her from behind you have a faceful of fur and unwashed poopstink

from her using the bathroom and you can't breathe. If you cum on her, jizz wont come out of her fur easily, so you must bathe her. Also, you have to

listen to this:


Do you still want a Ran of your own, /jp/?

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What if I love both?

I hate dog girls though.

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i smell everynight with my two dogs
i can deal with a little of fur

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Hell yes

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>Also, you have to listen to this:
eh i don't think it sounds bad, sometimes it even sounds cute.
besides, she wouldn't really bark, at least not in the way real foxes do, she has human vocal chords and stuff.

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I have no idea if there are any squirrel girls other than these two.

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dog days 2 will have a whole race of squirrel people

their tails rival even the fluffiness of fox tails

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If she loves me that's the only thing I really need. I can put up with that as long as she loves me, no problem.

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Too bad the the squirrel sounds like a banshee

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make a geocities webpage about it, newfriend

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is it weird that I don't like animal girls at all? I guess bunny ears are kind of cute but I don't see the appeal of tails.

there's a tanuki 2hu?

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mummyy is so lewd~

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No, mommy is not lewd...

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it's mamizou
she's okay.

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post the ellen degeneres one

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Eh? Mommy is mommy. Don't be silly!

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If Ellen would actually dress up like Ran on the show one day, it would be pretty fantastic

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Oh hey Shinku's cousin gets to fight too. cool.

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Foxgirl? Is this some weird sick fetish or something?

Whatever it is, it sounds pretty creepy.

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Boner why you betray me like this

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Don't you want a super cute and sexy Ran dakimakura of your own?

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Why is it such a tradition to start a thread with an inflammatory comment?

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those floppy ears and pajamas