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Touhou as a buddy cop movie. Cast it.

Hard mode: Reimu and Marisa aren't the buddy cops

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Yuugi and Hong as two strong independent women.

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Marisa and Sakuya. Patchouli's the Chief, and Remilia's Sakuya's new wife who goes through all the hardship.

Reimu can be the Colombian drug lord.

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Komachi and Youmu with Shikieiki as the police chief.

Komachi is a lazy cop that spends most of her time on the job sleeping in her car and only stops crimes if it's in a convenient distance. To fix that problem Shikieiki partners her up with a new but serious officer Youmu. They hate each other at first but they grow closer and learn a lot about the each other on their first big case against the vampire mafia (run by Remilia)

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Disregarding the other objection, not everybody plays on hard mode.

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Learn how to read.

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I think OP meant MArisa and Reimu together.

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OP here. Meant Reimu and Marisa together specifically just because it's so obvious.

I'd put Meiling and Sakuya together as former subordinates of a crime family trying to clean up town. Shiki seems like an obvious chief, the Eientei crew as drug peddlers, Aya as that annoyingly plucky reporter bitch, etc. etc.

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Personally I think Sakuya would fare better in the role of the professional assassin hired by the local Mafia to take care of the cops.

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Cirno is a young rookie cop who is untouchable by corruption

Suwako is an old vet who knows the buisness

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Mokou is the hobo who lives in the city dump and helps the cops with street wises and information.

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Everyone in SDM seem like they would be good action movie bad guys.

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Aya and Hatate as two investigative journalists in a noir backdrop cracking down on corruption in Gensyoko.

One of them gets their nostril cut with a switchblade.

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Patchy's the one who wants out, who goes to Marisa for help.

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Well no shit its obvious. BFFs and partners in crime.

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I prefer the idea of a noir touhou movie. Plenty of criminals and coppers and dark humor. Then again maybe I'm just tired of the buddy cop genre.

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Mokou would be a good collateral damage loose cannon cop, but I don't know who to team her up with. Keine would be the beautiful but dangerous teacher in the ghetto trying to protect the neighborhood kids; she'd be the eventual love interest. I guess the only person who could partner with Mokou would be Kaguya.

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Youmu as the by-the-book officer.
Youmu's ghost half as the loose cannon cop who doesn't play by the rules.

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Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?

Keine as a hot ghetto teacher fits well.

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Kaguya is the calmer, think it out and make a plan type of the two. The pair always butt heads over everything but they will have to learn to get along, even for just one occasion if they want to stop the moon terrorists from blowing up the city.

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Meiling is the naive cop who don't want no trabble

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Imagine replacing Jackie Chan with Meiling in every Jackie Chan movie ever.

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Can we have Hong Meiling adventures with Cirno playing the niece and....who's old/wise/senile enough to play uncle?

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>who's old/wise/senile enough to play uncle

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With Letty as the sumo guy in season 2

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>ghetto beauty Keine
>Team 9 as her students who mean well but just can't keep out of trouble

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Pair Mokou with Cirno. Mokou has to check her own loose cannon tendencies in order to keep the newbie safe.

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That could work with Ichirin and Unzan too only I see Ichirin being the "screw the rules" cop and Unzan has to constantly protect her.

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Mokou and Yuugi. Neither give a fuck about the rules and both go around blowing shit up and punching people in the face while trying to stop a terrorist organization run by Byakuren in an over the top action comedy.

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Mokou and Patchouli.

You got the strong, rough rider and the smart cunning people.

Their enemy is Kaguya and her mafia control on illegal carrots for lunarians.

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Mokou sure is a popular choice for this kind of thing.

Someone should draw it.

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I don't understand why all of the Mokou pictures in this style have her with an eye patch...it's not like she can lose her eye or anything.

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She has a sense of style.

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True. You can't be a proper loose canon cop without the look to go with it.

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Kotohime and Eiki, obviously.

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Sakuya and Youmu. Youmu is the earnest newcomer who thinks he has something to prove and Sakuya is the veteran cop who has seen some shit, trying to guide Youmu down a good path.

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Yuukarin as the senior who's about to lose it.

Wriggle as the rookie who barely keeps her in check.

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I really like these.

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Tell me there's more.

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Mokou and Alice.

A bit like Mad Bull 34.

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