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Which drug can improve my skills at Touhou so I can beat lunatic modo?

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According to ZUN, alcohol

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100mg of Sertraline.

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Just say no

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He lies.

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Personally I enjoy taking stimulants and they're easily acquired from your local GP/

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Here we go again...

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Is it that hard to talk in /b/ about this shit? At least there they are willing to tolerate your bullshit.

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2l of sodium hydroxide

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I'm better at soku when drunk, I mash the buttons more gracefully

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I'm gonna try it while high for the first time. I'll make sure to start my own thread later to report back.

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Yeah, dude. Tell us bros how you and your bros were smoking it up and having a killer time man. Fuck the man.

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methamphetamine and mdpv

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There must be something that makes the danmaku slow motion, right?

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If you include Touhou in it it's related to everything.

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hey guys i am going to make an anime thread but i will include the words touhou in it. so prepare to discuss your favorite anime!

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Can't wait.

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High on what?

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But seriously drug addicts get help. Or just kill yourself. Either way it will be a benefit to our society.

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I take 150 mg. Get on my level.

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>weeaboo leeches talking about benefiting society

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Heroine can do a good job if you don't overdose.

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I work my ass off dude and I am proud of it.

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You shouldn't be.

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I think you know what you have to do.

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Why are you mad then? did a junkie stole your waifu figs to buy drugs?

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how should I know?

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What do you have to be proud for Anon? Telling your parents everyday that you need $10 to buy pizza so you can score some pot?

That is true living man. You have so much more life experience than me I mean shit. You should write a book. People need to know that you have discovered the true way to live in life.

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that sir, is called, frustration
frustrated at your lifestyle? Boss giving you hard time at work?
don't worry!
you still have x time of contract left!

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You are seriously so angry, I think its time for you to take a breather and come back when you've calmed down.

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You should smoke weed.

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I am calm as HELL. Reading pathetic drug use stories just makes me feel so much better than myself. I could be die tomorrow knowing at least I didn't pathetically pass out in a shit-stained bathroom after a heroin binge.

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I'm with this guy. I'm hiding the thread, though.

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MAD as HELL, even deleting posts now.

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Life experience is only worthwhile if you don't know what you like doing. I figured out what I like doing long ago, so I simply spend my time doing it. Seems like I'm better off than most.

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Fugg off OP, I'm not going to reveal my secret!

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How have drugs improved your lives?

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>I am calm as HELL. Reading pathetic drug use stories just makes me feel so much better than myself. I could be die tomorrow knowing at least I didn't pathetically pass out in a shit-stained bathroom after a heroin binge.

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that's bs
but what he said is bs too

so it's fine, that you answered with bs to bs

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they didn't, I don't know how to get them

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I managed to get a BSc in Biochemistry due to my ritalin and adderall prescription, all the while I was abusing them.

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Damn you! I knew it!!

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Drugged artists produce cool things that I consume

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So lets say you wanted to be a police office or a doctor or a politician. People who impact our lives. Would you give up drugs?

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So you go to 4chan to brag about your life achievements while using drugs?

Wrong board, try:

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I know many doctors that abuse drugs on a regular basis - I used to attend lectures with them.

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with every second of your life you impact lives of other people

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You were supposed to come back after you had calmed down; the man asked and I replied.

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>If you want to bully me some more go ahead.

that's the attitude!

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That's not me dude. If you want to bully me some more go ahead.

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Oh why you'd have to go and be so cute, I'm sorry I didn't mean to bully you.

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>You were supposed to come back

Nice assuming, /b/ro.

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Dude. I have a friend that's a doctor and there's not a day he's not chewing some pills.
He's been told during 10 years about how drugs can solve problems, so of course he uses the knowledge on himself. I bet all doctors do that to an extent.
He's always self diagnosing himself with the most silly bullshit and taking drugs to solve it.

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But in theory if you were to apply for a job in a federal or government position how willingly would you be to admit your drug use? In exchange for the job would you be willing to stop with a support group?

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Dude's against drugs.

Drugs users mock him.

This is why society is so fucked up.

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What? what's with that kind of distorted view? do you think everyone who does drugs is an addict?

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I probably deserved it. /jp/ has been getting on my nerves these past several weeks and I wish I could take a vacation to some island in the middle of nowhere where the internet didn't exist for a thousand miles to unwind.

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It's the internet. Who the fuck cares.

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How effective are these drugs really?

Are they a better investment than just paying a private tutor for a couple hours?

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>mock him
Yeah they were really offensive. If someone told me those kind of things on the internet, I'd downright cry.

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but that's wrong you fucking idiot


was me

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If you wanted to stop smoking pot after doing so your whole life tomorrow could you? Anything can be addictive. Does because it's not a hard drug like cocaine or heroin does not mean it can't be additive

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you need to unwind from the internet IRL?
it's supposed to be the other way;anyway, get the fuck out, your kind is disgusting

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My /jp/ addiction is way worse dude. Last time I smoked weed was 6 months ago, and have not done any drugs besides beer and tea since then.
I could smoke weed tomorrow and then stay another 6 months without it.

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Get some good books, turn off the computer, brew yourself a pot of tea and unwind.

I'm addicted to the internet right now. Please help.

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no it fucking doesn't
leave now

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It goes both ways not just one

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>I'm addicted to the internet right now. Please help.
Help me too please ;_; it's 5 am and I can't stop.

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>two people post the same thing, they must be samefag

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Internet addiction is a serious problem. Please do not make light of it.

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Hey. I've been browsing /jp/ nonstop all week. It makes me dizzy to think about it. If I don't have internet addiction I don't know who does.

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I just got approved for a two week vacation in August. I am planning to go to maybe Hawaii or Russia and I will leave the internet behind me. When I return it will be absolutely refreshing.

No forums, imageboards, IRC or emails.

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Maybe I have been viewing this the wrong way because of. Hell, my best friends smoke weed. You know the important thing in life is to be happy and I guess if it makes people happy then it's alright.

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No. Happiness is something you create through your attitude.

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I am proud of you Anon.
Now read this

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If you don't normally use caffeine or tobacco, try taking 400 mg of caffeine and slipping in a packet of snus.

The buzz I get from doing that after ~month without either ~= my first experience with amphetamines

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Will amphetamines make my life better?

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I have no right to complain about drug users. I am an alcoholic and there is nobody in my life to offer me support because I am ashamed to admit it. I guess it's the shit I see on my current job that makes me do it, I guess it's just out of being bored with life with nothing interesting to do. Maybe it's my Irish genes I don't know.

Point is I am ashamed of it and I want to stop.

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yfw obongo still hasnt legalized marijuana

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Depends what you want out of "life".

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Then go get it? What are you waiting for?

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I'm mentally preparing myself to go outside.

This could take weeks.

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Good luck.