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It's summer.

What are your thoughts on summer, /jp/?
I hate it.

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Impossible to sleep in summer heat.

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I don't like it, the heat is really uncomfortable. And I don't even live in a historically hot area.

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it's fucking hot.

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I hate it. All the cute 12~15 year old girls that come into the store wearing revealing clothes... It's too much for me.

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Summer can fuck off and die for all I care. I hate it.

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Down with Northern Hemisphere cultural imperialism!

It's winter here, I like this time of year.

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I wish I could experience hot and sweaty stinky poopy summer sex.

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I live in berlin, there's no summer. Every day it's cloudy, it rains every second day. Not that I go out to care about it.

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That sounds lovely

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it's shit

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Not only do I live in a hot area (desert area of SoCal) but the house is shitty and has no central AC. I can't open the window because it has no screen and bugs will get in, so I'm forced to sit in my room at over 90 degree temperatures with the only thing keeping me cool being a fan standing next to me.

Basically I fucking hate it. May-September is the worst time of the year.

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I live in berlin, there's no summer. Every day it's cloudy, it rains every second day. Not that I go out to care about it. Since it's not hot at all, I like it because it's not war poverty cold as winter.

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You kiddin' me? That's exactly why summer's the best. Just yesterday I had a girl around that range showing me her sunburned back.

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We are almost in winter here, poor amerifats.

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Seasons only affect what type of porn will be drawn for me in relation to the time of year.

I do not let it control my real life.

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it makes my balls sweaty and sticky

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>poor amerifats.
Almost the entire civilised world lives in the Northern Hemisphere.

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Not mention you all were fat there.

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my dick is fat too as i pull it out of your're ass nerd

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Could you please retype that sentence in English?

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Could you please suck my cock, nerdlord.

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*slurp* *slurp* *gulp*

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It sucks because I can't wrap myself in a blanket and take it easy.

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I don't like the summer, I've always preferred Winter. My room lacks good heating and cooling, but I love busting out my space heater and curling up in a blanket and wishing I had someone to hug to sleep :_:

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I'm a winter guy. I feel more energetic during the winter and in the cold.

I love rainy days and find the sound of rain soothing.

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Is there a reason for the spoilers?

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It's part of the /jp/ shitposting culture.
There's not much we can do about it.

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You could whine every time somebody does it.

That would obviously make people stop doing something they did long before you got here.

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I love all the seasons. If I had a favorite though, it would be autumn. Summer isn't bad. You get to eat a lot of ice cream and popsicles and that's fun. You get to eat a lot of grilled food, and that's fun too. Lots of bugs too, which are sometimes nice. I like the sound of the cicadas. Sometimes I just sit out back in the hot sun and enjoy the heat and sounds. Summer's the time to go swimming too. There's a stream that I like to go swimming in. There's never anyone there and the sounds of the different animals with the running water is nice. It's a bit far though, about two hours out of town.

Around here, there seems to be two summers. There's the early summer when the nights are still nice, and then there's late summer when the nights don't cool down.

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I whined about a lot of stuff like:
- /b/ memes
- quote misuse
- /a/ image macros
- reaction images/troll-rage-face
- Grammar

It hasn't helped one bit.
I quit trying years ago, but I guess it's noble of you to keep trying.

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But like I said, I like autumn the best. I like the shortening of the days and the gradual cooling down. Classes start again too so it's not unpleasant to visit the grocery store on a chilly day to get stuff for a stew or soup.

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The second line is sarcastic.

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>It hasn't helped one bit.
The stuff you listed out in bullets is not actually that common these days.

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I feel you. ;_;

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Friends and I go to a beach front summer house every year and set off fireworks, break water melons, do courage quests, and chill in the spa.

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Is there a reason for the spoilers?

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It's the worst season of all, by far. Bugs everywhere, people everywhere, and hot as fuck. I hate everything about it.

I can't wait for winter to make it's triumphant return.

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I have never experienced a single winter in my entire life.

fuck this equatorial bullshit, I want to lie down on snow and have a waito kurisumasu and die of hypothermia

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Love summer nights.

Winter and fall are better though, at least I can put on more clothes if I'm cold...can't rip my skin off to stay cool.

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Oh you sweet Summer child.

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I'm not sure what you mean with that

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You poor little south american anon-when I was a boy,I remember waking up to days where everything outside was completely white, you couldn't see the road, and the trees all looked liked they were covered with marshmallows. The sky was a cool gray, and snow was blowing all over the place. Best of all, it was cool and comfortable. I remember a particularly harsh winter when I was 11 or so, where I spent all day playing Advance Wars on my game boy. Those were the days.

Some winters, the snow piles up to the point where it comes up to my hips or waist. (I'm 5'10")

Fuck I love living in New England.

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I hate summer. I prefer autumn and winter much more.
During the summer it's so hot I can rarely fall asleep without 2 fans on, there bugs everywhere, so I can't open my window, and it's overall just nowhere as comfortable as a cloudy/rainy/snowy day.

Only thing I like about summer is the occasional smell of flowers.

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You can get a cooler for hot days but a heater isn't going to help you when the power is out and the roads are snowed in. Cold weather sucks.

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I don't like it

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there is probably no better thing in life than to own two houses in two different places such that it will always be winter in one of them

what a dream

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Totally agree. Easiest way for me to fall asleep is for it to be cold in my room, and I warm myself up with lots of blankets. Just feels so comfortable.

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summer reminds me on the fun that was supposed to be present yet i can't seem to find it.

could it be I'm blind?
have i always been this way?
The wrinkled lids close.

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I'm so fucking tired of edgy teens hating summer.

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They're autists wearing nostalgia goggles. Constant winter weather makes people autistic, depressed, have a proclivity for furries, and cause other mental illnesses.

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>have a proclivity for furries

Citation please

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"Atypically, the anime has become extremely popular in the Nordic countries[2][3] (particularly Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden). "


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my sister's home a lot because of summer vacation & it's hot

summer a shit

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shouldn't she be going out and getting pregnant

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It's too hot. Why can't it be winter already?

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I'm Danish and I can confirm this.

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no, she does that at home

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>hating summer

Unless you enjoy aquatic sports, insects, heat, humidity or have some sort of AC fetish, there's no real reason to love summer. Stop being an autistic faggot and accept that some people don't like it when it's hot as hell outside.

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you are so cute shinobu

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You just don't like summer because that's when everyone's outside having fun, and you're inside wasting away.

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only hot as hell during noon, that's fiesta time. Summer nights are really great for a walk. Nights in other seasons are not too bad, but it's just not the same when you can't take a walk in a t-shirt

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you can have fun indoors too, fucking normies like you can't understand that

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I don't mind it because the highs usually don't go above 80.

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It doesn't matter what season it is, I'll still be neet and not experiencing the season to its full potential. I live 10 minutes from the ocean, but I will neverend up going to the beach.

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I think rain is the best weather. I love being all cozy inside while the rain hits my window

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We should organize a /jp/ meetup jisatsu saakuru style.

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>jisatsu sakuuru

u wot m8?

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I like it because my friends all come home from school. The only issue is that it's hot as fuck until about 8 or 9 PM.

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Around here it's autumn(or winter, I have no idea)
I like these seasons.

Summer sucks ass.

Spring is the worst season around here though.

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It's hot and I keep waking up in a thin lair of sweat. I don't like it.

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I hate the heat. I wish it could be Winter forever....or at least fall.

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Summer is terrible, but not for the above reasons. I enjoy hot weather and swimming. Every summer my house is rented so I am forced to take "Vacations" with my family. This is beyond terrible to me.

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So many children ITT...

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Because only people under the age of 18 enjoy cold weather?

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It must really suck to be a poorfag...

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Having fun, out of school, making online graffiti?

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What? Isn't being out of school associated with Summer?

Quit being a dumbass.

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I simply don't like summer because wasps become active. Wasps are scary...

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Too hot and not even any fireflies around here. Just mosquitoes. And frogs, which my mother is afraid of. That's not even mentioning the drop in quality here.

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You guys aren't supposed to leave your room!

You bitch about wasps, mosquitos and even frogs?! Your damn fault for going outside!

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I have to go to my mailbox, man...

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I have to go outside sometimes, how am I supposed to exercise?

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It's nice now because all the lolies walk around in pretty cotton dresses and sometimes even swimsuits.

By July it will be hell, with dust twisters and 110F days. The nights will be muggy and insects will destroy all plants. Everyone will be inside.

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mosquitoes enter my room even if I don't leave it for an entire month
they are the bane of my existence

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Have you ever taken your computer outside on a windy night and enjoyed the gentle sounds of nature while reading a VN or playing a game? It is very nice. You should try it.

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yeah, those bugs never go in houses

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Do you live in Africa?

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Yes, I live in the steamy jungles of Tanzania, my computer is made of stone and my internet connection is run through a goat's ass.

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Pics please

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Then get a net to cover you. Mosquitoes problem solved.

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It's still spring...

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Enjoying school's vacation, kid?

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Move to England, we have 2 seasons, rain and rain with sun.

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you also have muslims, chavs and prison for drawn lolis

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When did this prison happen?

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England and Scotland have open borders so he could move to England and from there move to Scotland where loli is legal, university is free, and The Pirate Bay isn't blocked.

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I really don't like summer, The temperature ruins my midnight walks and the humidity is unbearable at night.
I refuse to go outside during the day because there are other people outside, and I have a phobia of being seen by large amounts of people. and it's usually around a hundred degrees outside.