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I have the power to tell you how subhuman you are depending on which Touhou is your favorite.
Post them and I'll rate you

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0% subhuman, perfect superior being


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Sakuya. Also Eirin.

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Can a non-2hu be a 2hu?

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20% lots of room for improvement

4% great taste

90% reaching critical levels

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>20% lots of room for improvement

How can I improve?

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Considering she's a mamkete and can only take human form, this work.


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It's a three way tie between Cirno, Youmu and Raymoo.

Come at me.

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0% you are also invited to the party of those blessed by excellency

you can't, i lied


95% would be better worshipping a street whore

19% refined but shit

2%, a gentleman, you can serve our drinks

999% sick trips baka

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>lol sanae a slut xD

Thread ended for me right here. You're secondary scum and the most subhuman of all.

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60% subhuman of the hipster variety

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I'm sorry, but has Sanae even engaged in sexual intercourse? Oh, that's right. She hasn't even made contact with a man since she went to Gensokyo. Does not having a cliche tsundere personality make you a slut? Is that what you're saying? Because if you're saying that I can assure you that you're wrong. Sanae is a holy maiden now and she was been the purest maiden in the Touhou series for how long? Reimu is still a whore. Sanae is the best heroine in all of Gensokyo, she has the best design. Sanae almost won the popularity contest in 2012. Maybe you should shut the fuck up before you make retarded posts like this. You know why? Because you're going to be embarrassed when Sanae is proven a better touhou than any other in Gensokyo. Marisa tries to latch on to anyone who would have shown her some books or mushrooms. Are you retarded? Are you autistic? You are a fucking idiot and you should never make a post on this board again and I'm fucking serious. I almost have a feeling you're the only guy making all these anti-Sanae threads because you're a faggot hater who doesn't like a heroine because they're canonically pure. Fuck you, be good at something in YOUR life and then maybe try to troll these fucking idiots on the board, like I give a fuck. It's so easy to spot out your threads now, you're a retard. Always doing stupid shit like this. Why don't you try to be a good poster? Just for once? For once in your fucking life try not to make a post like this. That's just you, you're always right at getting it wrong. Fuck you. You are nothing.

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How come emoting congoers like Mima and Shinki so much?

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Because they're the most well-known touhous from the obscure PC-98 games. It makes them look knowledgeable. How come you can't figure this out?

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Confirmed for awful taste.

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Best armpits.

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85% start googling diy noose knot youtube tutorials with your youtube account

6% china strong almost there

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Have you ever tried to use your awesome powers on yourself?

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Judge at me

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Does this mean I'm perfect and elegant?

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she's weaker than human.

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A tie between Yuugi and Yuuka actually.

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99% it must hurt to live

3% doing good aniki

5% yes, pretty much

65% <3

33% but could be faking, probably a 70%

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give it to me straight doc

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Kogasa and Satori. Please judge me.

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You mean you were taking the rambling of this retard serious for this long?

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She is my favorite by far.

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Why would I want to post my favorite to have some neckbeard tell me his opinion on them

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Didn't you know?
/jp/ is /v/ 2.0 now

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Judge me

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I like Koakuma, she get to spend her time around Patchouli and her outfit is one of the best.

A damn shame there's almost no canon material.

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lost mah pic

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My fav 2hoo

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Hearing other people's opinions, duh 2hard2undestand?

this op knows 2hu alot

I still liek Mokou

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But why would I care about anyones opinion when it's basicly "hahah my tastes are the best and your opinions are shit, therefore I'm better than you!"
It's nothing but ego stroking for no reason and totally defeats to purpose of a opinion

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Welcome to the internet, the point was obvious in the OP

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90% yes, it's really that bad i'm sorry, take 100 mg of rohypnol a day in the mornings

41% kuro

1% shiro

62% but only because your pic gave me a boner

0% you're an exquisite maiden


100% you can kill yourself together with the previous poster

99% very classy but looks better with the cat ears

87% probably, will be exterminated just to make sure

1% excellent, congrats man, flaming brofist

55% too lewd

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These are my two favourite touhous.

Is it possible to have a higher percentage than 100%?

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When they say shit about ours especially in internet who would give a fuck?

thats right, they say shit, we dont care
[well it feels bad tho]

But when our opinions are the same, it actually feels good man

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Is that so, OP?

In that case I'll rate you by your ratings!


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You are pretty nice.
Judging by his postingstyle I'd give him an D-

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What the fuck, man, you couldn't give me the first 100%?


6/10, had me going.

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27% this one was very hard to assess (not an average)

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Mine is Suwako.

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dis lady

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You get a guaranteed response, what's there not to like??

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Can't say that I like replies from /v/-people

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Let's go, I need a decent level to be able to protect her from those who would be attackers.

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I give him ★★★★ for liking Mokou.

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Whoopsie! Of course I meant to say 73%

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Lunasa ...

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what is the name of that purple-haired touhou who can read minds?

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Well, I'm surprised at THAT outcome.

27%? Huh.

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Report him. Global rule 6.

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Oooops sorry, my bad again. I meant 0%

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Nah, it's not Patchouli... and Patchouli is the one that read books all the time.

>> No.9145383

Welp, maximum brofist bro.

Any suggestion to get rid of the 1%?

Uh you called?

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i have none

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PC-98 Reimu

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That's it! Thanks.

you guys are such fags

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0% praise her every day

72% don't sexualize the dead

15% you are on the good road

68% smells like secondaries

90% what are you doing click here to view the original image always view original

0% why are you so perfect, anon?

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ITT: best chen picture ever

If you don't get a negative percentage, this thread is bullshit.

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0% praise her every day

72% don't sexualize the dead

15% you are on the good road

68% smells like secondaries

90% what are you doing click here to view the original image always view original

0% why are you so perfect, anon?

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Unsurprisingly it hardly looks like Chen at all.

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35% a pretty bad choice overall but you could do worse substract 20 if you prefeer her ssj form

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Let's go nigga

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What the fuck is with this shit thread?! are you guys gone completely potato?
you're really enjoying this 15 years old level crap?
I'm baffled.

>> No.9145634

I bet you secretly want to post your favorite too.
Besides, it's !? not ?!

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Tertiary garbage, it's a wonder the janitor hasn't deleted it.

>> No.9145682

>he's 17

>> No.9145689

Who are being ironic so it's okay.
Or maybe everyone else was serious and only I was being ironic and I was being fooled all along.
Or maybe I'm not???

>> No.9145711

>Who are being ironic
Good question.

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Champion waifu

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I thought it was Orin. No trademark gold earring, and completely different outfit. Also damn, that figure.

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Here, why did you skip me ?>>9145273
It makes me sad and I feel ostracized (on /jp/, of all the places). I was really looking forward your answer upon waking up.

Here is a picture in hope that I will not be ignored twice.
I may start a serie of ``please repond'' depending on how it turns out.

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That's waht you get for liking a fanon character, secondary. She wasn't even named by ZUN.

>> No.9146346

100% - She's no more a 2hu than Hisoutensoku, Unnamed Giant Catfish Shanghai or Hourai.

>> No.9146350

OP is quite obviously a cumguzzling secondary.

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>in response to questions from fans, ZUN revealed some hints of her profile

Why is Mr sage such an asshole ?

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Background characters aren't real characters. I like Kisume but I would never say she's my favorite because I'm not a filthy secondary like you.

>> No.9146399

It must be tough to go as far as to lie in order to fit in.
I value honesty because I'm not a sperglord.

>> No.9146407

84% filthy roach lover


97% ìm sorry ;_;

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Elegant and Young

>> No.9146418

At least I'm not the worst. good enough for me, thanks for the reply.

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I think you meant; Old and Busted.

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You are taking this guy serious?
Come on, don't let your opinion and confidence in them be influenced by random people,I know you are better than that

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Feuer frei

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And just how many assumption did you pull out of your ass ?

>> No.9146478

I did have hope that you were being ironic, but nowadays one can never be too sure about that

>> No.9146487

It's ironic because you're the one being ironic.

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I can already see it coming

>> No.9146506

She at least has a portrait and an official name.

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>84% filthy roach lover
You wanna scrap motherfucker?

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please respond.

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>> No.9147218

OP gone sleeping?

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Just try me nigger.

>> No.9147918

Looking manly there, Aya

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>> No.9148082


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youmu is really wonderful

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I love her.

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How long do I have left doc.

>> No.9148331

Prove it.

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Hermit Master race reporting in

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Not OP but I'm bored and want to give retarded answers and voice my dub ass opinions. Now on a scale from 1 to 10 because it's easier that way!

6/10, Nitori is one of those 2hus that I have no opinion on. Extra point awarded for dressing like Murasa though.

PC98/10, haven't played much of the old ones myself since the emulator jumbles up all the text and I would like to read what they are saying. I'm sure OP would have loved you for your somewhat obscure tastes though.

9/10, simple yet classy. My second favorite 2hu so I'm giving my biased as fuck rating.


7/10, Greenbeard's majestic beard weaves through the wind as she spins off to a brighter tomorrow.

6/10, what are you doing in the kitchen, Momiji? Don't you have guard duty to be doing or something?

5/10, don't be fooled, she just wants to punch you in the dick and shove that carrot up your ass when your guard goes down!

7/10, One day I hope to slack as hard as Komachi.

Goddammitihatemath/10, Why is she trying to teach me math? Stop it! But seriously, 5/10.

7/10, I like the spoiled brat impression she gives off. I always thought her hat seemed out of place on her outfit though.

5/10, eh, she's alright. A bit too serious for my tastes but that's why makes her a good counter personality to Yuyuko.

7/10, I like her too, even though the bunny ears make her feel kind of generic.

8/10, gotta love the sickly book worm. As for you sir, you have 6 months.

??/10, never read the books she is from.

>> No.9150603

Thanks, you're better in this than OP

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P-please be gentle.

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>> No.9150703

7/10, Always liked the whole nuclear thing she has going for her because it reminds me of industrial music.

8/10, My alcoholism can't be this cute!

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does being invulnerable and a little girl qualify you for touhouhood?

It should.

>> No.9150774

(9)/10 HUEHUEHUEHUEHUE but no really, 6/10, she's a decent character that the fandom makes look bad.

>> No.9150776

Nope, you have to be able to shoot lasers out of your ass too.

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Since you mentioned it.

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the best SDM

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When and how was she ruined anyways? Was it before or after all that Mcrolled stuff?

6/10, though I like the fanon version of her being Parsee 2.0 better.

9/10, yes she is, as well as my 3rd favorite 2hu! Too bad in most fan works she's lazy, incompetent, and the butt of all "huhuhuhu china" jokes. Like Komachi only Komachi's laziness is canon.

pic somewhat related, it's Chyna.

>> No.9150842
File: 661 KB, 600x800, de9c4ee114d6f06cc3fc833e28a1d29a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Analyse my sub-humanity please.

>> No.9150851

7/10, you'll get the X-games to do extreme boat racing one day, Futo....one day....

>> No.9150854

Wait, does this mean I am 70% or 30% sub-human?
It seems you use a different system than the OP.

>> No.9150856
File: 26 KB, 480x360, 0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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File: 146 KB, 1355x764, silencekomeiji.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

30% I guess. My glass is half full. Honestly, I'm not even doing the same thing as OP, I'm just going by how much I personally like the 2hu posted but whatever, people seem to like being told what some random dude on the internet thinks of their tastes.

6/10, she's like the silence off of Dr. Who but cuter.

>> No.9150873

I cant believe this shit I had the reply typed out and lost it completely, it must be because the subhuman level here is too high, i will increase everyones percentage.

>> No.9150874


Herpa derp. You're a subhuman yourself OP.

>> No.9150901

99% distasteful pic for such a noble damsel

30% friendly but contaminated

94% oh shit what are you doing

0% you're allowed into the golden land


120% you broke the subhuman meter

3% good bunny but im also getting a second reading of 89%?

20% a 80 percent was substracted for loving armpits even though you didnt say which one has the best armpits


40% http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoBTsMJ4jNk

70% great touhou but you're probably a furry

92% maybe even worse



96% i bet you do subhuman

>> No.9150903

0% you're going to live forever according to my calculations, thanks to your incrediby good taste

85% i bet you think you're a primary


0% classy anon

0% baka 100% pure

100% no hat no phalic objects no danmaku sorry but you're disqualified



2% meiling lovers are beautiful people

74% and it's only going to get worse, sorry

80% worst sister

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File: 785 KB, 1200x900, 1334366742586.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bring on the subhuman!

>> No.9150925


>posting an image reaction suited for yourself

You're really a butthurt subhuman OP.

>> No.9150937

something tell me I have met you somewhere...

>> No.9150936

>74% and it's only going to get worse, sorry
That is very harsh.

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>> No.9150973
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>> No.9150985

10/10, best hasubando

>> No.9150997


>> No.9151006
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>9/10, simple yet classy. My second favorite 2hu so I'm giving my biased as fuck rating.
>0% you're allowed into the golden land
Feels good mang

>> No.9151057
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When did we go from autistic to subhuman?

>> No.9151071
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Yesterday. Also 8/10, Marisa over Reimu all the time, every time.

>> No.9151104

95% with you, our quota is full

5% ¦<

42% looks soft

0% im not sure, but you're not one of them

>> No.9151111

the science of it is very complicated, i don't understand much of it myself
you could try unliking your favorites and viceversa, it may help but probably not

>> No.9151694
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Yukarin is my favorite 2hu. YukaRei is the best 2hu pairing ever.

>> No.9151706
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Go on then, OP.

>> No.9151747
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my sister

>> No.9151775
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>> No.9151825
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I love her. May not be her best portrait, but I still love her.

>> No.9151883

Remilia and patchouli

>> No.9151972


>> No.9152970
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I already got a bad feeling about this.

>> No.9154678


You always say that Frost. You always say 'I've got a bad feeling about this drop.'