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Me or pancakes, which do you like more?"

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Why do cartoon characters on /jp/ keep asking me this question?

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I would pick Yuka, but those pancakes look delicious.

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Yuuka thread? ok.

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tfw i thought 2 boobs but 1 boob and side

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Pancakes are garbage. I'll take Yuuka-chan any day!

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I see no boogers.

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I'll have what's under your skirt, Yuuka.

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Do I get them for the same extent of time? Like a lifetime of pancakes? Or is it I only get that stack of pancakes?

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pancakes are gross.

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What is wrong with you people?

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I normally don't hate people for their taste, but you are an idiot.

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I remember a kickass thread back around this time in 2010 where we discussed pancake recipes and other cooking (NEET cooking thread was it?).

Blueberry cheesecake pancakes are the best.

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Yuuka. Now show me waffles and I'll have to stop and think a while.

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Christ, she's going to eat two sandwhiches?

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While I do like Yuuka I couldn't resist the pancake if I was hungry... can't I have a pancake on top of Yuuka? Like really erotically eating it from top of her body?

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You clearly made the pancakes.

Thus, you inherently contain any wonder and joy the pancakes themselves bring. Right there, you're obviously superior.

You. I like you more.

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De kallas plättar, inte pannkakor! Det var bara det jag ville säga.

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Sup Yuuka?

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What is with women and making me choose between them and the things I love?

I like Yuuka more, but can't I have pancakes as well? From you?

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I wish Yuuka would keep me in a cage and force feed me pancakes and love until I've fattened up enough to eat

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You're not real. Nor are the pancakes.

I'm just sitting in my corner, waiting for my goal.

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because the women you love don't want you to be an obese neckbeard and therefore want you to stop eating all that unhealthy food

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Come to think of it, I don't actually like pancakes, I just like the syrup.

So Yuuka, with syrup.

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