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Will you do this to your kids?

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No, but i did it to u're mom.

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I have never understood the problem people have with spanking. Belts and other objects are one thing, but an open palm smack on the ass to give a small reality check to an unruly child shouldn't be seen as some huge deal. And as for that "timeout" bullshit, it doesn't work.

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Me on Byakuren's lap

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Maybe not, but it's always a last resort which means you're a shit parent to begin with.

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Damn nigga, this is friggin hot!!

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Have you never been near children in your life?

Children will unreasonably freak out and have a tantrum in cases where you would be a "shit parent" to indulge them.

They won't listen to reason because their brains haven't properly developed yet. They don't understand that you also need to obey the laws of society and finance, and that their whims may not be met (if they fight hard enough!).

It isn't "shit parents" that make spanking (or other physical punishments) necessary, its "shit children". Which, at some point in their life, will be 95% of children. You were likely a shit child yourself sometime.

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oh god MY DICK

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I was never spanked, not even once in my life.

My parrent didn't bother me and I had a computer by the time I was 7.

I am the 5%

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Buddhists believe in strict discipline. I wonder how Nue survives there.

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I mean, look at that poor girl

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>likely to shit out a child
Are you lost?

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oh man i want to fuck that ass

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And look where you are now

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If Ran was your mother, things would be different here.

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But other than Nue, which other Touhous are spanked when they misbehave?

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The ones that are naturally mischievous and have a mother/authority figure around are the most likely candidates.

Here's one popular case that some people find counterintuitive for some reason.

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Remilia and Flandre are about the two only Touhous you know for sure that were spanked. The only acceptable way to discipline children (even aristocratic ones) back in the 1500s were beatings and floggings.

I can see they getting used to that and training their servants to keep up the practice.

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> and training their servants to keep up the practice.

perhaps true, but that sounds awkward lol.

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Tenshi is no. 1 spanked Touhou

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I druw u gais a prsnt hop u leik it

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this thread is highly sexual.

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>They won't listen to reason because their brains haven't properly developed yet. They don't understand that you also need to obey the laws of society and finance...

So I guess it's okay to beat up a kid for not being grown enough yet to understand social phenomenon. We all need to be born perfect, after all.

...it's really sad when parents use their children as a rage outlet, then pin the reason for all the unnecessary violence on the natural behavior of children. Then they wonder why their offspring turn into such deviants on adolescence and beyond.

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›implying that all parents have inner rage
don't forget stress, too.
Also, it should only be a last resort type of thing

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>violence is a last resort

There is no last resort. Violence isn't the ultimate solution, it's the easiest one. You can't be arsed to sit down with your kid and talk with him gently, or you just think he's too dumb to understand communication and basic patterns (what a great parent you are with that mindset, by the way), so instead you resort to the option that has the biggest, most immediate effect. You know what fear is, you know what it does, so you use it against your kid to control it.

Really, I can't blame parents for being stereotypical, nor I can vouch against them, since I'm not a father myself, but violence will break your kid beyond repair when he grows up.

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>getting used to that and training their servants to keep up the practice

Can't Sakuya just be in charge sometimes?

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your reading comprehension is terrible.
see me after class.

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Not really, but it appears to me that yours is.

>in charge (not comparable)
>2. Having the power of command or control.

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Have you seen a person who's actually been beaten up? Because kids who have been spanked don't actually look like that unless the parent is an drunken wife-beater or something like that.

>violence will break your kid beyond repair when he grows up.
Yeah, everyone who was ever spanked ended up a sociopath.

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There's a lack of Sakuya spanking Flandre around. I think Remilia doesn't want to risk Sakuya like that.

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