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Which touhous would represent each of the seven sins?

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I'm pretty sure Yuyuko would be gluttony.

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None of them really seem angry enough to be wrath

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Yuugi? She probably erupts in some alcohol induced rampage once and a while.

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Wrath, because she destroys everything xD. xD

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She does seem a bit spousal abusey...

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Grede is more like Kanako. Reimu doesn't get any donations and it seems like she doesn't even care. Kanako is always doing something to get her business straight.

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Case closed guys, pack your things thread's over

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Vanagloria or Acedia

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Oh she cares, she cares a lot.

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What about the 7 new deadly sins that the Pope named?
Genetic Modification
Experimenting on Humans
Polluting the Environment
Causing Social Injustice
Causing Poverty
Becoming Obscenely Wealthy
Taking Drugs

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>Genetic Modification
>Experimenting on Humans
>Polluting the Environment
>Causing Social Injustice
>Causing Poverty
>Becoming Obscenely Wealthy
>Taking Drugs

What?? Last time I checked, the church does all those things on a daily basis.

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As much as I hate the pope, those sins seem awfully rational for a religious person to list.

Except taking drugs.

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If we have the Sins down, what about the virtues?


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>Genetic Modification
>Experimenting on Humans
>Polluting the Environment
>Causing Social Injustice
>Causing Poverty
>Becoming Obscenely Wealthy
>Taking Drugs

Seems like Remilia is one hell of a sinner.

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Reimu/Marisa/Kanako - Greed
Remilia/Miko/Nitori - Pride
Yuyuko/Yoshika/Rin - Gluttony
Parsee - Envy
Yukari/Komachi - Sloth
Flandre/Medicine/Yuuka - Wrath
Seiga/Sanae? - Lust

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>Experimenting on Humans

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Charity and Patience.

Captcha: Canon- ckhokin

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You're listing Humility twice

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It's twice as important.

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Marisa does not cause poverty.

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Causes poverty by stealing things.

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Psychoanalysis thread?

Will it ever be finished?

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From rich people.

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Two wrongs don't make a right.

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Like Reimu?

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So apparently I share the personality type of my favorite character. It's a good day to be ISTP.

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Been an INTP for years, wouldn't have it any other way.

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Reimu mugs people.

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Why am I related to Kasen? I don't get it.

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Because the chart is shit

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It's not wrong if you steal from the rich

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Ew I got Alice.

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I'm sure it's open to criticism if you want to add anything constructive anon.

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Stealing is wrong regardless of who you steal from. That's just a weak justification people use because they know they're wrong.

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>Psychoanalysis thread?
Are you a fucking idiot? that's the reply button, not the New Thread button.
You're an imbecile and you should kill yourself.
This is a thread about sin and virtues, not about psychoanalysis archetypes. Why don't you fuck off with your derails faggot, I'm going to derail your fucking face. Saged. Reported. I'm tracing your IP. EAT SHIT.

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I won't eat shit, I'll eat ur mom's pussy lol.

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That's good, you can service my moms pussy while I fuck your ass.

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You're meant to ignore him and the people responding and continue with the subject at hand. God I hate faggots like you who feel the need to type up a paragraph of abuse instead of just ignoring it if you don't want to partake.

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>Genetic modifications
(Apparently life saving gene therapy is a sin) now...
Eirin doesn't dabble in genetics, so I'll just say Yukari.

>Experimenting on Humans
(Forgot the "without consent" part.)
Hahahah, Eirin.

>Polluting the Environment
(Well yeah.)
Radioactive Okuu spill.

>Causing Social Injustice
(Like preventing a consenting loving couple from getting married, just because they are the same sex?)
Time for everyone to hate on Reimu.

>Causing Poverty
(A good deal of poverty is caused by overpopulation, but apparently birth control is evil.)
Marisa is a klepto.

>Becoming Obscenely Wealthy
(That's ridiculously hypocritical of Vatican to say.)
Remilia lives in a deluxe mansion with tons of servants.

Taking Drug
(fuck that)
I'm not NOT liking Suwako.

Man Catholics are seriously fucked up.

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That image is disgusting. I hope you burn in the fires of hell.

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2 bad hell isn't reel, cocksuker.

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My favorite 2hu is Kanako, yet Kaguya fits me more.

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When you come in this fucking thread, you sure as motherfucking shit had better respect me. Actually fuck respect, you had better worship the motherfucking ground I walk on, motherfucker. You god damn think I'm just going to sit here and let you stomp all over me with your ignorance and disrespect? FUCK YOU dude, I am not going to be passive about this shit. You had better pray to fucking christ I don't find out where you live, or you might find out what a 12 gauge to the face feels like, you fucking bitch.
stay out of my threads, understand? i don't want to take this to fazle, but if you pull these shananigans again he will be contacted. mark my word.

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which 2h's tummy wud u rub?

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but you'd poke her eyes.

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No I wouldn't!

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If I don't do it, cocksucking homolord commanders like this one will think it's okay to be a dumbfucktard autist with downs syndrome and not use the board correctly.
I'd better derail it with flames than let this mongoloid subhuman derail it with his SHIT

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kiss my tip, nerd.

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>which 2h's tummy wud u rub?
Are you a fucking idiot? that's the reply button, not the New Thread button.
You're an imbecile and you should kill yourself.
This is a thread about sin and virtues, not about 2h's tummies. Why don't you fuck off with your derails faggot, I'm going to derail your fucking face. Saged. Reported. I'm tracing your IP. EAT SHIT.

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You said tummies, you're so cute anonymous!

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I don't understand. This quiz told me I'm INTP, but my strength percentages were
56 25 50 33
Doesn't that mean I'm more IS(T|F)J?

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Nope. There is not such thing as "wrong" or "right", except by the perception of people. As a /sci/entist you shoulod know this.

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Oh wait, forgot what board I was on.

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I got ISTJ

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Wow!!! look mom I got EE ES T JEY on the internet!!! In a thread that was about which touhous would represent each of the seven sins!!
that is, a completely unrelated topic to what I'm posting! fuck, you're legally retarded nerd, KILL YOURSELF

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I got INFP

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Representing the PC-98 era, I present to you the candidate for Wrath.

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Damn, you are one mad sperg.