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What sort of laptop will suffice for a CS degree? A 300 bucks one? Will it run touhou? Will it /prog/ well?

please respond

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second hand thinkpad

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>Will it run touhou

Nigga r u serious? I could run touhou on a toaster.

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By the way Opie, get a used desktop off ebay.

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> CS degree

son, if you don't know what laptop you want, then a CS degree is nothing for you.

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dad tell me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

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Macbook Pro.
All real developers use one.

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Retina Macbook Pro

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>CS degree
why so autistic? Make an arts major for taking it easy

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g8m3r kidz and people who browse /g/ ``need'' fast computers.

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What the fuck is a gatemer?

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The importance of computers in Computer Science is overstated.

Touhou runs on anything.

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Maybe he meant Gateman.

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You can program and play Touhou with a fucking Pentium 4. Buy whatever you want.

Okay, maybe a second hand Thinkpad.

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second had T60
how get out

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OP I have a T60 for sale if you're interested. $150.
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