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There has been much discussion of this on /jp/, which surprises me.

Personally I think it's the best work R07 has ever done.

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>There has been
I meant to say there hasn't been. I'm sure you knew that.

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This track really creeps me out.
>them school bells

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The feel of his reminded me a lot of Higurashi, which I liked. But Higanbana was obviously just a re-skin of Bernkastel.

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Despite the heavy focus on bullying, Higanbana is probably my favorite R07 work so far. It doesn't have any grand mystery to unravel, so there is no Great Answer that alienates the fans. The world feels coherent, with its own rules working in the background. Most of the characters are likable, if a bit undeveloped because of the game's episodic nature. And the OST is amazing, setting the atmosphere perfectly.

But yeah, the bullying is a bit overdone. I expected the second game to be a bit less bullying-centric, and it actually is, but there are still some heavy chapters. At least it's not Subahibi, and there are no CGs, so it doesn't hurt your psyche that much.

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>But yeah, the bullying is a bit overdone
I fucking hope so. This and other visual novels like YMK don't paint a very appetising picture of growing up in Japan.
Surely it can't be that bad?

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This guy is such a bastard. I love him.

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I don't think you should take VNs at face value.

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Is this getting an official release?

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But so many visual novels, manga and anime portray bulling in Japan in a similar light.

I can't help but think it's some kind of social commentary.

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You can view all of the characters? Is the character library unlocked after you read all of the chapters? I don't think I've found it yet.

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Only after you complete chapter 7.

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Ah, I figured. Thank you.

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When is the un-ugly patch going to come out?

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From the thumbnail I like to imagine that's her underwear hanging between her ankles.

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they really should have made the backgrounds smaller too. the sprites are... really disproportionate.

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When it gets a PS3 release.

I don't think the R07 sprites are too bad personally.

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Which means never.

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If only there was an unshitty patch.

A man can dream.

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You've never seen roses the size of a person's head before?

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Damn the 3rd story was too painful.. The Black Tea Gentleman's power is awesome he can make us believe we are little girls living in Gensokyo! fuck my soul, I'm making a contract with him

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we could always draw our own un-ugly patch. i actually thought about it, but i'm too lazy. and i'm not that fond of drawing backgrounds.

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But what happens in real life whilst we're living in Gensokyo? I don't feel like waking up in a mental institution.

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I'm too stupid to find a gme download and my backlog doesn't need a new VN

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When you're in Gensokyo
you're already dead.

It's like the Golden Land, only it's called Gensokyo.

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lol Ryufags. Get a fucking life and stop reading this shit.

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Shouldn't you be off spamming /a/?

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Shouldn't you get a life?

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Shouldn't I be asking you that? How many hours do you spend trying to get around the captcha to spam on boards?

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Ryudo is a legitimately good artist. While he isn't that good at drawing hands or other body parts, there's no one better at drawing faces. He draws the most expressive faces I've ever seen.

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I was surprised at how many chapters there were in this game. It felt much longer to me than any chapters of Higurashi or Umineko.

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Was R07 bullied at school? This is pretty powerful stuff. It was very uncomfortable reading at times.

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>These stories feature bullying as a major overlying theme, as each story's protagonist is depicted as being either a victim of bullying or a bully themselves.

I can't see this shit anymore. Why does he not try something new?

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Anyone else have trouble getting the patch to work right in Win 7 64? I ended up dicking around for thirty minutes with various things and I got it working.

Looking forward to trying it after work tonight.

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Why are exact posts from the original thread being reposted again?

I'm a little freaked out.

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ice cream? I love ice cream!

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ya , my favorite flavor is vanilla

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So it's not just me?

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Editor of the translation, Yirba here.

Yes, the story can be quite depressing. I think that's an effect that the game tries to create.

However, (some of) the characters do manage to get out of their horrible situations, and I think there's enough 'comic relief' to balance things out.

So yes, it does create a certain mood, and it's certainly not for everyone, but for those who do try this game, I hope that it won't be a painful experience.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who uses our patch. I hope you all enjoy reading this story!

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hey, thanks for your hard work.

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This story is dark. It sometimes delves into the thoughts of people who are suicidal or worse. Compared to Ryukishi's previous stories, it's considerably less funny and more serious. (Unless you have a dark sense of humor, I guess.)

I think stories are best when you aren't guaranteed a happy ending. If you know the characters are going to be just fine because the ending must be "happy", no matter what event or complication takes place, you're not going to be on the edge of your seat. Besides, some great VNs have sad endings.

But that's just my opinion. Since you asked whether the ending is happy, bitter sweet, or sad, It's really "None of the above". I think the emotion you get from it might depend on the person. The best word I can think of for it is "Ironic". However, if you're asking if it's a typical "happy" ending, the answer is no.

So, does anyone know the school type? Do they typically wear nametags to high schools or junior highs in Japan? The exact age doesn't really matter, but the story changes a bit if Marie and the others are closer to 10 instead of 18.

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I really wanted to thank you guys for the translation but I didn't have an account on any of the sites required to make a comment, so...

I hope you see this, and thank you guys very much! Good luck with the next translation.

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I wish these threads didn't die so quickly. I really like Higanbana so far.

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Thank you very much for your translation!! You are doing a fantastic job. Also, I am speechless at the velocity that the Second Night is advancing at.

You are working hard!!

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Why are you reposting my post? In fact, why does this thread have so many reposts from the last one? Can't you guys write something new for once?

>Compared to Ryukishi's previous stories, it's considerably less funny and more serious. (Unless you have a dark sense of humor, I guess.)
And then this happens.

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It was very good, I just missed some new travelling witches

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I really like the music in this one.

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I'm not letting this die until Yirba sees my heartfelt thanks.


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Where can I download or read this online?

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Update. I found the manga.
This best place to read it?

Should I read the manga first or the Visual Novel?

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Manga is disappointing after reading the novel.

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Really? I feel the other way. But that may be because I've read all the manga that was out by the time I've read the VN.

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Just finished Ch.1 of the manga so far it seems pretty good, but the translation seems shoddy and the scans are meh but it seems cool so far. Where can I get the VN? Why is it better, and the other disappointing?

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Yeah, I want to thank Yirba as well. You've done a great job with a game I'm so happy we've been given a chance to play in English.

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I thought the same.

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Please don't die. ;_;

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Midori and Yukari/Sumire's chapters were my favorite.
Hikaru was unbelievably annoying, but the battle between the castanet youkai and Higanbana made up for it.

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Forgot my picture.
Just look at him. It's no wonder why he was bullied.

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How bad can being raped by bunnies for all eternity be?

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So are we getting a translation for the second game?

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I liked Hikaru's chapter, but that's partly because it played to my fetishes.

I thought Yukari's chapter was incredibly dull, though. It really left a bad taste in my mouth. The resolution was kind of dumb, too, but I suppose it did illustrate that a victim is powerless to stop bullying by themselves.

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What fetishes?

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>it's clear he liked her
No shit, he was basically a yandere stalker.

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Something to do with a cute shota being transformed into a rabbit and raped by other rabbits.

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That was pretty fucked up. The game doesn't really do a good job of depicting how Nonomiya came to be a creepy yandere stalker, because his route characterises him as being anything but.

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Fourth story was the best since it had not Sakutaro.

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The fourth story was a complete wash. It just... ends before it even starts. What the fuck happened?

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can someone post a download link?
im an idiot who can't find shit today

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At least eyepatch-chan was cute.

>> No.9152668

http://ronove.blogspot.com/ ?
the actual game you gotta find yourself though.

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From the helpful Anon in the previous thread:


Have fun.

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I hope this is it, I actually searched for ten minutes on anime-sharing for the link I downloaded from, but it seems to be down. I don't know what the fuck is up with this game.

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Translators of the first already started on the second.

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is it just me or the music in this game is disappointing?
after Umineko i expected something i don't know... less boring. and this is Higurashi all over again, IMO.
who makes the music anyway? is it still Dai?

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I know at least some of it is dai.

I don't know. I really liked the music, personally.

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thank you!!!
jp is actually very nice contrary to popular belief

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There's some Pre-Holder too. I think they were trying to take a more subdued approach with this one. It's still a quality OST.
C'mon, you like this one right?

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That's pretty obscure man. Not that I don't get it.

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Do I still need to music patch this?

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Isn't it about time that we moved past 640x480 screen resolutions? I mean 800x600 should be the bare minimum now.

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So long as the install is around 600MB, no.

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I don't care what anyone says, that looks like a girl with her panties between her ankles.

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i have the version that's about 400MB, doesn't require installation but for some reason is in ISO... will the music patch be enough? or are there any know problems with this version, did anyone even hear about it?

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Different guy, but my complete install of the game is 508MB, and that's including the English patch. My installation has the correct sound.

>> No.9152901

Mine is 517 with the patch... is it ok? How do i know if i have the correct files? I'm getting paranoid

>> No.9152908

I... don't know. Install the game and see what you get. What's the worst that can happen?

>> No.9152914

Ultimately we're all waiting for the admin of Eroge Download to get his ass in gear.

>> No.9152917

I already installed it (well moved it from iso to the game direction, sicne it was already installed), i'm just wondering if the version is correct. I mean, I've never seen the real one, so how do i check?

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Kanamori was the most enjoyable character in the game for me. Shame that his and that sluts chapter gets followed up by Nomiya's shit. The Black Tea Gentleman's gets followed up by a shitty one as well in fact. Ryu should stick to continuing plots if this is how he handles himself with short ones.

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I'm pretty sure the wrong version had Hall of the marionette as one of the BGM. So, check that and see if it's there or not.

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Chapter 2 (the camera one) was okay, but I found the girl to be waaay too apologetic to the guy who basically drove her to suicide, when all she did was tell one small lie. Yeah, it drove him to do what he did, but he still did something way worse, didn't he? Or was it just me?

>> No.9152951

I agree, it was stupid.

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It looks like that image with the girl with her panties down and leaking blood into them

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My favorite chapter was probably the fifth one, since it had just the right amount of mindfuck, plot, badass magic battles and a message that doesn't come simply come down to "bullying is bad, mmkay" (though it is close to it). Too bad that the plot wasn't developed in the second game.

Well, the atmosphere of the game itself is very different. I wouldn't want this game to have the same music as Umineko, and there are enough good tracks here, anyways.

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Hello everyone, this is the real Yirba (>>9140410 is fake).

>>9140421 >>9140449 >>9144433 >>9149251 >>9150451
Many thanks for your support!

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I have looked for this game everywhere and have still been unable to find it in english.

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You will first need to obtain a copy of the Japanese version of the game.

You can then download our English translation patch for free:

Applying the patch to the Japanese version will allow you to read Higanbana in English.