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When I was new to Touhou and before I learned about Gensokyo or about things like Touhou names I found video about Hong Meiling and because description of that video explained that she is gate guard and because that video name and comments had words like China and Shangai and 17 somehow I understood that she is guarding entrance to Gensokyo located in China.

What kind of silly ideas have you had before you learned more about Touhou?

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I thought Flandre was the most interesting of them all.

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I still believed the strength of a Touhou was proportional to how menacing she looks.

Then I played SA extra.

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Very nice name!

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I used to think that you were supposed to dance around the screen. Then I learned to hold shift all the time.

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I used to think easy mode was unacceptable.

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I thought bullet hell looked lame as fuck, and just played the fighters. Now scrolling shooters are my favorite genre whereas fighters are in like 5th or 6th place.

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The first game I played was SWR and all I remember is thinking that Yuyuko was some kind of annoying mage character that liked rainbows and butterflies and dancing.

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I thought perfect cherry blossom was the name of touhou. Then I learned there were other games.

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i used to think that alice was in love with marissa, but then i took a /jp/ to the knee

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But it's true.

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No it's not. There is no canon evidence.

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I thought Alice had a personality and that the in game art was at least as good as most fan art. Boy do I feel silly now.

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I thought that Ran is female, it's really strange mistake.

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I thought Wriggle was male.

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It's great thread. Why are there so few replies?

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Wriggle is male.

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>It's great thread.
>Why are there so few replies?
That's why.

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I used to think Mokou was the ultimate, hardest final boss because one of the first videos about touhou was imperishable night's extra stage boss.

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I thought Eirin was a boy.

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One of the first videos about touhou I ever saw*

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When I wasn't interested at all, I thought Sakuya was the main character and Reimu was the final boss- my first exposure was Reimu's last word in IN

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I though Youmu was a boy.
And Ran too.

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I thought that touhou has a good community