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How do you plan to spend your Saturday night /jp/?
I plan to get high and play games all night while doing shit on the internet – ( ゜∀゜)彡

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truNEET don't need drugs

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I'm planning to start playing GoS very soon. Also trying to beat Mokou.

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Hurry give me some of your fap folder. I haven't beat off for months.

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Here is one pic.

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If you still go to that place then I truly feel sorry for you.

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how about doing me the ultimate solid and zipping up some of your fap folder? i destroyed my computer to quit my hikki ways. needless to say its not working and im out a computer and all my porn.

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How lazy can you be? Danbooru/gelbooru/exhentai it's all just a click away.

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I simply don't have the time to searching indiviual. This isn't more my computer nor is it my internet.

I have an sd card though so i can view the images on my ps3.

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*to be searching for individual images that suit my tastes.

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>i destroyed my computer to quit my hikki ways

Great idea faggot.

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condense your threads

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I'll be playing Otosen3.

Pic related.
Oh god. This isn't a war anymore, it's a murder.

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Shaddup. At the time it sounded like the right course of action.

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Tell me how destroying your computer would stop you from being a shut in. You're a fucking idiot, sorry.

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This. The boredom would sooner lead me to suicide than outdoors.

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I used to go out drinking with my friends. Then i realized I hated drinking and drinking with friends.

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I have to find a job or else my parents are going to throw me out of the basement.

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What a coincidence OP, I'll probably be doing the same!

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its simple. extreme situations make for extreme changes. i thought by destroying my computer i'd have no choice but to quit being hikki. it didn't work, i don't think it wasn't drastic enough.

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I actually want I job now but I have to keep studying.

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its simple. extreme situations make for extreme changes. i thought by destroying my computer i'd have no choice but to quit being hikki. it didn't work, i don't think it was drastic enough.

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But I'm not smoking tonight.. only pills and alcohol (´・ω・`)

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I went to drinking with my buddies to celebrate their graduation, but because I didn't have a fancy hat myself, I couldn't get into to the clubs for free like they did. So I decided to go home instead.

Went to sauna, played some Metro 2033 and going to continue Grisaia next. Makina is a miracle of the universe.

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What kind of pills?
Be careful, Anonymous-san, mixing pills and alcohol is dangerous and potentially deadly!

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Went to see Prometheus.

At least it was better than Transformers 3.

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ganna shitpost until the deadman wonderland dub

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Not worry anon! just some Adderall with a large beer, the usual for Saturdays

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Drink coffee and continue to teach myself programming while listening to random touhou playlists on youtube. Might play some video games for a break later.

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> listening to random touhou playlists on youtube

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Anybody here close to 30?

Come on, show yourselves. I want to not be the only one pining over his lost youth 'round midnight on a Saturday-turned-Sunday.

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What language? What are you working on at the moment?

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I'm 27, does that count? Anyway, I might go to bed in a bit, since my sleep cycle is messed up. Failing that, I'll probably play some more Atelier Meruru or Tera.

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Yeah, I'm close.
I'm shitposting as hard as I can while being ``subtle"
I've been wanting to play Minecraft for 6 hours but I can't leave /jp/

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I got nothing.

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Hey, I'm 27 in ten days. Good to know I'm not the only late-twenties fool around.
I've been wanting to want to play Minecraft for 6 months but the feeling's just...it's just gone, man. Where'd the fun go?

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Huh. I didn't even realize what day of the week it was.

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OP here. 26 yo.

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I had fun with minecraft the first time I played it. The oncoming realization that the game is really dull is what drains the fun away. You can "do anything and build anything" but then you start to ask "why?". There's no real reward and if you play with friends it's still meaningless. The destination is pointless and the journey is boring.

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I just bought it yesterday. I went to the /jp/ server and to be honest I was amazed. It felt lonely but really awesome to see what the people had been making.
I stayed up until 6 am playing in my own single player world.

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The problem lies in the fact you don't want to do anything. If you lose a way to procrastinate, you'll soon think of other ways to procrastinate.

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That's because your life is pointless and your imagination is boring.

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I'm 30 and still kicking. Anyways, I need to take a nap before a long night of drinking and playing UFO starts. Night night /jp/

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Ouch. It hurts because you aren't wrong.

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Oh hey, OP's a latter-day-twenties, too. Not too shabby.
Enjoy these innocent times, friend. Enjoy them with all your heart.
Yeah...yeah, I guess that's pretty much how I feel about it. SMP on various servers always ends up shitty, and playing with friends on a private server requires them to want to build as well. And as for single player...

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>playing UFO
Whether you're in 2hu country or sending rookies to their chrysalid-induced doom, I approve.

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python, I am quite new but enjoying it so far. I'm sure it's one of those things I can stick with.

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Cool. I started with python a few years ago and I still use it a lot. I've had a great time programming so far, I hope you do too.

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going to learn japanese with only the word of the week, j wow
this week, mah kay roo, it means to loose

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Have you considered dropping Python before it taints your mind, and enlightening yourself with the magic of Perl instead?

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>taints your mind

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Well, do you REALLY want to end up like this?!

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These are not the same person, but my fellow Anon here has a very valid point.

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yeah pretty much, how did you know?

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Which Poket Monster is this?

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I'm rewatching EoE with some food, weed and drink.

T'is really great. I haven't had such a good night in ages.

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Pretty sure that's an animal that's not capable of giving consent, so wanting or not is a moot point.

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Going to get loaded, and then see about picking up EVE again. That will at least eat up the summer while things get too unusable here, and give me a chance to build up my backlog again.

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you're mom sucking me dik

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Well, this IS /jp/.

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Pretty sure you're an animal that's not capable of giving consent.

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After foolishly attending fifteen weeks of basic cognitive science studies, I have forfeited my right to argue against that.

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How the fuck am I supposed to know it's Saturday and why the fuck should I care?

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I'll fucking wreck your shit if you talk out of line again, motherfucker.

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Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

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It's an expression. Means to mind your language.

It might be a bit dated.

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Not him but now that I think about it I haven't heard a term like that since primary school.

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Genuine wizard here. I still hear it once in a while among, you know... people I speak with.

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Another old fart here, I still hear it from time to time, too.

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Just out of curiosity, were your parents born in the mid-late 40's or thereabout?

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Is early 20's old? Maybe I just talk like an old man for knowing this phrase. Maybe it has to do with the fact I had to study the language instead of just learn it as a mother language.

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"old" is a day over 30.
Never become old, anon.

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Yeah like, I'm only 22 and I know this phrase. I didn't think it was "old" by any means...

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I'm relatively new to wizardhood. My parents were born in the mid 50s.

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I plan on watching Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt untill midnight, when I will watch adult swim's anime block. Hell, I might even watch Yu-Gi-Oh: the Abridged series if I get tired of PSG.

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so were mine!

...I'm 19

...and have 3-year old brother

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Close enough, that sounds about right.
If your mother is old enough to have had idol cards with Lassie, you should be familiar with that expression.

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Sounds like you were a failure, and now that they've replaced you, you'll probably be kicked out.

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Well, maybe. I never heard it from my parents, just my peers.

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I might finally start learning how to draw. I want to have another hobby/skill aside from Japanese. The only issue I have in starting is that every guide/book/etc. starts you off actually drawing real things, whereas I feel like I can't even draw straight lines or shapes very well and would like advice on the most basic of basic things when it comes to drawing.

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It's far from a rare phrase.
I have no idea why that tripfriend is making it seem as though it is.

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My body is ready for saturday naitou

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The Natural Way to Draw.

If you're willing to put in the work, that is.

>> No.9109005

You could just practice that stuff yourself, although I'm sure there are very low level drawing tutorial's things out there. It's just a skill that needs to be developed, grab some paper or whatever platform you are using and draw some shit.

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this is the only guide you need
draw whatever you want, however you want

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I'm terribly envious that you cunts have got nothing to do.

I wish I wasn't here just to procrastinate from actual work I have to do.

One of these days I'm going to reject everything and become TRUneet Sick of work... all I want to do is play touhou, fap, and live the most idle life possible.

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I spent all day playing Death Smiles until my hand started to hurt

now I will watch movies

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Get a load of this faggy loser normal he has no idea what he's talking about and can't even type it right.

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fucking leave /jp/, "cunt"

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I'm terribly envious that you cunts have got nothing to do.

I wish I wasn't here just to procrastinate from actual work I have to do.

One of these days I'm going to reject everything and become TRUneet

Sick of work... all I want to do is play touhou, fap, and live the most idle life possible.

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Whoo hoo saturday night!!!

Who's having fun?
I sure am!!

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Trying to figure out what's going on with a computer that's been shelved for years. I think there's a problem with the RAM or the RAM slots, or perhaps something I'm overlooking entirely. When I try to boot the machine, it does three very long beeps (I haven't looked into these yet, unsure of the mobo manufacturer). When I put in some RAM that I know is good, it does the same thing. When I put the RAM from that computer into a computer that I know is working, it fails to boot as well. All four sticks of RAM elicit the same response from the defective machine. Is it possible for ram slots to fry RAM while rendering the slots useless?

There's no visual output from the computer at all. Just the beeps.

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OP here
I am on Adderall and Xanax listening to Reitaisai 9 albums while playing Dark Souls (´●ω●`)

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Sounds like a great time.


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I laughed too much at this exchange

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yeah it was a good tsukkomi

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That's ace, OP.

Right now I'm drunk and high as balls

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I'm studying because tomorrow will be no electricity due to repairs and shit

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No thanks to you twats. I'm beating off to a shitload of porn.

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The right combo of uppers and downers is the best feeling second to opiates anon.

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I just drank a cherry shake. And now I will sit on jp til I go to sleep.

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Drunk because of my tooth. I might play Atelier Meruru or Street Fighter 3rd Strike online a little later.

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At the moment, I'm laying outside on my apartment's balcony browsing /jp/ and listening to music. The weather is just right and for whatever reason /jp/ seems to be better than usual tonight. This is the best Saturday I've had in a while.

I'm 27. I have no regrets about my youth. It may not have been the best, but it made me into the person I am now. I quite like how I turned out and wouldn't trade it for a normal youth.

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I'm stuck at work until 5 AM, so I'll be sitting on my ass all night and F5'ing.

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N-no! Get off me!

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I'm going to watch a ton of Legend of Galactic Heroes

I'm 80 something in, nearing the end

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That is a digimon. You see all pokemon are digimon but not all digimon are pokemon. This is becuase pokemon can be stored in computers.

>> No.9109908

Not doing much else than laying down in the dark being ronery. I want to play beer pong with /jp/.

>> No.9109911

Researching and archiving information about dolls and basic anatomy.

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What ISP are you using? I clearly need to switch.

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I plan to watch my primetime anime shows! :3

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go suck on some penises you queer

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I remember that thread. The mod must really hate you, dude.

Keep up the good work, I'll always be rooting for you!

>> No.9109942

Man, you got banned just for shitposting? If that mod kept it up, /jp/ would be gone.

>> No.9109961

Was that suppose to promote a responce of hurt or anger? Because if it was, Then you failed to the highest extent. :)

>> No.9109977

I hereby pronounce you everything bad in the world.

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I hope you guys are as jellin as I am right this moment

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I smoking a bowl and sipping on whiskey in your honor, /jp/.

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Spent it playing TF2 with a bunch of drunk people.

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Does anyone else feel like something's not right tonight? I feel like this is all a dream or something.

>> No.9110453

I'll be fucking you're mom.

>> No.9110458

>This is not an anime show

>> No.9110488

I mean the trance and gifs. It's something I used to always see on /a/ when I went there and have never seen here. It was a friendly redirect I don't mean he shouldn't post such things.

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new trips pls go

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Ate corn the old fashioned way, like I haven't in years.

It's the most unpractical, dirty, horrible thing, just as I remembered.

Not saging because I'm a lonely faggot

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Who the fuck are you?

If you're not already established people, don't post with a tripcode.


We follow the 2channel tripcode philosophy here.