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Old thread


Talk about shooting things while not being shot yourself.

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God damn those curvy lasers. I can usually dodge them, but every now and then I'll die to them, and every time I die to them it's a death I never see coming.

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Shou's no spells are the ban of my UFO. I don't care if someone people say they are easy "As long as she doesn't fly down". They are not easy.

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Seiga had curvy lasers? I don't remember that at all. Then again, I've only gotten that far once.

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Is Youmu even playable in TD? I can't get anything done with her.

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No, seriously, I die or bomb to nearly every single one that the opponent throws. For whatever reason I just cannot dodge them for my life.

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Working on a PCB 1cc.

I think my biggest issue is the fact that I am prone to making absolutely retarded mistakes that, in my own knowledge of my ability, don't even realize I could possibly make until after i make them. Any way to cut those down?

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I imagine she'd be easier to use if you had a script that would automatically time the pressing of the shot key so that you fire charged shots as often as possible while focused. I haven't used her too much, but having to pulse the shot key while focused is annoying.

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Seiga's Curvy Lasers are easy.
Nue, Shou and Byakuren's Curvy Lasers are normal.
Iku's Curvy Lasers are hard.

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Don't forget Merlins curvy lasers

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Surely there are a finite number of these mistakes you're describing? You're bound to win eventually.

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There are. And I've been close. I've gotten to Yuyuko a few times, and there were a couple times where I really looked like I was going to get it before just falling apart somewhere.

But I can range from having eight lives going into the Prismrivers to dying to Letty. At least I've yet to die to Cirno. My play is so inconsistent that, honestly, it's hilarious.

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...Just so you know PCB is a cakewalk compared to yuyuko who is very hard in that game.

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Eh, really? My impression from playing S6 in practice a few times is that she's not that bad, especially with how many borders you can potentially get. Really, I feel like if I can get there in good shape, I can win. It's just a matter of keeping the nerves together and not letting my play collapse on me like it's prone to doing.

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I left youmu till last when I was 1cc'ing the game with each character
Each one took several tries.
Youmu however, who I was expecting to be terrible after I saw her range got me through the game on my first try with her.
That focused shot is HELLA powerful, and the width of the slash is excellent

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Enjoy dying 3 times to the reflowing :)

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So, how hard is SoEW, /jp/?

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i can 1cc every Windows games but i can't get pass Marisa in SoEW with 3 continues.

Youmu is the best character in TD

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Not that hard. Just be prepared to suck Marisa's dirty balls.

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Practice; your concentration will improve over time, just like everything else. The answer to most how do I... questions is more practice.

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I love that spellcard. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUrnXomwlgU
The only one of Shou's spells that isn't trivial is her second one, and only if she comes down. I think that you just need more practice.
Youmu is very powerful if you know how to use her. Just look at some high-end replays with her.
I think you need to be more specific. All that I can tell you is to practice and watch replays.
You shouldn't need more than two lives for Yuyuko. The difficulty of PCB lies in stages 4-5.

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Really? I've had a perfect stage 1-5 but then screwed the pooch on yuyuko...I just find her had for whatever reason.

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You literally can not move for the entirety of stage 6 and still clear the game if you have max lives.

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If you had a perfect stage 1-5, you could have bombed your way to victory easily.

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>using bombs

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Please try to exercise your reading comprehension more thoroughly than that.

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Whats not to get retard, a perfect run uses no bombs.

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Oh, so you were trying to troll.


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I'm confused...

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If you just want to 1cc, use any and all resources the game give you.
I'm pretty sure that's what they were saying.

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A truly perfect Fairy Wars run uses no ice.

Get on my level, faggots.

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No, I wasn't. I was just stating yuyuko is hard.

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on Lunatic 60 FPS no cheat and no savestate ?

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When I started my runs today, I, inexplicably, felt extremely uncomfortable with my keyboard and posture and everything and was fidgeting all of the time and dodging everything by the skin of my teeth. I ended up having my best runs ever (still not getting anywhere, but making progress in UFO routes and not wiping on fairies). I'm not sure what the fuck just happened, but I like it.

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/jp/ post your best 2hu achievement

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Extra of EoSD with hitbox patch.

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Getting to Stage 3 in SA without using a continue.

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Almost 1cc'd MoF. Died at the slowdown when you beat Kanako.

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Reached Okuu with 9 lives left. And then survived with 5 lives left.

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All my best "achievements" are easy 1ccs, so they hardly count for anything. The furthest I've progressed on 1 credit normal is to early on in a stage 6 boss (MoF).

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IN Normal 1cc.

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I beat PCB on lunatic.

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Trivial before or after playing UFO for 1000 hours?

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SA Hard 1CC, 3 or 4 lives left.

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Clear PoFV Extra with Komachi

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I still get that sometimes. I feel like I have two left hands and I'm playing on a frying pan. The best thing to do in that situation is usually to just start playing. I feel like I could play very well right now, but I'm making a ton of silly mistakes. Maybe I'm just stressed.
NBNUFO run of UFO Lunatic as ReimuB.
Trivial if you know how to dodge bullets. Maybe I exaggerated a little bit, but I really do mean that the first and third spells are not that hard. The first one is partly static, and the third one isn't that hard to dodge and has an optional safespot/milking zone. The second one isn't too fast to handle when Shou is high up, but it gets very intense when she is hugging you. It might be a little different on lower difficulties, but that is just the way I see it.

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I just moved to Windows 7 and i have some problems with the framerate in every Touhou. I changed the compatibility to Win XP SP3 and they can run at 60 FPS now but sometimes the games still lag a bit although they still display 60 FPS. I updated DirectX 9.0c but still cannot fix the problem. Is there anyone knows about this ?

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I just don't understand what you and other people are trying to do when you say to people who are having trouble that this or that is trivial, easy, you should have no problem here, etc, unless it's to troll.

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Why do people that don't know anything about a game bother telling others what is and isn't difficult about it?

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Why do people that are good at a game bother telling others what is and isn't difficult about it?

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Dick waving, ego stroking, etc. They will obviously want to say that the game they specialize in is always harder.

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How much RAM do you have?

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But UFO is harder, man. It's like, everyone knows about it. SA is pretty easy actually in my opinion.

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I updated my VGA driver but no use

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Like those Touhou kids on THE HARDEST VIDEO GAME BOSS EVER.avi -and- the anti-Touhou crowd who hasn't made it past Normal? Yeah, fuck that shit.

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Why does anyone bother telling anyone else what is or isn't difficult about something?

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I just checked. The lags only happen in window mode even with vpatch or not. Fullscreen mode work fine. Too bad i have a widescreen. Anyone has problem when run in window mode like me ?

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>too bad I have a widescreen

Change your scaling setting in either the vga drivers or on your monitor.

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Do you have the 1.01 patch? I can't find it anywhere.

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Well, finally, after 4 days practicing, my last 1CC on normal. Now going to Extra bosses, and then hard.

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I think my best achievement would be when I 1cc'd MoF on Normal with three lives left.

I've also made it to Stage 5 in SA on Normal without continues; I'm not sure if that's more or less impressive than the above accomplishment.

On the lesser achievements, I've 1cc'd EoSD and PCB on Normal. EoSD was my first Touhou; I had the game for nearly six months before 1cc'ing it. PCB was easy peasy.

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Thanks. It worked.
Having 2 black strips on both sides of the game are kinda weird. I have to get used to them from now on.

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IN easy magic team 2.6b

While my yuyuko 1.6b ranks higher in rf, I really liked the 2.6b run. And since I always liked MariAli the dialogue was great.

I also have some non-scoring stuffs, but they are mainly luck based.

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Thanks, now I can actually understand the scores.

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For those that think SA is hard, here a guide for reimu C, aka as worst character for survival.

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Fujiyama volcano...how the HELL do you do it?
I watch replays and try to copy them, but it doesn't work when I do it...Can someone please explain what to do?

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move in a real big U as slow as you can

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Okay, I've downloaded about 3 versions of this game, placed the zip inside the rom folder, and when I try to start it, I always get this error :
>The selected game is missing one or more required ROM or CHD images. Press any key to continue.
Why? ;_;

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>placed the zip inside the rom folder
Dunno what game you're talking about, but have you tried extracting it?
If it's Touhou, that's a standalone game made for Windows.

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Nah, not Touhou. It's called Dangun Feveron, I've heard about it and I want to try. I've downloaded Youmu's SHMUP (that he linked some time ago) and every single game on the ROM folder is not extracted.

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Isn't Fever SOS already in there?

>> No.9142363

I don't think so.

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It is, though. Dangun Feveron is the same game as Fever SOS, and Fever SOS is in the pack.

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please respond

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I got stuck at that spellcard too so i watched a replay and then i captured it in a few tries. It's not hard if you know where to move, just basic streaming.
Show us your replay

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I did respond...

Why does nobody believe me ;_;

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Thanks, but your response wasn't very informative :|

I just made a quick replay. This is usually what happens to me. Either those arrows bullets come at me WAY to fast, or I get trapped either by them, or the explosion things.

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Ah, I've actually managed to fix the problem and play it. Holy shit, this game has an excellent soundtrack. And geez, even if it's not as hard as some other CAVE games, it's pretty hard.

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You did it right but you didn't move at a consistent speed. You need to practice moving and dodging those bullets in 1 direction with the same speed every time. You can practically ignore the arrow bullets and focus on dodging the small round bullets.

It is harder at the end of the spellcard so you can move to the upper screen and pass above Mokou's head if you're trapped on 1 side.

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I haven't been playing much Touhou, but on Scarlet Devil I managed to get to the start of stage five on hard. I am unsure how many times I will replicate that but I was amazed since I would often game over at Meiling's stage. I managed to not die as much against the straight blue knife fire along with the rapidly descending projectiles that come along with it as well.

Also did much better on Meiling than I thought I would. Though I don't enjoy the first part because of the irregular projectiles at the end of the streams, and some of the much faster forms as well.

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And since this is a SHMUP thread and /v/ doesn't have these and /vg/'s has SPC might as well say that I am managing to consistently go through Super R-type and get to the last level, though I still haven't managed to create a strategy to defeat the last boss. I am able to destroy one of his weak points but I am trying to figure out a way to destroy the other without watching videos. It is a shame the SNES has a good amount of slow down, but the last stage is VERY fun because it forces you to keep moving since enemies constantly come from above and below you which home in on your position.

I also might try to pick up Wings of Wor once again because stage five was crapping all over me. I have it slightly memorized to a point, or until the home stretch before the boss, then it becomes very zealous in wanting you dead with enemies streaming from in front and behind me. It is literal chaos. If I can somehow manage stage five all I will need to do is manage to fight a boss gauntlet in stage six. Though I often lose a life or two at stage three because of the gargoyles that snipe you once they get on screen. So far the only mini boss that gives me trouble is stage five's as well since he shoots a projectile and it breaks off into a spread of projectiles while throwing big projectiles at you. Though I am sure I will overcome it, it is just that I haven't been playing it enough to get past these parts.

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The relative difficulty of things is one of their favorite things to talk about for some reason. They do it with each other and don't know it comes off as insulting to less skilled players.

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Well, I do agree that Riz might need to word his posts a little better, but if you already know he's a good player and is speaking as a good player down to worse players, then why does it bother you so much when he calls something easy or not? Would it be better if someone who was at your level told you a pattern was trivial, even if you had trouble with it? No offense meant, but people get way too worked up about better players apparently talking down to them. Talking about why one person finds something difficult and another doesn't is fundamental to figuring out how to overcome it. If you don't look at "relative difficulty" you're just pounding your head into a wall. Better players are just probably going to have more useful information because they've already overcome it and have probably been in your situation before.

Calling Shou's first and third cards trivial is fine because there is really no trick to them, or really much of a way to make them easier without simply getting better at dodging. Her first card I wouldn't suggest following her because the pattern gets more dense underneath her and then you don't have to also concentrate on following her, but then again you will have to last longer. Her third card you really just have to pound out and not stop (unless you're underneath her). Most cases it's better to point the lasers as close to the middle as possible.

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also fujiyama volcano guy here's another replay


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Just beat IN extra stage. I pretty much had a perfect run up to Mokou's last 3 spellcards, then had a bombfest until I won.
I know IN's extra is abnormally easy. Which one should I try to tackle next? AKA, which extra stage is the next easiest?

Also, I only 1cc'd every game on normal. Should I get some hard mode clears before I go for extra stages, or what?

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I can't do shit to Futatsuiwa.
Fucking animals.

>> No.9148656

The farthest I can get on any Touhou game is Stage 4 in IN and TD on Normal, shit I'm terrible.

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Did you unlock Imperishable Shooting ?
If no, do IN extra again.
If yes, then Ran is the next.

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Fuck Stage 1 in SA is so hard what the shit

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It doesn't bother me. I'm just explaining it. I'm better than Riz.

>Calling Shou's first and third cards trivial is fine because there is really no trick to them, or really much of a way to make them easier without simply getting better at dodging.
They were actually all talking about the noncards, since they were talking about curvy lasers. There was eventually a mistake where the conversation got changed to cards, which is silly, because her second one is obviously the easiest. On Lunatic, it can become irritating if you're impatient and Shou's movement is unfavorable, but Hard and below leave so much room that it's impossible to get stuck somewhere.

>> No.9149156

Which part? 90% of it is just tap-streaming, so learning to stream better is probably what you need to do.

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Fuck SA is so hard what the shit
fixed it for you

>> No.9149253

This makes much more sense than talking about the cards, since Aura of Justice has nothing to do being Shou being low on the screen and Vajra definitely isn't milkable. Not sure why I didn't just make the connection.

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Everyone starts out in that boat. I feel like a broken record, but if you keep practicing you'll keep improving.

>> No.9149954

As with a lot of Shoot 'em Ups you will get better the more you play it. You will learn enemy behavior, where they generally spawn, and their shot patterns. The more you play it the better and faster you'll cope with the situation.

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How can I play Cave shooters on PC?

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Download this. http://www.mediafire.com/?nz0227tzb9zor

>> No.9152054

Thank you, but what am I supposed to do with these files once I download them? Trying to open them with 7zip gives me an error.

>> No.9152092

Try to extract all of them in one folder. I don`t know why it's giving you an error, but that's what I did.

>> No.9152095

Save all four to the same directory.
Extract one.

It's a split archive.

>> No.9152235

Thanks, this is the best run I had in TD just for reference


>> No.9152270

I have a problem with EoSD.
When I play in full screen, I get 1000 FPS but when I play in windowed mode, I get 60 FPS.
How do I fix this?

>> No.9152290

Yamame's non spells, seriously the bullet density on Lunatic is fucking ridiculous

>> No.9152350

Yamame's kind of trivial for me, but I don't get how I'm supposed to dodge Kisume's card. The speed of those blue bullets overwhelms me so fast.

>> No.9152982

I 1cc'd TD

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I haven't been playing too well lately. I was thinking about playing another game to get myself into the proper mood. It doesn't even have to be a shmup, just something that requires precision and interaction. I don't need to take it too seriously, just something to soften the blow of starting Touhou for the first time in the current day. I had a few candidate games, but not anymore since I hardly play anything but UFO anymore. The only thing that comes close to this is my incomplete shmup, which is nice but not quite developed enough. The only other game I can think of is Minecraft, but it doesn't exactly have a lot of action in it. I'm extremely picky, so this isn't going to be easy for me. I've very rarely seen video games that can compare to the perfection that is UFO. Maybe this is a /v/ question.
It sounds like you are doing a great job to me. Not everyone could do that from the start, so you must be doing something right. All you have to do is keep practicing.
I see what you did there. Satire is always nice, but in all seriousness, that's something you will have to talk to me about in private.
1000fps sounds like a strange number. I would check your video drivers. Also, try it with the other games and with and without the vsync patch.
>The speed of those blue bullets overwhelms me so fast.
Which bullets exactly? I don't remember there being blue bullets in Kisume's spellcard, unless you are talking about the orbs. If you are talking about her nonspell, then you might be interested in attempting the safespot.

>> No.9153148

>I've very rarely seen video games that can compare to the perfection that is UFO.

's'easy, Crimzon Clover.

>> No.9153152

I played it once and I didn't like it. I just can't into bullet-cancelling shmups.

>> No.9153156

It's only bullet cancelling on Unlimited, though?

>> No.9153172

Play StepMania. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2zjy0Ti-nQ

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I personally say go through the Castlevania games if you haven't already. My personal favorite being Bloodlines for the Genesis. If not that just go with any 16-bit Konami game and you will have a blast.

Or you can always go with Robotron 2084, or the easier N64 version Robotron 64 (doesn't emulate well from what I've seen).

>> No.9153236

>Yamame's non spells, seriously the bullet density on Lunatic is fucking ridiculous
Her opener is pretty terrible because it will shit you over if she gets low enough on the screen, but you can make it easier by moving really far rather than the usual streaming.
Second nonspell there is no trick for.
>Yamame's kind of trivial for me, but I don't get how I'm supposed to dodge Kisume's card. The speed of those blue bullets overwhelms me so fast.
Becomes super easy when you realize Kisume moves towards you. You can lure her where you want and rarely have to dodge the raining bullets that make it difficult.


>> No.9153247

I just didn't like it when I tried it, but that was a while ago, so maybe I'll give it a revisit to see how much I have improved. I should still have a copy somewhere.
I've never been too good at rhythm games, but I'll look into it.
I did mean to go through a platformer called Asakura-P, but I've been putting it off because it hasn't been translated and it's hard to understand. I did mean to play some Castlevania, so I will look into it.

>> No.9153258

Asakura P has been translated, by Moogy.

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How many hours do most people have to put in before they have the skill to do the hardest spell cards? I must have played about 100 hours of touhou (all on lunatic) and I can only capture about 25 lunatic cards across EoSD to TD. Do you have to watch replays and play/study the game autistically and shit? I want to take my game to the next level. I feel like I should be aiming for 1CCs of IN and PCB soon.

>> No.9153298

Wow. Kisume follows you. How did I not notice that? Thanks man.

>> No.9153320

I've probably played about the same as you (100 hours) but mostly on normal.
I've only managed to 1cc TD. I can't even 1cc IN or PCB.
Then again, it's been a long time since I last put my all into getting the 1cc. Guess I'll try later.

>> No.9153325

I like to estimate it as "when your score.dat file corrupts and you lose your play history, and you are legitimately upset about it".

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I'm very ashamed to ask, but... which game would you recommend for Touhou newbie? I haven't played any, but I really want to try.
I'm very sorry for asking.

>> No.9153369

It's all good really, just download everything from EoSD to TD (and the PC-98 games if you want) and try them all out to get a feel for the series. The easiest games IMO, from EosD to TD, are PCB and IN. You could try playing those on easy mode just to get a feel for the game mechanics.

If you want to improve quickly I would recommend practising on lunatic mode.

>> No.9153367

Play PCB on normal if you're completely new to the shump genre. It's as balanced as you can get with teaching you how things generally go, not too focused on pure memorization (except stage 4 with MUST be streamed correctly) and is pretty lenient with resources, especially as it gives you cherry boarders.

>> No.9153378

You could try Touhou 9 Imperishable Night. From what I've read it is easy for the most part, so is Touhou 13 Ten Desires.
Just remember they are still bullet hell shooters. Not easy, but easiest.

I started out with Touhou 7 Perfect Cherry Blossom which is the best to start out with in my opinion. It has the challenge but isn't going to give you too much of a hard time.

>> No.9153376

How am I supposed to beat Kogasa Ex's second spellcard? I tried a lot of times but I didn't find a way.

>> No.9153383

IN is Touhou 08

>> No.9153386

Thank you! I'll try Perfect Cherry Blossom then.

>> No.9153389

Just... dodge it? There's not really a trick or anything.

You're gonna have to do some unfocused movement.

>> No.9153392

Not the first time I've made that mistake.
I keep mixing 8 and 9 up for some reason.

>> No.9153397

It happens. I sometimes do that myself as well.

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Okay, /jp/, ITT we post our cherrymax

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I'm going to post a picture of Moogy every time you mention him.

>> No.9155349

Kogasa's first spell is an autobomb for me if I can't happen to get the hiding position between her legs quite right enough.
Her second spell is usually an autobomb because it'll eventually get insanely dense and brain fry me.
Her third spell is an autobomb since I can't figure it out without Spell Practice.

Damn if I don't feel professional. Think I should give up and go play fucking TD.

>> No.9155497

100 hours is very little time. Also, I don't believe in only playing Lunatic from the start. It sounds like you are very impatient.
That's unlikely. People have gone thousands of hours without it breaking, and each game has its own score.dat. There are also backups.
>Kogasa's first spell is an autobomb for me if I can't happen to get the hiding position between her legs quite right enough.
Post a screenshot or replay so that we can help you.
>Her second spell is usually an autobomb because it'll eventually get insanely dense and brain fry me.
It sounds like you just need some practice. There aren't a lot of gimmicks to it since it is mostly random dodging, so you should be able to figure it out.
>Her third spell is an autobomb since I can't figure it out without Spell Practice.
Which difficulty is this?
>Damn if I don't feel professional. Think I should give up and go play fucking TD.
You should play what you find to be the most enjoyable, even if you are not being successful.

>> No.9155517

The first spell is something is something I succeed on if I really try, though Kogasa keeps kicking me into oblivion when she decides to move lower. I guess that can be fixed by moving down a bit every time she finishes shooting.

My dodging skills exist in name only, so the second card gives me trouble. And I'm playing on Lunatic so the third card is incomprehensible to me since I have an analytical skill of a garden gnome.

>> No.9155665

It took me forever to get used to Kogasa's safespot, but it's easy for me now. I don't think it's very necessary for you to learn before your first clear. It's just something you have to keep practicing to get right. UFO Lunatic is going to be hard for you if you're not confident in dodging bullets, but there is still nothing to stop you from trying. Kogasa's second spell was pretty hard for me when I started, and I don't think it would be too bad for you if you bomb it. As for her third, that's another thing that takes practice. Get used to the way the card works and make a path for yourself. It's more about navigation than analysis.

>> No.9155904

I was bored today. As a result, I messed around with PCB a bit. The stage six spam seems the easiest at the rightmost corner, or maybe I just got lucky.

>> No.9156275
File: 528 KB, 640x480, th12 2012-06-11 08-37-17-44.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why is Ultra mode so hard.

>> No.9156304

Would you happen to have a video or replay featuring Kogasa's third card? It's really tough to try to figure it out while trying to frantically dodge it at the same time, and I just feel like pussing out.

>> No.9156306

When are you gonna stream Riz?

>> No.9156313

How do I get past Patchouli's Princess Undine card?
I can get past every single one of her cards except that one.

>> No.9156512


Once you get a path down, it's not that bad.
I can do it now, but I'd have to risk getting disconnected randomly during a show since my Internet has been going out lately. Is there anything in particular that you want me to stream, or just my usual stuff?
I think it looks like simple streaming. Which part of the card are you having problems with?

>> No.9156648

Nah nothing in particular, just stream whenever you feel like it, like usual.
I was just wondering if you're planning on doing it in the near future, so I won't miss it again.

>> No.9156922

Thanks. I'll see what I can do to s̶h̶a̶m̶e̶l̶e̶s̶s̶l̶y̶ ̶c̶o̶p̶y̶ learn from and adapt this.

>> No.9156975
File: 65 KB, 639x479, this fucking spellcard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This part mostly.
Sometimes it's easy, but sometimes the bullets are shot at a stupid angle or just too close to each other, so it can get really tight.
They're pretty hard to dodge on their own but it gets even harder when they mix with the lasers and the smaller ones.
Not to mention they have fucked up hitboxes.

>> No.9157260
File: 378 KB, 858x711, 1334987602849.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if I started a PCB run with 2 extra lives and finished with 3 spare lives am I allowed to count it as a 1cc?

>> No.9157266
File: 101 KB, 551x293, 1296687198288.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9157269

Is PCB the only game that rewards unfocused shots?

>> No.9157267


>> No.9157273

IN requires a lot of unfocused shooting during stages and some spellcards, especially if you're playing a solo human (or at the very least not a solo youkai).

>> No.9157276

Not really.

Why didn't you start with default lives in the first place?

>> No.9157272


You only get time points while focused and grazing in IN against bosses, and you get points for damaging enemies while unfocused.

Don't think anything else does.

>> No.9157279
File: 187 KB, 639x479, water.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Let's dodge some bullets: livestream.com/stouhou

I see a bunch of ways to get through. Also, those orbs are supposed to have tiny hitboxes compared to their sprite. It may be a little different in EoSD.
Unfocused shooting is useful in every game. IN also has a mechanic for this.

>> No.9157283

IN does so way more than PCB. In fact, to get a good score in IN, especially when using a solo character, you must absolutely never focus (or do so as little as possible).

>> No.9157287

I was frustrated with dying to Yuyuko's survival thing

>> No.9157293

A 1cc is a "1 credit clear" regardless of how many lives you start out with since it's a built-in game option (i.e, not cheating), so you're fine.

>> No.9157363

This is what people who cannot into 2hu want you to belive.

>> No.9157385

I started off by completing the first few touhou games with max lives, then went back and cleared them again with default, and even I agree with that guy. A 1cc is a 1cc regardless of how many lives you start with.
No need to be an elitest.

>> No.9157398

Since i'm terrible at this kind of games, but didn't want to remain a secondary forever, i decided to finish Ten Desires on easy.Yes yes, go ahead and laugh.

Anyway. One thing striked me really hard - the narration is fucking terrible in this game. Story wise, that was the most unsatisfying ending i have ever seen in a video game. Tell me, how do people make out the story from Touhou games? Because if not for the wiki, i wouldn't have known what was going on, at least not too well. Are there booklets explaining it added when you buy the games ?

Also, next in line - PCB. Fuck being casual or not, i'm just gonna take it easy.

>> No.9157410

All the endings are like that. Get used to it, casual.

>> No.9157412

No. It's actually scrubs that want you to think otherwise. The fact is that you're not impressing anyone with a 1cc. Only the "people who cannot into 2hu" think that a 1cc is the end of the game. It's not. You get a 1cc to familiarize with the stages, get some self satisfaction, and after that is where the Touhou games begin. If you play them for score, just like like Touhou and all shmups should be, you'll be getting 1cc's regularly and you'll know that the extra lives have their toll. It's just some people who don't play for score that actually think a 1cc is some holy achievement. You're just trying to change the definition to make your 1cc seem more than a "1 credit clear."

>> No.9157414

Easy mode doesn't give the "right" ending. ZUN puts a false ending in easy, and the proper one in the the ones harder. At least that clarifies something.

>> No.9157417


To get the true ending for that game you need to get that ending and then 1cc it on normal or above AS WELL AS having three bombs in stock.

But yes, touhou endings are generally "and then they all had a tea party" or something like that.

Good luck with PCB, Yuyuko's last spellcard is still pretty nasty on easy.

There is various extra material - the prologue, the readmes, the afterwords. It's all translated and there on the wiki. There's also a bunch of official side material written by zun which expands on the world and characters and such.

>> No.9157428

Touhou is not a good game to play for score. Seriously.

>> No.9157441

Yeah, far too much boss milking for my taste.

And not enough bullet cancelling and retardedly huge bursts of multipliers. Why are Crimzon Clover, Deathsmiles 1.1, and Samidare so good?

Though some of the games do have pretty neat scoring systems.

>> No.9157446

Why is SA so fucking hard on normal? I'm having quite some trouble with Yuugi and basically the entire stage after her. The problem with Yuugi is that four devas spell, I think that's what it's called and the other spell where all the big balls come from one diagonal side. I'm scared to bomb too because of the fucking bombing mechanism in this game.

What's the point of the green things? are the big ones and the small ones that replace the power icons the same thing?

>> No.9157458

Zzzz..., how many times have I heard that before. Please apply yourself.

>> No.9157493

Those blue balls have really small hit boxes, you can run into the white portion of them.

>> No.9157547

Actually, Almost the whole colored portion too. It's only the very center that's dangerous.
I find it absolutely amusing that you can dive between two of those on Satori's first (or was it the second? Idk) non-spell.

I have another issue. Certain key combinations don't work. For example, I can't fly diagonally left and up and shoot simultaneously, or bomb while I'm flying left or down. Apparently, this is a hardware issue, and out of five computers I tested this on, three had the same problem.
Does anyone else here know the problem? How did you handle it? Buy an omnikey-keyboard? Get a remapper? Just get used to it?

>> No.9157572


I used to have that problem with her (playing on normal). I swear, she has probably the initial difficulty level of a stage 5 boss.

Try doing it unfocused, also, ignore the top half of the screen where the bullets are moving twice as faster, it's just there to distract you.

It helps to direct your dodges either up or down or slightly to the right, that way, you don't get trapped into the corner.

Currently, i'm at the part where I can get to Yuugi without losing a life (or one, if I get lazy/bite off more than I can chew and insist on doing a spellcard without a bomb), however, never manage to get in enough practice on Satori because i'll use up my two lives trying to clear the pre-boss stage (how the fuck to stream while dodging rectangular danmaku coming from three sources?), or, i'll manage to play good enough to get past the stage, then lose those lives to Satori because i've never seen her spellcards before. Then, i'll get frustrated and just play sloppily and die somewhere anyway on the preboss stage.

Still haven't unlocked the practice mode for Satori. I cannot into this difficulty wall.

>> No.9157573

I had this exact same problem back when I played with my laptop keyboard. Cheap keyboards have shitty rollover and certain keys conflict when pressed together. Look for a keyboard with N-key rollover to get rid of the issue.

>> No.9157574

Download autohotkey or autoit and remap your keys temporarily,

Or go into the config and turn on the option to make you focused when holding the shot button, unfocused when tapping. That should do it.

>> No.9157570

Riz is streaming Touhou, if you have any questions or requests check out his stream and feel free to ask; http://www.livestream.com/stouhou

>> No.9157766

The green items are Faith points, essentially the same as MoF's except they're worth a fair bit less Faith per item but don't reduce in value except from deaths. They determine the amount of points you get from points items (multiplied by a factor of your graze).

And nah, the smaller ones that replace Power items are worth less, I think it's 100 per large one and maybe 10 per small one.

>> No.9158795

Not sure if we're agreeing or not, but even though literally a "1cc" can be done with any amount of starting lives, it's more of the spirit of having a uniform standard for all players to work towards than it actually being one credit per se. You can feel personal achievement for basically anything and if you want to call a clear with extra lives a 1cc in your head then go nuts, but when people say "1cc" it's rather a marker of a set standard; in most cases, a clear without continues, using default settings. If you give yourself extra lives you're immediately violating that standard, so saying "I 1cc'ed PCB" to someone would be incorrect, even though you did technically clear with one credit.

To answer >>9157260
I would say it is as long as you never dipped below 2 lives, otherwise in a default run you'd have lost. But regardless of whether it's a 1cc or not, you should still feel accomplishment for it if it's an important mark to you.

>> No.9158819
File: 291 KB, 723x1023, 1a46153516e8226a7571fcef13eef1f6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It took me almost all of my lives to beat Seiga in practice mode, on normal.

Her non spell cards are harder than the spell cards

>> No.9158866

In Touhou, it technically is a "1cc" if you manage a "1 credit clear" and nothing more. But if some people define a "1cc" as a "1 credit clear with standard number of initial lives," they should not go forcing their "implied" definition of it onto others as if it's a fact. It's the equivalent of forcing fanon interpretations as facts over canon.

>> No.9158910

Ah, cool
Yeah, It's just the large amount of the them that worries me and gets me screwed.
>Try doing it unfocused, also, ignore the top half of the screen where the bullets are moving twice as faster, it's just there to distract you

I never noticed the top half was going twice as fast and I was doing unfocused already. I think what I'll do is stop limiting myself to only moving in places where I'm still hitting Yuugi. It will take longer but I'll be able to focus more on dodging and less on whether I'm still hitting the stupid Oni.

I hate Yuugi, I can always breeze past the first three stages and then have to start doing practice mode on stage four onwards, but fucking Yuugi.

>> No.9158976

The bottom line is that most people will look down on you for getting a "1cc" with anything other than default settings. Besides, it doesn't matter, your score is complete shit anyway.

>> No.9159249

It's definitely not equivalent (and even if you were right it wouldn't be equivalent). That connotation has long since become the norm for all shmups, not just Touhou. Using the term 1cc to begin with comes from setting a standard goal for people to reach, so while yes, it is literally a "one credit clear" regardless of initial lives, it doesn't make sense to equate one clear to another using significantly different starting conditions. It isn't as if Touhou fans took the initial term and then went "hey we need to restrict this more", it's just that default conditions is how it's always been and "one credit clear" was a good way of getting that across because most games don't let you change starting lives. Touhou letting the player do so doesn't automatically make it equivalent. Calling a run with extra lives a 1cc is misleading because the key lies in how other people perceive the term. The reason people use it as a marker is because it sets a standard and common goal, so not properly fulfilling that goal (by adding lives) breaches that. I guess for Touhou it's a misnomer to call it a 1cc, but that's always been the common term and most people learn the conditions pretty quickly. It's never been "forced" onto others, and I'd argue that you trying to widen the definition is what's being forced.

>> No.9160871
File: 166 KB, 1048x738, Wings of FUUUUUUUCK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have never been this far in Wings of Wor before, but it just promptly handed my ass to me. It had me on the edge of my seat when there were tiny whales constantly firing in my direction with these other things constantly firing a spread shot so I had to do some quick and precise maneuvering. Then near the end it just crapped on me with enemies coming from behind then other enemies popping in and out of the ground constantly firing spread shots at me.

I am so close in beating stage five and getting to the last level which is a boss rush, but yet I am so far.

>> No.9160978
File: 159 KB, 1045x716, Wings of OH JESUS CHRIST.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

God damn it, same section keeps on ending me.

>> No.9161540


>> No.9161747

How is Hellsinker?

>> No.9161767

Good question.

>> No.9162326

Do you guys use controllers/arcade sticks to play? Do you find it easier than keyboard?

>> No.9162934

I've always used a keyboard and I can't see how one would micrododge quickly with anything else.

>> No.9162954

Touhou with a keyboard, everything else with an LS-32.

>> No.9163004

What makes the other games so different from Touhou to warrant the use of a controller? Or the other way around.

>> No.9163042

2hu becomes annoying as HELL if you try to swoop around.

>> No.9163051

Swoop around as in doing what? Sorry, ESLfag here.

>> No.9163090 [DELETED] 

With a proper grip and fast fingers, a tight stick is really good

>> No.9163098 [DELETED] 

With a proper grip and fast fingers, a tight stick is really good

>> No.9163100 [DELETED] 

Pure little girls shouldn't talk about such things.

>> No.9163104

With a proper grip and fast fingers, a tight stick is really good

>> No.9163111

Pure little girls shouldn't talk about such things.

>> No.9163141
File: 41 KB, 382x418, 1339162912755.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Will you show me?

>> No.9163227
File: 778 KB, 640x480, Touhou-13-Ten-Desires[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's the key to scoring in TH13?

I've been focusing on just accumulating blue desires to increase point level but there must be more ways to boost score.

>> No.9163230
File: 346 KB, 560x603, 1313205869364.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

C X X C X X C X X C ultra pro skirtsniffing skills
Seriously, I'm not even joking.

>> No.9163236

Bombing and ghosting cancel card bonuses though.

>> No.9163258
File: 149 KB, 900x720, ^^1334872945033.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have a joystick
connected to the gameport


>> No.9163593
File: 225 KB, 1071x1200, 1322629809410.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've pretty much got normal down on every game. Now I'm gonna make the switch to hard mode. Which game as the easiest hard mode, to start out with?

>> No.9163636

I've heard MoF has the easiest hard mode.

>> No.9163708

FINALLY 1cc'd Ten Desires on Normal. It's really annoying that it took so long to beat it when it was so obviously EASY.

At least it's done now. So that's EoSD, PCB, MoF, and TD down, with SA, IN, and UFO to go.

AS FAR AS NORMAL MODE GOES, as in, EXCLUDING THE HARDER DIFFICULTIES, is UFO easier than SA? From reading the thread, it seems that UFO might be harder or as hard as SA, but it just spams resources at you constantly through... UFOs? Or something?

>> No.9163719



IN if you start with max lives and bomb a lot.

>> No.9163766

It's kind of like a slot machine.

3 reds = 1 life part

3 greens = 1 spellcard part

3 blues = extra points

1 of each = converts all items to opposite. This means that when the ufo sucks in points it will convert to powerups and vice/versa. It's most useful after you've reached max power and need to boost score.

>> No.9163787
File: 498 KB, 900x637, 58ad1449d7f9af2177ccceb00b5108da.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

UFO and SA are the two hardest Windows games IMO.
On normal mode, UFO is easier, but only if you know how to collect UFOs correctly.

>> No.9163798

>3 reds = 1 life part
>3 greens = 1 spellcard part
Filling red UFO = 1 life part
Destroying red UFO = 1 life part
Flling green UFO = 1 bomb
Destroying green UFO = 1 bomb part
4 life parts = 1 life
3 bomb parts = 1 bomb

Said this, with 6 red UFOs filled and destroyed you get 3 lifes with 2 bomb each which is 9 "misses" and filling and destroying 6 green UFOs give you 8 bombs which are 8 "misses".
I prefer getting only green UFOs though since dying takes away 1 of your power and also doesn't has as much advantage as a bomb, specially if you sue a character like Sanae B.

>> No.9163812

I use a gamepad despite the consensus that KB is better. It's been well over a decade since the last time my right hand was in charge of movement, I just don't think I can transition into it.

>> No.9163954

i'm trying to learn some touhou

how does it sound so far


>> No.9164082

I'm having trouble with Astronomical Entombing. Is it better to destroy the orbs, or should I go straight for Eirin? Using Yukarei.

>> No.9164234

Eirin on Normal, orbs on everything else.

>> No.9164307
File: 89 KB, 500x455, artbook.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Goddamn it Cave. Why expert more lewd?

>> No.9164323

Pretty good, but you have a shitty mic.

>> No.9164531


This: >>9163230

If I remember correctly, the current world records in TD capture 1 spell card in the entire run. There is a reason why I call TD "No Dodge ~The Game~". On the other hand, Extra is different (in a good way), and almost all spells are captured for optimal score.

>> No.9164703

>There is a reason why I call TD "No Dodge ~The Game~".
xD epic

>> No.9164922
File: 152 KB, 677x672, Ooooooooh!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay, yeah, unless I got significantly better during the days I was playing TD, UFO is SIGNIFICANTLY easier than SA on Normal. After only a handful of continues, I made it to the Stage 5 boss. On my very first attempt against her (I only used one continue in Stage 5 to get to her), I got her down to the spell card when she only had one more life bar left.

In SA, I BARELY ever reached the boss of Stage 5 even after DAYS of practicing that level.

>> No.9164954

>On the other hand, Extra is different (in a good way), and almost all spells are captured for optimal score.
It's too bad that TD Extra is a pile of crap in terms of danmaku design.

>> No.9164961

Claims that SA Normal is harder than UFO's are pretty common across the board. It's after that that they switch places.

>> No.9164987

>It's after that that they switch places.

>> No.9165046

>inb4 another 200 posts arguing about UFO or SA is harder on Lunatic

>> No.9165049

That was my goal.

>> No.9165069

Does anyone go 1cc or bust when playing?

I'm still trying at TD and I'm so close at beating Seiga that I can feel it, I really need to remember to use that spirit world thing.

>> No.9165104

For me it's...
credit feed > stage practice > 1cc or bust

>> No.9165110

Scoring every stage.

>> No.9165123


I tend to go 1cc or bust once I've gotten a feel for the game. First things first: beating the game at ALL. Shortly after that, it's 1cc or bust, and I usually go into stage practice right after any time I bust.

>> No.9165145

All according to plan or bust.

>> No.9165200

1cc or bust.

So far it's been bust all the way down.

>> No.9165249

Need some help and clarification.

In this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-TuWDxtzQc#t=03m17s you can see that a bullet passes through Reimu's head. Just which part of the player that triggers the death?

>> No.9165265
File: 198 KB, 640x480, yuyurape.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The player hitbox is visible from PCB onward.

>> No.9165340


Ah thank you, that helps.

>> No.9165503


Fuck, why can I never place these things.

That's not MoF stage 5, is it?

>> No.9165545

That's Cirno's theme, nine..

>> No.9165564

Ignore him, I could tell the moment I listened to it.
You might need to get a better mic though.

>> No.9165565
File: 96 KB, 320x240, 320px-MarsMatrix_title.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just started playing mars matrix for the first time yesterday and I fucking love it.

Space shooters with 2D graphics are the best.

>> No.9165574


It wasn't criticism or anything, I'm just genuinely awful at identifying covers/arranges of zun's songs.

>> No.9166233

Finally cleared Yama's extra. Took me 3 weeks for that. This time i was only a few frames from losing but Reimu went belly up first. I still lost 2 lives to her with a few seconds after the battle started though.

Then i was surprised to see that Merlin's shot was even harder to use than IN Youmu.

Next stop is Mamizou.

>> No.9166278

Always 1cc or bust. Though I tend to have a bad habit of trying to perfect everything so for the first two stages it's no miss or bust.

>> No.9166281

I always hit alt f4 when I die before stage 4... Except for SA

>> No.9166297

I hate to do this, but where can I download Concealed the Conclusion?

>> No.9166339

I have the same question.

All of the old download links are down and I can't find it anywhere.

>> No.9166528

I uploaded this a while ago. I think that there is a copy in there, as well as a Super Marisa Land. http://www.mediafire.com/?m9piioiryy5zik1

>> No.9166746


>> No.9166900


I hadn't heard of Super Marisa Land; it sounds fun. Thanks for uploading this.

>> No.9167204

Thanks for uploading, but why is the sound quality so terrible? I had CtC on an old PC (which I forgot to back up) and the music sounded way better than this.

>> No.9167307

Oh, I just noticed. It's only the trial version. I can only get to stage 3.

>> No.9167411

I literally just started playing Touhou. I've been on /jp/ since the split and collected Touhou arranges, but never actually bothered to play.

I started with PCB on easy and picked Marisa, it's pretty difficult. I find that I'd move much more easily with the mouse than the keyboard.

Everytime I close my eyes I see curtain fire now. I like it though.

How many times can I spam that move where I wipe out all the bullets on the screen?

>> No.9167417

Those are bombs.
You can bomb immediately after you die to prevent a loss of life.

>> No.9167445

Great game but holy fuck is the soundtrack ass(except the boss theme)

>> No.9167476

In some games like MoF, you can spam it as long as you have 2.0 or more Power in stock, consuming 1.0 power each.

In others like PCB, the amount of stars below your lives denote the number of bombs (spellcards) you have left. You can increase them by collecting the big green B icons that some enemies drop, later on green stars. Using it right at the moment when you die is called deathbombing and prevents the loss of a life at the cost of 1 spellcard (2 in IN). You have to have a sense of timing and reflex though, so most people doing the easymodo way press it before a bullet hits them.

>> No.9167495

You might want to stick to using a keyboard, the precision and accuracy it gives will help a lot when you start to reach higher difficulties.

>> No.9167508

Yes, I thought a mouse'd be much easier as well when I started out with PCB. And yep, seeing bullets when closing your eyes is normal for three to five days when starting out. I miss them so much.

>> No.9167563

Here is a full version download that I tested: http://www.mediafire.com/?5hat9ta4u86x7
This might also be a download to the new Super Marisa World, but I haven't tested it yet: http://www.mediafire.com/?awz9l799byca3
>How many times can I spam that move where I wipe out all the bullets on the screen?
I'm not sure what you mean. Bombs? Cherry borders?
This may be helpful to you: http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Perfect_Cherry_Blossom/Gameplay

>> No.9167937
File: 597 KB, 640x480, th12 2012-06-13 14-08-27-24.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


UFO Lunatic Ultra clear as SanaeB. It was a little more doable that I had originally thought. All that I had to do was reevaluate a few strategies. It took me back to when I was clearing it for the first time.

>> No.9168036

Works great, thanks. The hitboxes in this game keep screwing me over...

>> No.9168161

Holy hell, UFO is a lot of fun. The amount of curvy lasers in the later stages is bothersome, but they're MOSTLY easy to get used to (with the exception of that first curvy-laser-thing of the Stage 5 boss; FUCK that attack). I haven't beaten the Stage 6 boss yet, but her spell cards are very colorful and a joy to deal with. That attack where she moves to the bottom in this big circle is REALLY annoying, as trying to dodge along the top just feels really weird and doesn't allow you to do any damage to her. I think that's one I'm going to bomb through EVERY time.

The furthest I've gotten so far is that one spell card where she has a bunch of wavy walls made out of blue bullets, and you have to dodge stuff while staying within the walls. I can't wait to eventually defeat her, start practicing the FUCK out of the later stages, and work my way towards a Normal 1cc.

After that, I take it easy with IN, and then it's back to my old enemy, SA. I'll have a Normal 1cc of every Windows Touhou that isn't PoFV yet!

>> No.9168958

Question concerning SA: Is there a proper way to maximize dps with ReimuA? I always seem to get one stream of needles off to the right or left no matter what I do.

>> No.9168968

I don't think so.

>> No.9168985

What are some good non-cave shmups? Also, I've been trying to play Ikaruga on a dreamcast emulator but I had 0 success so far.

>> No.9169005


Jamestown is very good, and the Gundemonium Collection is also pretty neat.

Tried emulating the GCN port of Ikaruga?

>> No.9169012

Crimzon Clover
Warning Forever
Tori-Tatsu 2 (in development)
Tumiki Fighters
La Soeur de Barrage
Blue Wish Resurrection+
Royal Edoma Engine
Hitogata Happa
Diadra Empty

>> No.9169350

Can anyone help me on UFO extra?
I keep dying at the fairies before Nue, and dying a lot at unidentified darkness. I just get confused because I can't see any bullets.
Replay: http://replays.gensokyo.org/download.php?id=21795

>> No.9169369

>What are some good non-cave shmups?
there are none

>> No.9169486

Damn Aya's shot is hard to control in SA, I can't focus on dodging and aiming that shit at the same time and end up it firing horizontally or a useless diagonal angle.

>> No.9169505

For your first two deaths on the stage, you just need to stream. I think that both of your deaths were very avoidable. You can kill the fairy columns effectively by starting on one side, moving to the opposite side of the screen, and then streaming in the opposite direction. SanaeB makes that easy. That's going to be something you will need to explore by yourself to learn. Taking out some fairies is good to keep the bullet density low. For Undefined Darkness, start by luring Nue in a U shape and then moving down when her health is low enough in order to maximize damage and avoid her more rapid waves.
You can use these two replays as a reference:

>> No.9169555

On top of that, it's fairly weak. Why are you using it again?

>> No.9169566

She's one of the shottypes I haven't 1cc'd Lunatic with yet.

>> No.9169569

Try to watch some replays on how to use her effectively. ReimuC has a very powerful bomb, I think that it might even be the strongest in the game. The damage output from her shot is pretty good too. Try to keep the shot pointed straight by default and only change it when you have room. If you have to move quickly, then do it in a way that doesn't mess with the shot. Staying on the bottom of the screen and moving down is a good way to keep the shot straight. It gets easier as you practice and get better at Touhou in general.
You can use these replays to help you:

>> No.9169588

I just tried going against Yukari for the first time. I found her rather easy. Will it get harder on the last spellcards?

>> No.9169599

>I just tried going against Yukari for the first time. I found her rather easy. Will it get harder on the last spellcards?
How far did you get? I wouldn't say that it would get much harder if you already find her easy.

>> No.9169603

Thanks Riz! Will be trying it out now.

>> No.9169851

Reached her 5th spellcard. My main problem was because I've never tried the stage before and my concentration is better when it's full screen. most of my deaths where on the stage itself. When I go to extra stages, firstly I watch a replay, then I divide the extra stage in parts, and I work on a strategy to pass through that part, and then I work on the midboss, and then the extra bosses spellcard. And in my firt of those experimental runs, I've managed to reach far. I find her much easier than Mokou and Flandre, actually.

>> No.9172733

Hey /jp/, is there any English translation patch for (C81)[あんかけスパ]妖々剣戟夢想 (DAT YOUMU GAME) ?

>> No.9172786

Getting the hang of the UFO system makes things SUPER easy. I had like six lives when I went into Stage 4, and I know I could have had more, seeing as I missed a few red UFOs and a couple of times I accidentally picked up a blue or green UFO when I had two reds in stock. Unfortunately, a ton of stupid mistakes made it so I didn't even reach Stage 6, but I think that a Normal 1cc of this game REALLY isn't too far off. It's exciting.


Patch to update the game to the latest version (do this first):
English patch:

>> No.9173271

Is there a hitbox patch for EoSD? Shit's too hard I can't even manage to beat it in easymodo.

>> No.9173278

Yes, it's with the retexture patch if I'm not wrong/

>> No.9173286

I wouldn't recommend using it because of >>9173281.

>> No.9173281

There is, but I wouldn't recommend it because it doesn't get the shape of the hitbox right

>> No.9173282


There is, but you should get to used to not using it.

In a sense it makes things easier, but it's better to pay more attention to your surroundings, rather than staring at the hitbox.


The retexture patch has options for both.

>> No.9173305

Thanks for the quick replies, I heart you /jp/.

I managed to reach Sakuya's stage in easymodo but have to beat her yet. In normal mode I have never reached Patchy's stage.

>> No.9173316

EoSD Easy only has five stages, so you are very close.

>> No.9173328

You could always upload replays if you want some specific feedback, lots of people here will have cleared EoSD normal.

>> No.9173522

Just started playing hard mode, up from playing normal casually for the past 2 years. I've only 1cc'd ESoD, PCB, and IN, since every game past 10 rapes me for some reason. (And I don't play with slow-mo or extra lives.)
But anyway, my first time playing PCB hard went amazing for the first 3-4 stages, better than I could even do on normal, and then it all crashed down in stage 5 where I lost it for some reason. It's like I was a savant in the first couple of stages and then when I hit stage 5 it was time to meet my quota of idiocy. Replay here:http://replays.gensokyo.org/download.php?id=21805

TL;DR, how do I stop being an idiot?

>> No.9173556


Practice more. You'll make dumb mistakes until you want to tear your hair out, but after taking a break and then going back at it enough times, you'll eventually hit a run where you'll avoid making mistakes for long enough to get a 1cc.

I just attempted to 1cc UFO again. I got the last boss down to her second-to-last spell card. I might have been able to win if I didn't die twice, losing like three bombs and a bunch of Power, trying to figure out how to properly maneuver through that one spell card where she resembles a rocket ship, but eh.

That 1cc is coming. Hell, I might have this game beaten over the weekend.

>> No.9173562

If you can 1 CC EoSD, PCB & IN, you can definitely 1cc MoF.

>> No.9173577

Got about halfway through Yasaka with MarisaB a day or two ago, so I probably could, but I just felt like normal was boring me, even if I can't actually beat half the games on normal.

>> No.9173581

If it's only your first time playing, then you should just practice. Watching replays also helps.
Here is some advice, but I'm not going to go into detail: For the beginning portion of the game, you should learn how to time your borders to collect resources better. You started to do some very avoidable and wasteful bombspam on stage 3. The stage portion of stage 4 hit you pretty hard because it's very gimmicky. You just need to learn it. Stage 5 was once again just a lack of practice. Stages 4-5 of PCB are very hard, so don't be afraid to use resources there. Don't be discouraged if you make it to stage 6 with little lives.
I think that you are very good at dodging bullets, you just need to play more. You could probably beat the game on Lunatic within a reasonable amount of time. I honestly think that you could avoid most of the mistakes you did just by playing again.
Here are some replays for you:
Ask if you need any more.

>> No.9173590

I would recommend using a different shot. MarisaB is pretty hard even if you are using the glitch.

>> No.9173603

I've never 1cc'd anything and I still managed to get to the ending slowdown with the MarisaB glitch. That guy'll probably be fine.

>> No.9173622

I actually have beaten it with the glitch, but I am about to count that, and the run I was talking about I didn't use it. And thanks for your advice, I appreciate it.

>> No.9173626

NOT about to count that*

>> No.9173828

I was planning on getting a UFO normal 1cc a couple of weeks ago after I finally managed to get a 1cc of SA, but I really can't find the motivation lately. It's the only game I still have to clear so I know I can do it, but I somehow find everything in UFO frustrating and I have very little motivation to learn Shou and Byakuren properly. Murasa is the only boss I really find fun.

What's wrong with MarisaB? I like her in MoF, but that could be because I just like lasers.

>> No.9173869

What do you find so frustrating about it?
>What's wrong with MarisaB?
If you shoot unfocused with her at 3 shot power, she will do a large amount of damage that will allow you skip almost every attack from a boss.

>> No.9173877

You can fix that with the vpatch.

>> No.9173899

Stages 2 and 3 are pretty difficult compared to the other games. Not only that, but you're also required to collect resources much more actively, so even if you dodge everything perfectly your run can still be bad.

Shou is a nightmare, and I already know what you're going to say about her being "trivial". She wouldn't be too hard if I had plenty of bombs, but by that stage I'm usually pretty low on resources. Byakuren isn't really frustrating I suppose, just difficult.

Regarding MoF MarisaB, I thought you meant she was bad when not exploiting the glitch.

>> No.9173998

I've tried that before and it didn't work.
>Stages 2 and 3 are pretty difficult compared to the other games.
Difficulty doesn't make a game frustrating.
>Not only that, but you're also required to collect resources much more actively, so even if you dodge everything perfectly your run can still be bad.
I know what you mean, but I don't find that to be true unless you collect your resources absolutely terribly. Even so, that's just part of the game mechanic. Collecting resources is equally important to not losing them. It's just something that you practice. Almost every other Touhou game has its own unique mechanic, such as the Communications Gauge or Cherry Borders. I like how to UFO system makes collecting resources very dynamic, but not everyone seems to like that. I like being awarded for taking risks and understanding the game, instead of just harvesting points, score, and killing attacks that I would be doing anyways. I also like the option to choose between four different UFO's to do different things, and how it binds with the scoring system to reward a player for choosing to take blue tokens. Different challenges have different paths, and you can even choose not to use them.
>Shou is a nightmare, and I already know what you're going to say about her being "trivial".
I only said that her first and third nonspells were trivial. Even then, that is only true if you have practiced them enough. If Shou was so trivial, then I wouldn't have lost hundreds of NBNUFO runs to her.
>She wouldn't be too hard if I had plenty of bombs, but by that stage I'm usually pretty low on resources.
That's not the game's fault.
>Regarding MoF MarisaB, I thought you meant she was bad when not exploiting the glitch.
I was talking about the glitch.

>> No.9174029

How so?
You have to set the .ini to handle the glitch manually, unlike the PCB glitch. If you do that, it should work.

>> No.9174050

It appears to work now, although it didn't work any other time I tried it. Also, what is the PCB glitch?

>> No.9174063

Something about one of the Prismrivers going nuts, I've never seen it so I don't really know the details.

>> No.9174134

Oh, I remember reading about that.

>> No.9174177

Why does everybody think PCB is "easy" compared to EoSD? I can 1CC EoSD normal every time using either Reimu or Marisa, A or B, and 1CC EoSD hard by master sparking through bullshit parts, but I can barely get through Yuyuko PRACTICE on normal.

And this is without the hitbox patch on EoSD.

>> No.9174213

It may be that they are talking about the Lunatic modes of the games. Just how much PCB have you played? Which parts are you having problems with in particular?

>> No.9174237
File: 387 KB, 443x471, 111111111.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hate the "glowing" stuff. They move too randomly.
I practice to avoid them, but it doesn't seem like I get any better.

>> No.9174250

You are doing terrific. I can't offer too much advice on how to beat that, and I haven't gotten any significant advice from any high-profile players I know. You will almost certainly bomb it in a survival run in order to get more resources, but capturing it is quite difficult. It's just one of those things that doesn't really have a gimmick and always puts you in its mercy.

>> No.9174260

Ahh tits, just burned out on the Mountain of Faith spellcard. Think that's the first time I've even seen it on not-Marisa B.

The card before that was troublesome as all hell, need to check out the replay for it again.

>> No.9174404

Disregard this, I beat the extra of fairy wars some days ago. It is harder in my opinion.

>> No.9174413

Thanks anyway. I guess there is no real strategy to dodge random bullets. I just wanted to come here and cry about it.

>> No.9174441
File: 525 KB, 640x480, 1237346729.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All scenes cleared :3

>> No.9174550

Why is PCB so clippy? I hate it.

>> No.9174571
File: 46 KB, 339x345, This is a serious post.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is getting too Goddamn frustrating. I'm on the VERGE of being able to 1cc UFO. Hell, on my last attempt, I hit max lives more than once. But then I hit Stage 5 and lose a bunch of lives to curvy lasers and then I reach the boss and fuck up some more so that I reach Stage 6 with BARELY 2.00 Power, two lives, and MAYBE a bomb.

And then I get frustrated so that if I try again, I start dying to shit on the first or second stage. There is NO excuse for losing a life on the first or second stage! (Well, SA's first stage is unusually tough, but eh.)

So then I have to stop and do other things to calm myself and regain focus, except I'm staying frustrated because all I want to do is get back at UFO and finish it off! I hate this rut. I know I'll get through it, I know I'll have a run where I won't lose lives to stupid shit and I'll 1cc this game and move on to the next one, but right now it's just incredibly frustrating.

>> No.9174598

>There is NO excuse for losing a life on the first or second stage!
I don't think that dying on stage 2 is a big deal in UFO. Maybe you should try posting a replay so that we can help you? Also, it's usually not good to play while frustrated.

>> No.9174608

Getting frustrated and dying on the first or second stage is completely normal. I die there all the time and subsequently get more frustrated. Take that break.

I've got 70 hours in UFO and I'm still clearing the second stage. Just take it easy. If you just want to play UFO to move on, you might as well not play it since you're obviously not enjoying it.

>> No.9174738
File: 574 KB, 886x886, 1338244664139.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just 1cc'd UFO, that's all the touhou games done for me now...on normal mode anyway. Guess it's time to kick things up a notch and move onto hard mode.
I had not played touhou in like a week, and decided to give UFO another whirl just for the hell of it.
First try of the day I got upto stage 5...however since I died like 4 times to murasa for some stupid reason, I just restarted...I didn't feel like wasting my time going through stage 5 with 2 lives, that was destined to fail.
My next attempt however I had a really good stage 1-4 (went onto stage 5 with 6-7 lives), and a pretty good stage 5 too, though it definitely could have been better.
I got to byakuren with 4 lives and about...4-5 bombs. Now I'd just like to say that I have had "very" little practice at facing Byakuren...I'd fought her maybe 4 times, and only once made it to her final spell (which I died to on the first wave of bullets she shoots, because of stupidity)
Anyway I captured her first 3 attacks then died to the 4th...I know that 2nd spellcard is supposed to be easy but I'm awful at it...after that, I decided I wasn't gonna take anymore risks...I had enough lives and bombs to get me through the fight if I just used them rather than dying with all my bombs still in stock. I ended up getting to her final spell with 2 lives left. Nerves kicked into overdrive, so rather than fuck this up like I always do on final spellcards, I took a break to cool off for 30 goddamn minutes.
I ended up beating the spell with like 0 lives and 1 bomb spare.
Shall I move onto hard or do the extra stages first?

Gonna post replay anyway of my run, even though I'm sure nobody cares about it.


>> No.9174805

I know how it feels. But hey, when you finally beat that UFO you gonna be really happy. Keep fighting!

>> No.9174903

>I know that 2nd spellcard is supposed to be easy but I'm awful at it
It's only easy if you have practiced it. It took me forever to master it. For someone who has only faced Byakuren four times, it's not going to be very friendly.
>Shall I move onto hard or do the extra stages first?
After my first Normal 1cc, UFO Hard was still a little too hard for me, so I decided to do some Extra stages instead. I would probably go for the Extra stages, but you should test both to see what you like. Do what you like best.
>Gonna post replay anyway of my run, even though I'm sure nobody cares about it.
I'll watch it when I get back from school. SanaeA was my first Normal 1cc as well. I like watching runs like these.

>> No.9174924
File: 98 KB, 426x471, th002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

During my first few tries of this extra stage, I thought this spellcard was the easiest thing ever. Now coming back to it after a week or so, I'm having trouble with it...
I feel like I'm not moving correctly or something. It seems I never have enough time to get under her and actually do damage to her, and before I know it the waves start coming too fast to do anything. Any tips?

>> No.9174992

move diagonally

>> No.9175079

This post >>9174608
was just kidding. I understand how you feel perfectly. But you're almost there, you should be able to do it.

I've been told I should have cleared the game a long time ago. I probably should've, I'm just godawful. I know how to dodge shit, I'm just not physically able to do it.

For me, gaming loses all of it's appeal once you hit a cap. Be it in skill or levels, once you can't improve any more it's all over. I've clearly stopped improving, and it's subsequently made playing feel like pulling teeth, watching myself getting destroyed, only surviving with a combination of a miracle and sacrificing a goat to the RNG. If the battle between myself and UFO were a boxing match, this would be the equivalent of getting kicked repeatedly in the balls with a steel-toed boot. I don't want to throw in the towel since giving up is for pussies, but I'm very rapidly making an archenemy here.

As someone else has said, it's a pair of simultaneous battles on two separate planes. The first is the fictional struggle of the player characters fighting against the heroes in search for loot. The second is the very real battle between me and the game in which the game attempts to foil my efforts and demoralize me from ever playing again. As I try to beat UFO, UFO tries to beat me.

I need a fucking drink. I'll join you in your frustration club, too. Can I be Brother Depressed?

>> No.9175086

> It's only easy if you have practiced it. It took me forever to master it. For someone who has only faced Byakuren four times, it's not going to be very friendly.

Ahh okay that makes sense.

> I'll watch it when I get back from school. SanaeA was my first Normal 1cc as well. I like watching runs like these.

Okay cool, looking forward to what you think of it. Just be prepared to see some messed up UFO collection, especially in stage 5...kept picked up the wrong colours., but I suppose that's to be expected considering I also haven't played stage 5 much either.

>> No.9175119


congrats but fuck you
ive been playing for months and cant 1cc it and yet you say you it beat after only fighting byakuren 4 times?
fuck i hate these games

>> No.9175198

Shit like that happens. Sometimes you strike lucky and make very few mistakes, other times you restart stages 1-3 several dozen times and make no headway.
You'll get it eventually, just keep practicing and grinding. There'll come a time when you look back at your old replays and realize how much you've actually improved.

>> No.9175354
File: 114 KB, 421x248, 1336865477330.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reading all these stories about UFO is finally making me want to finish it.

I'm going to get that 1cc tomorrow if it kills me.

Now that I've said that I'll probably fail due to the pressure I've put on myself.

>> No.9175377

Good luck! I've been trying for 4 hours now...

>> No.9175651

>I've been told I should have cleared the game a long time ago.
By who? Everyone works at their own pace.
>For me, gaming loses all of it's appeal once you hit a cap.
I really doubt that you cannot improve at all. Are you talking about just UFO? If it's too much for you at the moment, play some other games and come back to it later. You just might be surprised by how much easier everything looks.
>As I try to beat UFO, UFO tries to beat me.
The game isn't trying to beat you. That's like saying that the piano is working against you if you can't play a piece.

Just how long have you been playing, and which level are you trying to beat? I'm sure that we could help you if you give us something to work with.
>Okay cool, looking forward to what you think of it.
I wasn't planning on critiquing it because you have already cleared it. I think that you did very good on the early stages. One piece of advice that I can give you for the fourth stage is that you missed a red token on the orbs after the introduction fairies. I think that summoning a red there would have been very useful for you. Also, your fight with Shou was super adorable, as well as a little nervous. The latter part of your fight with Byakuren was also a little rigid. The reason I like these kinds of first-time replays on the lower difficulties is because they capture the essence of just how difficult these games really are. I think that you did a great job, and that you still have a lot of room to improve. I would like to see more replays from you.

>> No.9175652



I'm practicing Stage 5 since it's giving me the most trouble. Honestly, I can't ever get those lasers down.

>> No.9175665

I think you meant to link http://replays.gensokyo.org/download.php?id=21817..

Also, oh my, would you look at the post limit.

>> No.9175681


I knew that all of the information listed about the replay (in the link I posted) was wrong, but it's where I ended up when I clicked on the "Replay has been uploaded HERE" button.

But yes, your link goes to the replay I just uploaded.

>> No.9175778

I think that your UFO selection from the beginning is awkward. You take third red token late, which handicaps you in killing the three greater fairies after that. I would recommend starting under the big fairy instead of the right side of the screen. Unless you were doing this just for practice, I would recommend bombing Nazrin's midboss spellcard in order to get more resources. It appears that you bombskipped Shou's first nonspell, so I can't help you there. I think that you did the first spellcard a little too violently. It looked to me like you got a little too distracted on the second nonspell, although you were doing a good job. It went awkwardly for you from there because you already died a few times, but I like how you did Shou's last spellcard.
I made a little replay for you: http://replays.gensokyo.org/download.php?id=21818
The only thing I would improve on (maybe) is the way I collected resources after Nazrin. I think that it may have been a batter idea to collect a red before the green. Of course, you certainly don't have to copy exactly what I did. I also pacified some of the nonspells so that you can get a better idea of how they are dodged. Also, what is with that third nonspell? It feels a little harder than Normal mode, or maybe it's just me. Watching where the purple lasers will go and then dodging the green ones is a good strategy for it. Just ask if you have any questions.

>> No.9175848

I decided that this replay has a better UFO path: http://replays.gensokyo.org/download.php?id=21819
I tried to cancel a fairy in the portion after Nazrin and failed, but it isn't too important. It's just a nice trick if you can learn it. Of course, you still don't need to follow this exactly. This is just what my idea token path would look like. You should use this as a guide to make your own path.

>> No.9175928
File: 41 KB, 340x191, EEEEEEEEHHHH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Holy fuck, did you get that done in your first try? That amount of control is INSANE. I only ever unfocus for short bursts for when I need to dash to a location; I can't carefully maneuver with it at all. You just chill in an unfocused state like it's nuthin'.

So far, my UFO path has been "Get red UFOs while trying not to die." I didn't take that third red UFO at the beginning late on PURPOSE; I went for it as soon as I felt able. I didn't know you could kill those great fairies so quickly.

>> No.9176001

>Holy fuck, did you get that done in your first try? That amount of control is INSANE.
No, it took a handful just because I wanted to perfect it. I haven't played Normal mode in a while, you see. I'm glad you like it.
>I only ever unfocus for short bursts for when I need to dash to a location; I can't carefully maneuver with it at all.
That's just something that will come to you as you get better at the game. SanaeB in particular can often do more damage while unfocused because her frogs get stronger when unfocused. Sometimes it is better to be focused, but it all depends. That's just the way that I am used to playing.
>So far, my UFO path has been "Get red UFOs while trying not to die.
That isn't too bad of a plan, it works for a lot of good players. Even then, you're not going to summon 100% reds and having a good route for the reds is still useful.
>I didn't take that third red UFO at the beginning late on PURPOSE; I went for it as soon as I felt able.
I knew that.
>I didn't know you could kill those great fairies so quickly.
It's good to not let them shoot bullets. It makes collecting tokens easier.

>> No.9176069


I still have a long way to go, particularly against Shou, but here is a MUCH better run (though I failed to capture the last spell card; I think the replay I posted earlier was my first time capturing it, actually). I think the beginning, in particular, has improved dramatically, thanks pretty much entirely to you.


I never figured out how to properly dodge Shou's first attack. The lasers wind around each other, and don't really give hints as to where they're going to go, until they're already charging out at superspeed and I have to keep track of where they're going and where I am and which way I need to go to dodge and OHGODI'MDEAD. My strategy for getting past it, this time, was as soon as I saw the red lasers inside the circle of yellow lasers, to head to the right of where it looked like the red lasers were pointing. It worked, this time at least.

That other attack, with the yellow lasers curling around the sides? I try to just sit still, and dodge if it looks like they're going to hit me. It's hard to tell if they're going to hit me, though, and I often end up dodging INTO them.

>SanaeB in particular can often do more damage while unfocused because her frogs get stronger when unfocused.
I really wish I knew that before. Oh well.

>> No.9176093

I watched your replay and I like your style. I imagined how cute you probably looked when you were concentrating on the game.

>> No.9176616

You've already helped me with this, yet I still can't get it down. I'm just venting, really. The most frustrating thing is I can't get to the spellcard to practice it but in about one in thirty or so tries. The other times I make silly mistakes on the parts I've already conquered making me want to pull my hair out.

Here's an example of how a good run has looked for the past week. You can probably guess what I'm having trouble with.


>> No.9176970

>Difficulty doesn't make a game frustrating.
How's so? Monotonous, difficult things are always frustrating.

>> No.9177324
File: 455 KB, 1296x768, asdf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pic related.
So it's taken me around 900 tries to even get to that spellcard that many times. It's a bit irritating.

>> No.9177535

How do I apply the vsync patch to my 2hu games?

I downloaded it but I'm not really sure what to do with it.

>> No.9177538


Read the readme, you baka.

>> No.9177544

"Leave a copy of vpatch.exe, vpatch.ini and the corresponding dll file (for example, vpatch_th10.dll for Mountain of Faith) in your game folder."

Now run the vpatch.exe and it'll run your th10.exe in this situation. If you want to use it with the English patch, just rename the th10e.exe to th10.exe

>> No.9177583

I understand the motivation behind moving up on the screen during Kogasa's last spell, but you don't need to move up THAT much. You're just getting yourself killed up there. I rarely leave the bottom 1/3 of the screen.

>> No.9177608

Okay thanks, it works.

One question though, I heard the vsync patch was supposed to fix the Marisa glitch in MoF but it's not really doing anything for me.

>> No.9177632

BugFixTh10Power3 = 1

>> No.9177690

It's >>9174738 again

> Trying EOSD hard mode for the first time, since i've finished doing all the games on normal mode
> Do well on the first 4 stages
> Patchy destroys me. She literally takes like 4-5 lives off me.
> Wipe on sakuyas stage because of idiocy
> Decide to just use a continue to carry on and unlock the stages for practice mode
> Beat Remilia without dying (only had to bomb Scarlet Meister and Scarlet Gensokyo)

Either that was a lucky fight vs Remilia, or clearing EOSD hard won't be as hard as I thought. Patchy seems to be the only thing causing me any trouble, hell, even Sakuya didn't seem very difficult.
Either way, noticeable skill increases are always nice to see.

>> No.9177709

Who are you quoting?
Also Remilia was easy because of low rank , EoSD has a ``hidden'' rank system that makes NMNBing it impossible.

>> No.9177753

>makes NMNBing it impossible


>> No.9177768


The longer you don't die, the faster and denser bullets get.

It's been 10 years since release and IIRC noone's done it yet.

>> No.9177771

literal walls of bullets moving at 3 times the speed the bullets should move.

>> No.9177781

Not even TASed?

>> No.9177818

I don't see that option in revision 7, it's in rev 4 but the read me says to use the newest one.
If I just add that line to the rev 7 will that work?
Oh and is vsync supposed to be set to 0?

>> No.9177830


>EoSD has a ``hidden'' rank system that makes NMNBing it impossible.
>The longer you don't die, the faster and denser bullets get.
>literal walls of bullets moving at 3 times the speed the bullets should move.

The fuck?! Why would ZUN think that that would be a good idea? This isn't in any of the other games, is it?

>> No.9177851

I think you did much better. I think you were doing good on Shou's last spellcard, you just need a little more practice. It isn't a big deal to use a bomb there. Also, what I do on Shou's second spellcard is to move out from under the middle column on the first wave. You can get clipped there as early as the second wave, but you should be able to move through a column. Still, it's better to just avoid them.
>The lasers wind around each other, and don't really give hints as to where they're going to go
Don't keep track - just know.
>My strategy for getting past it, this time, was as soon as I saw the red lasers inside the circle of yellow lasers, to head to the right of where it looked like the red lasers were pointing. It worked, this time at least.
That might work. Just keep practicing.
>I try to just sit still, and dodge if it looks like they're going to hit me. It's hard to tell if they're going to hit me, though, and I often end up dodging INTO them.
That's pretty much what I do. No strategy is full-proof, especially if you have only started it. I think that you were doing good until you hit that one purple laser, which you could have dodged.

>> No.9177859

>The most frustrating thing is I can't get to the spellcard to practice it but in about one in thirty or so tries.
Nonsense. You could get to it without moving. If you are frustrated, take a break. I mean it.
>The other times I make silly mistakes on the parts I've already conquered making me want to pull my hair out.
Don't do that. Your hair is precious. If you do - at least use some good conditioner.
>Here's an example of how a good run has looked for the past week.
That's no big deal. I don't think that I could clear that card after 70 hours and 36 tries. Also, ReimuA isn't a very good shot for that spellcard for beginners.
I made you a replay: http://replays.gensokyo.org/download.php?id=21830
I want you to follow the route for it exactly as I did and then tell me what happens.
>makes NMNBing it impossible.
I'm not sure if it isn't impossible. I've seen people do some mean things on max rank. The problem is that the game gets unfair on max rank. It can easily spawn things that are impossible to dodge, although not always. A perfect run of EoSD requires extreme luck from the RNG and great dodging skills.
>This isn't in any of the other games, is it?
PCB has a vestigial version of it. It doesn't exist after PCB.

>> No.9177956


How often do you stream Riz? Also do you post here when you do? Because I haven't seen you stream in a while

>> No.9177991

There was a Riz stream like 4 days ago I think?

>> No.9177996

I was doing it every few months for the past year or so, but I've been doing them approximately weekly since summer began and I have more free time. I usually stream when I get requested to, I rarely do it out of my own accord. I probably won't be able to stream today because my Internet is tied, but I'll probably be able to do it tomorrow. I do usually post here when I stream or I get someone to do it for me. It just depends if I remember. IRC, Twitter, and the gameplay thread are your best bets for catching my streams. If you ever want a stream, just ask.
It will probably say so on my Livestream channel.
>Jun 11

>> No.9178269

Every few months, huh. No wonder I thought I was missing like 500 streams, with one stream I was watching in December and the next one in May. Or early June.

>> No.9178303

I'm also playing UFO now.

>> No.9178435

Wow. Coming off of SA and UFO normal mode, then onto EOSD and PCB hard is rather funny..Just tried PCB hard now and got to Youmus final spellcard before dying (almost captured that too)
That was my first try of PCB hard too. I'm capturing spells that I had trouble capturing on normal mode, and can just generally see things in these games more clearly...if that makes sense.
Is this a normal thing for people to experience after beating all the games on normal?
At the rate things are going, the only games that will give me trouble on hard are going to be SA and UFO (UFO was pretty easy for me on normal, but I've heard it really ramps up the difficulty on hard/lunatic)

>> No.9178671

>Is this a normal thing for people to experience after beating all the games on normal?
I think it is. You will find that patterns are a lot more defined when they are harder. They force you to concentrate more. Also, some Hard/Lunatic versions of spellcards may be easier than their Normal mode counterparts. I don't know too many examples of this in the older games, but I know for sure that UFO has at least a few.

>> No.9178754
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>> No.9178793
File: 778 KB, 1272x920, WHY.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You should be happy that you are capable of getting that far and that you have a lot of room for improvement due to silly mistakes. It would be a lot worse if you did your absolute best and you still didn't get close. Calm down, learn from your experience, and try again. Things like this are very normal in Touhou and they are nothing to rage about.

>> No.9178951

After you've calmed down, go try again. You're more than capable enough to pull a clear off, however I'll give you 1 bit of advice.
After that first red ufo you summoned on stage 6, you should have just went for green ufos, you missed out on 2-3 bombs that would have won you that run.
Just remember stage 6 is all about the green UFO's next time.