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I wisn I was dead.

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If you're dead how do you play visual novels?

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So dark and edgy XD

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Me too man.

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Shutup man.

You dunno what I bin through,

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Obviously you've never "bin" to an English class.

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I wish you guys were dead

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i'll FUG you up, son

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Being 15 years old must be rough in this day and age.

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suck my cock dude

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so would i if i didn't have a nose.

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I deserve to be dead.

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now that i think of it, how do anime girls like this breathe? they probably have their mouths open all the time.

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That makes no sense, if you wish you were dead, then why haven't you killed yourself?

That's like me saying, "I wish I wasn't on the computer right now".

You see, it doesn't work like that, I would have gotten off the computer if I actually wanted to, just like you would have killed yourself if you actually wanted to.

Go paint your nails black or something.

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i wish i had thciker socks right now

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Lay off the booze, man.

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Anime confirmed for mouthbreeders.

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Maybe you want to but you're too addicted to the internet.

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what if he kinda wanted to, but not rly, u know??
likes yes but no too
a paradox an shit like that

damn shit is deep it blowws my mdin

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I used to have terrible bouts of congestion in my sinuses when I was a kid, to the point where literally no air whatsoever would pass through my nose for days on end. If a robber came in and put a piece of tape over my mouth to stop me from screaming, and I had to rely off breathing through my nose, I would surely have died.

I breathed through my mouth almost always.... The best part was when people told me to "breathe through my nose and out my mouth" in a attempt to calm me down, how ironic...

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You know people that dont have mouths? How do they eat? Why would you want to breed people with out mouths?

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Then you don't actually want to get off the computer now do you?

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If OP is who I think he is: stop being so damn emotional.

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Not me faggot.

Now buzz off.

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you can sincerely wish you were dead and be too lazy/tired/whatever to do anything about it. that's how suicidal ideation in depression usually works.

it's not like you can just sit down and die, you need to put in some effort to succeed.

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Do it and stop making pointless shitty threads.

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You mean like the 2 minutes it takes to get a belt and hang yourself from a ceiling fan?

If someone wanted to kill themselves they already would have already done it, end of story. If they haven't, then they're just on the fence about the idea, or don't really want to kill themselves.

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I wish you were dead too

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That;s not very nice, now I know you don't really mean that.

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do you believe there is anything after death, op?
i'm intrigued.

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I wish I was flying through space with Galactic Space Lolis back to their home world, planet Pomf =3.

But thats just me.

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Smoke weed everyday nigga.

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I wish I was fucking your moms cunt with a big ass smirk on my face OP.

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The end destination would be them turning me in to a cute little girl, because not men allowed. But during the 3 day journey they would put work over my penis while its still available.

Again, thats just me, but, Uhh, cool wish OP.

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I don't want to die or kill myself. But I have a very strong feeling, a constant thought that pops into my mind every waking hour.
"If there was an accident and I died, that would be okay"
It would be nice to just stop fighting. To let go.

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Doesn't apply to every situation

I want(ed) to do a lot of things in life, but I just can't be bothered, even if I really want to do them and if they are within reach

Like learning Japanese

I really, really want to do it but, well, you know how it is when you are a shut-in for over five years, you mind gets really cloudy and you're essentially a vegetable

Everything is a hassle, including dying

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Take some psychedelics OP, you have nothing to lose if you're going to die

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That's not how you hang yourself, that's how you strangle yourself.

When you hang yourself, the point is to drop your body weight from an appropriate height, resulting in your neck cracking and instant death.

A belt on a ceiling fan would be excruciatingly painful.

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I am well aware there are two ways of hanging yourself, one is said to be almost instant.

I doubt the long method would be a "excruciatingly painful" death though, if you just give up and stop struggling, I'm sure you will just slip out of consciousness in little to no time.

Tons of people hang themselves this way.

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I think about trying to overdose pills. It will be great to go sleep while thinking about Touhou and then waking up in Gensokyo.