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How many of yous niggas is drunk right now? im kinda drunk.

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I am ashamed of it. You will someday too.

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Alcohol is for the impure.

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Not at present, but I'm in here because I'm bored out of my fucking mind so it may happen soon.

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Kind of, mixing always hits hard.

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I already drank my beer ration for today. A 12 pack every two days. I spend more money on alcohol per day than food. Some may say it's a shame, but others understand how drinking is a sweet escape.

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cupcake cabernet in my belly

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You don't need to drink to be happy. Even if it's a job where you see horrible shit. I met a girl a few weeks ago. She was the first thing in my life other than showing up to work that has led me to sobriety.

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Absinthe all day ! Otherwise I cry

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I'd be drunk, but the flu medication I'm on at the moment doesn't mix well with alcohol.

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First time I've been drunk in a month. I drink less than ever now, actually, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy it when I am intoxicated.


Fuck you normal, happy is taking it easy.

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Been drunk about 6 hours now. I really need to break this habit but it feels so good...

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It's fake happiness. I realize that now.

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Also posers: I have been shitposting while drunk on /jp/ for years before any of you even experienced your first hard blackout.

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I'm drunk and hungry

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So what? Whilst we can't reach Gensokyo, let's make our minds believe we are there! truNEET from /jp/ always commented on using drugs and being always drunk as a form of taking it even easier.

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I'm drunk in loneliness

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What exactly is the difference between real and fake happiness? Do you think real happiness in eternal? Everything is in a state of flux, just enjoy what you can when you can.

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Can excessive drinking cause skin problems by damaging the liver? Because my skin has got oilier and duller lately.

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I can't get drunk off of water.

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I'm not old enough to buy liquor ;_;

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Probably, using it excessively basically wrecks every part of your body.


Your imagination must be broken.

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I would like to drink, but everytime it starts to feel good I just fall asleep. Feels like a waste of a good time. Maybe my depression is too much even for alcohol to fix.

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You're welcome.

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I'm drunk on shitposting

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Get a load of this bitch nigga.

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Drink a few hours after waking up, instead of drinking anywhere close to your beddy bye time.

Or just use amphetamines.

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I seriously doubt it.

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Cant drink, gotta work tomorrow.

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OP again, what are you fagggggots drinking? im drinking limeade mixed iwth white rum.

Also i made this picutre of chen. i know i made a bunch of spelling errors, but i dont realyl care. I love you, /jp/ you're all so adorable, even if you don't mean tot be.

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lol somebody just posted this in what I assume is the OP's thread on /a/

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this picture i meant, sorry. Captcha fucked my shit.

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Please tell me you're that guy who went on vocaroo and gave a 10 minute long rant about "I LOVE YOU /JP/".

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I know I'm an alcoholic but I continue to drink because I have no reason to stop.

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Nope. I'm the guy that made all of the fart macros, though.

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Nigga I'm drunk as crunk motherfucker.
Just had me a motherfucking a&w.

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sometimes i think its shitty to be young (23), because it takes quite a bit for me to get tipsy and even more to actually get drunk. Then I imagine myself in 20 years not even being able to handle a 750ml bottle of wine like some of the old people i know and everything is okey again.

anyway i only have under half off a 750ml bottle of some shitty australian vodka that won't even get me tipsy so I might as well save it for another time, especially since I've already brushed my teeth.

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Are you fat or does alcoholism run in your family?
I used to drink 40oz steel reserves or this one brand called "Four O" and that would get me drunk off my ass.

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>40oz steel reserves
The best $2.50 that can be spent.

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an A&W?What the fuck is that? A rootbeer?


Amen nugga

hey /jp/ i just wanna rtell u again how much i love you. I think you are the cutest, cleverest and smartest board on 4chan, by far. I always enjoy spending an evening wiht you guys, and even though many of you are neets and hikkis, Iwant you to know that you're wonderful and that you make this board what it is, every single one of you. I wish you nothing but happiness and easy living. you always bring a smile to my face and a girlish giggle to my mouth. Be proud of what you are, /jp/. You're best.

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op again-I haven;'t poste da thread on ./a/. I haven't beeon /a/ tonight, though I do go to the board quite oten. I've been wathcing mvoeis with my parents.

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You said the same thing in /a/. Fuck off.

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>does alcoholism run in your family?
two uncles died due illnesses related to their alcoholism, grandpa says his lifestyle of drinking has actually lead to his old age(92). Dad was a heavy drinker and he still drinks from time to time. Though I wouldn't consider myself an alcoholic at all (I get drunk maybe once every other week or on bad days), I also keep my dad's words in mind, which is basically along of the lines of "everything in moderation", though he was referring to the 7 sins, not drinking alcohol, but i apply it there too, because it would fall under gluttony anyway.

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meant to quote >>9148723 >>9148534

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Sipping Jim Beam and listening to the greatest album of the 1960s, Revolver. Feels good man.

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This thread made me puke.

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Seriously, I' nm t not the same guy, but, believewwhat you ever want. i do post on /a/ someties, but its not me tongiht.

please just try to take it easy, my friend. I have no reasnt to lie when in anony myous

id o have heartburn though and that sucks

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Drunk here. Zun's European adventures inspired me to try some more German beers.

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drunk/high combo right now, feels pretty good.

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Shit nigga you be twisted.

Ate least thats what someone told me it was when you are drunk and high.

the first and only time i got twisted and i was pacing around a tree for hours someone told me. my friend kept asking me to get incide cause it was in december and i kept going outside.

i then fell on a couch and kept mumbling to myself "i got shit to do today" for about at least 15-30 minutes then i threw up later that night