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thanks op :3

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Ara ara~

I have such big (face) cheeks

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Moar like fat?

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We are the cutest board right?

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Why appreciate your own cuteness when you can appreciate Idoun's?

[And hopefully make her a pop-hit cult phenomenon on the internet, thus bursting up her fan-art pictures to which I can collect and store with greater gusto.]

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I'm a morbidly obese male loser with an ugly face and both my eyes are the same color. I don't have any cute mannerisms like speech patterns. I don't have a matching hat and dress with huge buttons and lace either. or I won't be cute until I become a little girl.

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I am not cute, not even in /jp/. I always get jealous of you cute little girls on /jp/

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10 seconds over, I guess?

OP, you're an asshole. How am I supposed to masturbate in such a short time frame?

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I'm not cute in real life but I can pretend to be on the internet. And it's fun.

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I am pretty darn moe~

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But I'm not cute at all. I'm a 7'2 giant with a manly face, natural strength, a deep voice, and incredibly arrogant,

The only thing that could pass as cute I guess is that I'm incredibly shy around other people. Easily turning from a very active, arrogant but kind person to quietly clinging to my friend, But of course this doesn't happen on /jp/, since I love you all.

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What? I'm cute? Of course I am.

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Man, I'm moe as fuck! A gay old black guy told me I was cute once.

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One time a Filipino male nurse brought me back to his bedroom after he saw me at the bus station. I became terrified and had to make an excuse to leave. He must have thought I was kawaii.

In retrospect, I could have sucked my second cock that day.

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I look like Gordan Freeman.

Is that kawaii?

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/jp/ is so kawaii.

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you are all kawaii!!! i love you all (:

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y-you too

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go choke on a dick and die as the slut you are

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Please follow this advice >>9105357

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I sang for somebody once.
Apparently I have a nice voice.

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Stop mocking me. It's not my fault I'm not cute at all!

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Fuck off you little shit. You might be cute but I hate you.

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I am terribly aware of it.


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Ohana a shit

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I think Gordon Freeman is very cute. Especially because he is so silent

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A nicer, non-slut version of Saten.

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im sorry for annoying you i wish i could help
but i accept that not everyone will like me and i still love you guys all the same


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I have acne, it is truly disgusting. Not that I care, though.

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I'm not cute in anyway

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my cuteness level is 0.

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Post pics, we will find something cute about you~

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to uncute guys...

many men in jail will find you cute so don't worry...

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Was standing in front of a fire, that's where the blur's from.

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I'd suck that cock, dude. But we both know that probably isn't you anyway.

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I could post more photos of me if you really need me to (or just want proof).

The upload was mostly meant to troll the guys who admitted to not looking good.

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I don't understand a word you are saying. You are speaking words, right?

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Sorry, you looked like a monkey, so I thought you spoke Common Monkey Tongue.

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>I always get jealous of you cute little girls on /jp/
That's cute! Aww.

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I can appreciate the cuteness in everything. Sometimes, even in myself.

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I shaved for the first time in a few months yesterday, and I thought to myself "Wow, you are a very cute boy" to myself in the mirror.

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I was just looking in the mirror and I thought "with a wig and some glasses, someone might ask me to suck their cock, dude!"

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Ara ara~ doushio?

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Why glasses?

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They'd increase my moe factor and distract from the more boyish features of my face.

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Does that really work? I had someone else tell me a while ago that glasses can be useful for crossdressing and such.

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I'm really a hunk soon as i get down below 200(currently 330) pounds Im gonna do nude drawings of myself

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is it makes me moe if im 19 and I look like 15 if I'll shave?

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depends. i'm personally 22, look like i'm 14 and my moe levels is 0.

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Unfortunately I'm not cute at all, just another typical babbyface nerd. People will never take me seriously.

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At least your post was cute.

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babby is cute

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Would never work. I'm literally an fat, hairy neckbeard (and ugly, but that apparently differs with perception). At best, I would look like a landwhale, and I'd honestly look like a fat man than that.