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hey /jp/ - we're coming up on 100k posts.

Good job, so far the board has been awesome. Here's to another awesome 100k!

Also, I think we need more hard gay threads. I've only seen one or two.

Pic unrelated.

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Junior idols and/or child models are banned. Posting this will get you banned.
Stop fucking doing it--it's not allowed you pedo creeps.

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Akiha looks coll in OP's pic.

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999999 for Cirno get!

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That's Shana, faggot

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I think that's a china.

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No it's Aoko

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would be fucking awesome

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I support this

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No, it's Nono.

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So moot should be calmed down by now, so can he stop being so butthurt about olde /a/ and let us have fun again?

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>so far the board has been awesome

Hear hear.

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>>91100 so far the board has been jawesome

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>>91100 so far the board has been coleslawesome

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>>Here's to another awesome 100k!


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100k in a week. Not bad.

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