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How fit are you /jp/?

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deadlift 55kg
bench 60kg
squat 70kg
overhead press 30kg (lol)

I'm hoping I can progress past 2x BW squat by the end of year.

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I bench 110kg for 5 reps

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Doing better. My PCT is still bugging me to join a gym but they are expensive as HELL and I would rather walk,

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That's because you are a homo.

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I get winded walking up the stairs.

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The last time I ran to get in the bus on time I puked 20 seconds after geting in after 2 min of exercise, that fucking fit.

Fuck coffee, fuck booze, fuck my life in general.

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6 reps by the way

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How do you do top-secret grocery runs in the dead of night if you can't run?

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5'11" and I weight this much, not really healthy

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he flies through the air, and if anyone gives chase, then it's danmaku time

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I'll start getting in shape tomorrow

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pssh, I'm 6'5" and weigh ~135 lbs. I blame a super fast metabolism and eating two meals a day for the past three or so years due to stretch what little money I have.

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at least you showed those /cgl/ers that it's possible to have a 24" waist.

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So /jp/, lets say you get to Gensokyo. Do you fly around drinking and playing danmaku, or do you stay in your house all day drinking by yourself and looking out of the window at cute little girls?

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But you would be a cute little girl.

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I remember saying that last week. The week before that...

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I venture into the forest and either become food for this lovely lady and her friends, or become a hermit.

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Can I do both? One day fly around and drink, the next stay in and drink?

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Be inspired by Sudo

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i train 8 hours of muay thai a week usually 2 and a half hours at a time.

so fairly, i am also stringy though because i dont eat.

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Looks about right.

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What happens if you stop eating?

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175 cm
136 lbs

I guess i'm the average nerd/wimp.

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I'm 5"8' with very little body fat and pretty much no muscle. Fluctuate between about 120-130lbs.

For you fucking brits that still think I'm talking about currency when I say pounds, I'm about 8-9 stones.

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not fit at all, thanks for reminding me. i miss my old body (well at least its muscle mass, the rest of it was as shit as it is now) ;_;

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My diet consists of whiskey and cigarettes.

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depends, you either start cutting and lose body fat (as long as you maintain protein supplements)

...that or your muscles begin to catabolise

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you forgot the part where you die

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usually a mix of both.
and then you die.

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Fairly. I can run for a short while and recover quickly enough, I can lift heavy things, and I am flexible, however I built up a ton of belly fat since 4chan started existing. I used to be like 80 pounds lighter doing only like 50 push ups every other day. I stopped exercising beyond stretching and I became like this.

How do I lose weight so I can do pushups again? I'm not weak, but I weigh more than I can lift more than 5 times now.

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Eat less calories.

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>since 4chan started existing

You been here since 03'?

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I'm 0.0092 furlongs tall and weigh 15000 Greek drams.

Phew, I think I managed to fit in with the archaic and stupid measurements in this thread.

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I've been here since 98, nerd.

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eh it's not that simple.

tl;dr: helathy diet (no starving), exercise. read up on that stuff.

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why do little girls have to work out?

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iv been here since usenet gaylord

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>I'm 0.0092 furlongs tall and weigh 15000 Greek drams.
So which countries still use those on a regular basis again?

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You die

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I don't know, probably the US.

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i beat you all, i've been 'here' since 1990.

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Can you please translate that into cubits, or atleast stones?

I'm sorry, they don't teach anything else over here in British schools.

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Death by starvation is the best death for a pure maiden like me.

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I meant 1898, dweeb.

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The United States has never used drams and furlongs have been out of common usage for a long time. You wouldn't use furlongs for such a small length anyway.

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My dad is Richard Stallman, Bill Gates is my uncle, also Steve Jobs was my janitor and Moot is my friend.

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Skinnyfat is the worst purgatory weight. How do I lose everything and be left with only skin & bone? I already eat under 1000 calories a day and do light exercise and have been doing so for more than a year now. I'm 5'11" and 140 lbs.

Help /jp/ ``please''

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Looks-wise or performance-wise? I'd say I look pretty fit. I get winded really easily though sometimes. Not really sure why.

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It's quite hard to go through with it though, unless for some reason you literally cannot obtain food.

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3.5 cubits and 10.3 stone.

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Egyptian cubits of 52.9cm, I should specify.

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I'm only 165cm, yet 72kg. My upper body looks fine, but my legs are fucking giant. I don't each that much (about 700-1200 calories a day), but I get literally no exercise.

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lift weights

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How are your deadlifts so abysmal?
You should be doing more than bench easy anyways.

I lift weights for a bit but ran out of money and methods to reach a gym.

I stopped at around 215lb squat, 105lb bench, 195lb deadlift, and 85 or 90lb ohp. I used the 2.5lb weights for that one.

Even then, how much do you weight? Strange how your bench is so high and squat so low.
I don't do much weightlifting anymore, just a small set at home that I use for basic stuff to help body-weight exercises. I'm sure my cardio is ass though. I'd probably die if I tried to run a marathon.

I think I'm decently fit though. Above average in the US anyways.
145lbs, at 5'10"

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``I said ``no'', you ``fucken'' ``nerd''``!''''

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Sadly. I have no idea why either. I've been saying this site was shit since they started that pool's closed bullshit. I blame /a/ for getting me addicted to Fate's ass and pirating anime after I sought refuge there.

If only I could take all this time wasted and apply it to playing video games or something.

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because they can get fat too. Just ask my imouto. (Although it's partially because of her sickly moe)

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/jp/ - Anorexic Culture.

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I want to be skinny, but I like food too much.

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you know, if you drank sake and not beer/grape wine you would be thinner /jp/.

it also wont ruin you like spirits.

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get a load of this weeaboo

``japanese alcohol is superior it has been folded 10000x times and doesnt make you fat!''

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>you either start cutting

you're an idiot, go back to lurking SS threads and reading bro science monthly

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If I could open up a portal to your monitor and slap your shit I would.

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>``japanese alcohol is superior it has been folded 10000x times and doesnt make you fat!''

I think I died laughing, though you know it is because it is mostly water, which is also why it barely tastes like anything.

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Stop that ``shit'', Use the real quotation marks by pressing shift+2

>> No.9166090

i'd like to see you try `nerd'

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You guys still haven't filtered quote anon?

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I lift 6 days a week.

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>not drinking folded alcohol

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stats are

435 squat
495 dead
300 bench

that's in pounds obviously

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Lardass ``powerlifter''?

Look here kid, this is a real man. Bitches don't give a shit about legs. I work out for da bitches. Just need abs, chest, arms and dat dere v taper.

Enjoy your woman ass and thighs.

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Wow that's a huge dick.

>> No.9166110

>Dat dere

I have a seriously hard time believing the misc, and /jp/ share a user base

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bitch please.
everyone knows Vodka is superior, it makes you skinny and gives you super powers.

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i seriously hope you guys don't do that.

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Got me beat.

325 squat
385 dead
225 bench

How long have you been lifting, and what bike are you riding?

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not kawaii at all

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Oldfags pls go

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Both are pretty kimoi.

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I lift for functional strength, not aesthetics.

Imagine one day the building collapses and your "bitches" are trapped under debris. "S-sorry, I've never curled a weight like this before! I only lift for aesthetics! Y-you m-m-mirin?"

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He could just get new bitches with his aesthetics.

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what do you need strenght for though? i'm honestly curious.
unless you have a job or a hobby that requires physical strenght it doesn't impact your life at all. so why bother?

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Maybe I need to fix up on my form, but I've found it quite difficult to progress with my DLs, I've been at the same spot for weeks. If I add a bit more, my erector spinae muscles (on my back) become very sore, unsure if snap city.

But then again, I only do compound lifts, and not isolation exercises, which might also be the problem. My rectus abdominis aren't really that well developed, and this might be the problem, since agonist and antagonist muscles work together in gross movement.

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Just in case.

You never know when you're going to be jumped by a group of well-mannered gentlemen of African descent. In those situations, aesthetics won't get you out of harm's way. inb4 "I'll just seduce them with my body" or some nonsense

It's better to be prepared and not have to use it, rather than needing to use it, and not being prepared

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That's we carry guns in the USA.

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NEETs need to be fit too, and you may as well spend the spare time that you have working towards building up your own body.

It also improves your state of mind (endorphins, etc) so you can 1CC PCB on Lunatic everyday feeling like a million dollars.

What are you waiting for, /jp/?

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Ich bin ein Amerikaner nicht.

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How do I work out without leaving the house or spending money?

>> No.9166222


I don't understand why someone would exercise for strength when a weakling could easily cut their throat regardless.

>> No.9166227

just being strong won't help you either you know. even assuming they won't have a knife/gun/whatever you gotta know how to actually fight on top of that.

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/fit/ autistic weeaboo here. The way to getting fit is moderation - you can't jump from fat neckbeard or Auschwitz mode skeleton to a Arnold Schwarzenegger physique overnight. Start by taking smaller steps, and gradually increase them slowly over time. Motivation keeps you going - if you force yourself to do impossible tasks, you will quickly lose that motivation.

Start with 5 minutes today. Next week, make it 8 minutes. The week after that, 12 minutes. See how you go.

Remember, keeping fit shouldn't impact on your ability to enjoy your hobbies as well. You can enjoy doing what you like to do alongside getting fit, be it playing eroge or capturing spellcards. You'll feel much better health-wise, and it will give you a psychological boost as well. You'll have a better view on life, given that you are less prone to waking up every morning feeling like shit.

I used to be Auschwitz mode as fuck. I started doing compound lifts, mainly squats, deadlifts, bench press and overhead press, initially with very light weights, and I gradually increased the amount I lifted. I didn't rush, I just went my own pace. Now, I can deadlift 1.5x body weight. I went from 54kg (January 2011) to 69kg (now), and I don't intend on stopping until I reach my natty limit (fuck roids, I ain't touching that shit), which I guess should be around 90kg.

After getting fitter than before, I haven't noticed anything like the "you lose time playing touhou if you try to get fit" like all the excuses I always hear from other people. I'm still doing the exact same hobbies I've had before, and I've barely changed, apart from feeling much better of myself healthwise. Right now I'm trying to 1CC UFO on hard, but I always keep getting raped by Murasa.

Good luck, and don't forget your anki reps and touhou practice as well.

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How easy is it to get fit in a way which would leave me skinny but without the fat. I wouldn't like any really visible muscle either.

>> No.9166239

cardio. do treadmill running and squatting.

eat lean chicken breast meat and oats.

>> No.9166241

I hear squatting makes your legs big. I'd like to avoid that.

Thanks for the other advice though.

>> No.9166242

That sounds awfully expensive.

>> No.9166243

Squatting burns calories much faster than running for hours and hours, which can help quickly reduce body fat. But yeah, you'll get big manly legs.

>> No.9166244

>I hear squatting makes your legs big.
it wont, unless you use really heavy weights

>> No.9166246


You're looking at a change in diet then.

Try really high fat, low carb (basically paleo), or really high carb, low fat, (Basically vegan).

Unless your finding the worst things you could possibly eat on those two diets, and you're not being a retard, then you're sure to lose a shitload of weight and have very little body-fat.

Compliment this with a sedimentary lifestyle, and your on your way.

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not the same meal every day, obviously. That was just an example of something that's possible.

>> No.9166250


Your talking to someone who wants to look like a damn female. Not someone who wants to bulk up.

>> No.9166253

Just what makes you think you're going to get big legs if you don't eat big too? You're in no danger of getting "too big" if you don't chow down like a powerlifter aiming for the ultimate pre-comp bloat. Getting "too big" is incredibly difficult. Staying skinny is easy.

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You can lift objects, or people.

I hear in prison, inmates bench press each other, taking turns. At the home, you can find a big rock in the backyard or something. Or something you find in the house.

Pic related - Africans in Africa are poor, yet they can work out using barbells and dumbbells made out of rocks, old tyres and scrap metal.

>> No.9166259

Damn, that's like the Flintstones.

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here's more.

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You would think they wouldn't want to waste calories on working out...

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If this old man can lift LMAO4PLAET, why can't you?

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same goes for this girl.

>> No.9166269

How else will they rake in bitches to have more kids?

>> No.9166271

What a waste. She should be wearing frills and drinking tea.

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pic related would be my favourite african bodybuilder pic

fucking improvised barbell made from rocks and an iron pole

>> No.9166280

is that dried semen on her pants

>> No.9166279

I'm sure Yuugi works out too. I doubt she has weights though, her workouts probably consist of bodyweight exercises and lifting the heaviest things in sight.

>> No.9166282

she might be doing this in her free time. you never know

>> No.9166292

I can cycle some 35km if I push it. I usually go for a 25km trip 3-4 times a week and occasionally swing some 8kg dumbells and do pull-ups.

I suck, but I'm much better than I ever was before going NEET.

>> No.9166293

chalk powder, so she doesn't get calices on her hands

a girl needs to keep her hands soft and pretty, you know? can't have ugly, hard calices.

>> No.9166299

bitch I look like Toguro

>> No.9166305

>what do you need strenght for though? i'm honestly curious.

Nothing. It's just enjoyable to be strong.

>> No.9166306

Alright - /fit/, sticky, read, re-read, lurk, do SS, and for fucks sake, learn to sort through the bullshit. Seriously, everybody on /fit/ has advice but half of it is bullshit.

>> No.9166308

just buy milk gallons
$3 for 2400 calories, lots of protein and vitamin D
chicken breast is like $2 a pound and has a lot of protein

start getting in shape TODAY

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Official /jp/ Rankings ITT:
1. Floor-shitting Wizard TRUNEET
2. Floor-shitting TRUNEET
3. NEET+Hikkikomori (both present at the same time)
4. NEET or Hikkikomori
5. Poser NEET / Freeters ✓
6. Depressed NEET longing for normalfaggotry ✓
7. Normal virgins

>> No.9166312

Save it for the infomercials, buddy.

>> No.9166313

You forgot 7. Normal virgins ✓

>> No.9166315

/fit/ here, read the sticky and do some fucking research before you jump into posting stupid summerfag threads


>> No.9166316

Excuse me, I have a work-out to continue

>> No.9166321

Tell us more about these delusions you've been having.

>> No.9166322

go away, we're all sensitive little girls here

that attitude is unacceptable

>> No.9166318

You must be from neo-/jp/. Old /jp/ consists of people who descended from Mt.Fuji and crossed the oceans by parting the waves.

>> No.9166323

6'' height
205lbs weight
235lbs - bench
315lbs - squat
no deadlifts

>> No.9166324

daed lift is best lift

>> No.9166328

I'm not fit at all, I'm just skin and bones.

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Not overweight but I imagine sitting in front of the computer all day doesn't help my stamina…

>> No.9166331


Y-you too.

>> No.9166334

>4. NEET or Hikkikomori
on the side note, how can you be a hikki without being a NEET at the same time?

>> No.9166337

Working from home, I imagine.

>> No.9166338

Working from home or online schooling.

>> No.9166348

The author of Welcome to the NHK was/is a hikki, yet had a job.

>> No.9166350

I don’t get why this is so technical now.

cant you just hate being outside but see the necessity of it? I mean realistic if I didn’t work I would starve and wouldn’t be able to buy figures and eroge.

doesn’t mean I enjoy myself. other people are lucky to have people who enable them.

>> No.9166352

I'm going to even lift this summer! Ill really do it this time!

>> No.9166357


Work from home.

>> No.9166358


sure you will

>> No.9166455


>> No.9166461

you can sit in front of the computer reading threads/watching anime/reading VNs/whatever whilst exercising at the same time

>> No.9166462

they are even bitchier than we are too, is that even possible within the constraints of a text board?

>> No.9166467

funny thing is, /a/ claims that /jp/ are the shitposters, blaming /jp/ for everyone's woes, and they shitpost themselves

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File: 71 KB, 350x432, Am I kawaii uguu~.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

194 cm
87 kg

>> No.9166482

post %body fat, and any lifting stats.

also you are really tall, jelly of your genetics.

>> No.9166484

I've heard that /a/, like /jp/, has its very own shitposting circle.

>> No.9166485

But then I wouldn't be taking it easy.

>> No.9166489

I say that everyday.

>> No.9166490

are you a girl?

>> No.9166493

but what I'm pissed off about is why does /jp/ have the reputation on all 4chan for being **the** board for shitposting? even though /a/ has plenty of shitposting, why does /a/ not get that same shit?

everyone just dumps their blames on /jp/, when it's not even our fault (finland anons, that steam group, etc)

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I'm an alcoholic but I work out almost every day and I've been doing martial arts for ~4 years.

>> No.9166496

I'm a /jp/sie. It's a category on its own.

>> No.9166503

how can you handle being drunk all the time? whenever i drink something terrible happens to me, and I always get sick like 3 days after from some latent flu or something.

>> No.9166505

You don't stop drinking. That way you won't remember anything terrible that happened to you nor you will get sick.

>> No.9166530

Back when I was a functional member of society I reached a 3 plate bench press and a 4 plate squat, both of which being a single rep.

Today I might be able to bench 225 once, and squat 315 once. Maybe.

I'm 185 cm, 85 kg, about the same size I was while I was a functional member of society serving in the military but today I'm a bit less muscular and a bit more squishy.

>> No.9166534

Military? If it doesn't bother you, would you mind sharing:
1. Which country?
2. What was it like? Did you enjoy it?
3. Were the people "nutjobs" like they say they are? Did you come across any mentally unstable people?

>> No.9166538

oh, oh, oh-- do you happen to be ZUN!bar who went to Afghanistan, and accidentally dropped your trip?

>> No.9166541

That picture is the manliest Touhou I have ever seen. Indeed, it's the manliest person I have ever seen.

>> No.9166544

What's going on with the spoilers?

>> No.9166547
File: 206 KB, 853x1639, 1327967700575.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's pretty easy to prevent hangovers and once you've been drinking for a while it becomes insanely easy to fake sobriety until you're too fucked up to be doing whatever you need to do.

Also drunk workouts are a blast.

>> No.9166548

I like these. any more?

>> No.9166552

Fit enough to cave your face in, nerd.

>> No.9166560

I'd like to see you try, sperglord.

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File: 324 KB, 900x900, 7ad074724861b6e9d825110ee16c6a50.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just things I've picked up over the years. The tagging might be bad on the second pic but here's the first artist.


>> No.9166565


(1) It was the United States Air Force, so it was like the real military with half the calories. Military Lite. (2) I enjoyed a lot of it -- most of the people were pretty cool, and my job was to keep communications alive. It was mostly setting up telephony and network infrastructure. Anybody could do it, really. (3) The people I worked with were mostly pretty sane.

I am not ZUN!bar because I believe shitposting is an endeavor best done anonymously.

>> No.9166566

I used to be pretty normal. It's my secret shame.

>> No.9166567

Do you think ZUN!bar is fit and strong, /jp/?

>> No.9166572

I doubt that. He's doing cardio.

>> No.9166573
File: 190 KB, 450x338, D025.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes. Pic related, it's ZUN!bar.

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>tfw working out in the park
>tfw scaring japanese people
>tfw wiping my ass with their feels

>> No.9166585

My husbando

>> No.9166596

well, since there's no tv, no computers, no internet, and hell no electricity in gensokyo, with it being stuck in a feudal japan period, staying at home would suck, especially if i were the little youkai girl.

i guess i'd either go out to other little girls while avoiding actual villager humans, or go create some mischief to summon reimu squad.

>> No.9166597

How is this anime?

>> No.9166599

I think you missed the wrong board. You're looking for >>>/anime/.

>> No.9166602

We sure owned those chumps, huh.

>> No.9166608
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>well, since there's no electricity in gensokyo
That's what you think.

>> No.9166613

For me, I do not think it would suck to be living in a time with no electronics. If I were NEET I could just relax all day, maybe on the shore of some river or near some swimming hole. I would sleep a lot and probably end up cultivating some kind of mental illness, but I think it would be worth it.

>> No.9166616

Alright, so there's electricity. Where's the internet connection? The HDTV signal for Tokyo MX and TBS? The toilet paper manufacturing factory?

>> No.9166638

thunders are electricity too, but that doesn't mean cavemen could watch shit on their new hdtv or listen to their favorite music cds, or even shitpost on /jp/.

if you're in gensokyo, unless you hang around in eientei you probably don't have access to any technology at all, so hope you enjoy generic villager life.

>> No.9166702

what about the kappas and their technology? don't forget Sanae came from the outside world and may have brought in a mobile phone or something.

>> No.9166715

a mobile phone without reception signal's not much better than a digital clock.

you can't use the internet, and it doesn't have enough power to do anything but write short smses and play snake.

also dunno about kappas, did they say what kind of technology it is? is it something modern and electronics or something more like 18 century "technology", more fitting with the whole feudal period?

>> No.9166797

sa. shiranai yo. if only there was more canon material written about the kappas, because otherwise it's just fanon speculation.

>> No.9166806

a thought though - can mobile signal pass the borders separating gensokyo from the outside world? it blocks physical things, of course, but what about other things? gensokyo is supposed to be located in Japan, after all, only magically separated. I suppose you'd get NTT DoCoMo and Softbank cellular coverage in gensokyo if the border worked that way.

>> No.9166849

without a tower somewhere in the center you probably couldn't get any decent reception anywhere but maybe on the edges. gensokyo's probably too big to get reception all over the place from surrounding towers, if there are any.

i also thought gensokyo's located in a remote area of japan, with little to no houses or villages, so they wouldn't have good reception there in the first place.

i doubt they'd have it located in the center of a big city, walled off with an invisible barrier saying "gensokyo past this point."

>> No.9167164

all natty, 2 years

Im 218lbs though